i make video

  • CSEmber

    Tigers are surprisingly cheap to purchase as a pet. People in the USA can purchase a captive-born tiger for anywhere from $900-$2500. _ www.online-paralegal-programs.com/can-you-believe-its-legal-pet-tigers/

  • spoike dainja leslay
    spoike dainja leslay

    Seeing a post on r/im14andthisisdeep: Oh wow that's not deep at all Seeing the exact same post on r/me_irl: duuuuuuuuuude

  • irl. Andrew Kriess
    irl. Andrew Kriess

    I'm sorry, why was that man literally my math teacher XD 3:30

  • MangoWasTaken

    2:45 The ash kethum of STDS

  • how to kamil
    how to kamil


  • Lee Loathongpanich'y
    Lee Loathongpanich'y

    i like normal person

  • Chakra Silaen
    Chakra Silaen

    "14 are a dumb" yes

  • KierNugget

    Isnt velma canocially lesbian tho

  • AlexMobileSwitchGuy101

    12:35 My TV In A Thunderstorm

  • Giasca

    Catastrophe: happens 14 year olds that fake depression for aesthetic: "Finally I will die, yay"

  • Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy
    Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    5:42 I get it it's a meme but a world without humans wouldn't have buildings. Unless if humans did exist and went extinct. But the buildings would start to break down and at some point it's like humans never did exist.

  • J K
    J K

    Did you mean "Sinkist"?

  • Andrew Lucas
    Andrew Lucas

    Robin: What bird would I be? Me: OK so do I tell him the truth or do I just say a robin?

  • Abby Billian
    Abby Billian

    im 14 and this is (not) deep

  • Ethribin

    Most of these have been shown before....

  • Laff

    As a person whom has been to several seas I can confirm that I am 14 and this is deep.

  • Daniel Lazzarini
    Daniel Lazzarini


  • This name Is timeless
    This name Is timeless

    1:12 guess who forgot that 11 yearolds are capable of having political opinions

  • strike star
    strike star

    1:54 why nerds dont get girls

  • The0nlyMe

    6:40 *Realization* Hol up

  • Αντώνης Γούναρης
    Αντώνης Γούναρης

    9:48 I heard "fleshlights" instead of "flashlights"

  • Noah Alexis
    Noah Alexis


  • Jackmino

    2:04 Apart from primary and secondary school, all the teachers couldn't care less

  • Αντώνης Γούναρης
    Αντώνης Γούναρης

    The "we've proven that time and time again....I mean not as a society" hits so deep duuuuuude.

  • Fallout 4 builds
    Fallout 4 builds

    4:02 naw bro thats just canada

  • Oxi q
    Oxi q

    “Grion” Grain Is Acceptable,But this,This,This Is Insulting,Apologize Or There Will Be Consequences

  • DaWhitecat PG3D
    DaWhitecat PG3D

    2:55 dude i want to know who wrote this and the complete version of the comic, kinda cute

  • Erik Åstrand
    Erik Åstrand

    1:00 the creeper of wisdom

  • Baby gingerbread Pixel gun
    Baby gingerbread Pixel gun

    Ayo it was made in chima the lego series

  • Fat Penguin
    Fat Penguin

    We just got a letter, We just got a letter, We just got a letter wonder who it's from 🎵🎶

  • Slush

    11:00 Bro I’ve been trying to find out why forever, thank you to this fellow intellectual higher being

  • Uummpp Hiii
    Uummpp Hiii

    plot twist he made all of these himself to get clout on a video

  • iGameplayYT

    0:36 lil pneumonia

  • Engineer_Focus

    As a floridian i can confirm that its a giant GTA server. The other day at tom thumb i saw a naked black person screaming at a cashier about joe biden

  • Joseph JoeMama
    Joseph JoeMama

    my cringe receptors are going off chards at theses memes (sorry for bad eng)

  • Ric Dayus
    Ric Dayus

    cant agree with the one at 7:42 me and the boys are usaly talking about the venator class star destroyer

  • josh thornton
    josh thornton

    Thanks you sir robing for knowing the difference between a turtle and tortoise

  • The Other 51
    The Other 51

    3:20 **Tururururu intensifies**


    10:10 oh no not a hey mamas lesbian

  • jj nix
    jj nix

    careful not to get shanked by a koala they'll never suspect it.

  • Niceguy

    LISTEN its just my nickname I DIDNT KNOW IM SORRY but i still like my nickname BUT I AM NOT A NICE GUY i am just watching some vids on yt and just a gamer and like playing with my friends OK, ok bye guys

  • Cheetaboi99

    why can no one on this subreddit type lol also what is all this bs

  • h4ldior

    why does the orc meme remind me of a certain gay animated vid?

  • мү pAѕt卂S!!!
    мү pAѕt卂S!!!

    Honestly I love this sub because it shows that there are still people dumber than me.

  • singleasasin

    Excellent clip 🤣🤣 Tinder can be awsome, sometimes 🤣🤣

  • Ziroh Null
    Ziroh Null

    Fun fact: 2:20 the dude who was bent in half due to bone growth underwent successful surgeries to fix his condition and although the procedure was likely to kill him, he is miraculously making a full recovery, has a job and is living life again after spending half his life being unable to even lift his head enough to brush his teeth. Figured we could all use a touch of wholesomeness after all those cursed comments

  • ChickenManZ

    Bro the minecraft creeper one is so funny like you go build a house then this creeper appears and starts roasting you and telling you what a horrible person you are.

  • GuyWhoDoesAThing

    tobywan kenobi.

  • ash

    6:36 oh God I'm german and I hate this! It's literally so hard and just dumb

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    Pls tell me there is a guy version of this

  • Duck Mint
    Duck Mint

    Um.. Lamborghini do have commercials...

  • deja- vu
    deja- vu

    so basically bonehurtingjuice is just anti jokes i guess

  • domleo08

    1:33 They must now evolve.

  • einstein germano
    einstein germano

    Damien speaker of all strokers

  • Vladimir Skirmish
    Vladimir Skirmish

    1:40 kamikaze bombers be like:

  • butterham7

    4:10 I got a old spice ad

  • Chris .M
    Chris .M

    3:23 my cousin (F) likes me and me seeing this makes me uneasy.

  • dingdongdropdead

    that "phone case" one was kinda funny since my sister's name is sophia

  • Galaxy Infinitum
    Galaxy Infinitum

    for the meme at 2:53 IF I remember correctly from prior reading and you know nerd shit, the documentary people who go to film in those areas are literally forbidden to help, or they will get in trouble. There's a reason (I think it's like...disease transfer or something bc lots of those people haven't had general vaccinations and thus could easily pick up a virus from other people from other places) but it has actually led to high depression/suicide rates in that particular field. One of the most famous instances of this is The Vulture and the little Girl, taken by Kevin Carter. He was so wracked with guilt at being unable to help or save the little girl, and the recognition and prizes his photo won on the back of her death, that he took his own life at age 33.

  • Avaisnotmyname

    LMAO Edit: I am of that type. Im not that proud.

  • Keegan Myers
    Keegan Myers

    I love how people act surprised that this game, made by the same person who made Henry stickman, took off.

  • Aussie Days
    Aussie Days

    Me: I’m gonna try and study. Me 5 minutes later: C H E E S.

  • Pastel guinea pig
    Pastel guinea pig

    I looked at the cover of this video and what like wot???

  • Laydn Heinemann
    Laydn Heinemann

    Yes Biden is a great president we just ignore the fact that he can't comprehend a sentence but we ignore that.

  • Pastel guinea pig
    Pastel guinea pig

    I sometimes quicky turn around and look around I get clempses of a shadow once. and my dog once stared into the kitchen when none what there then he started to growling then he speeded into the kitchen for no reason...

  • damemer memester
    damemer memester

    maybe emkay really is 14

  • Daniel aka Mr.S
    Daniel aka Mr.S

    Thanks for taking up a serious subject in the midst of the jokes, more hard subjects should be handled this way. I hope you're as happy as you sound right now and if not I hope you soon will be :)

  • KnightPezz

    The e's in Hezekiah are not pronounced differently. Just do both with an 'eh' sound

  • krOver

    3:14 the bear trap: b-b-baka... it's not that i-i-i would trap your foot on me.. cmiiw

  • Christopher Nathan Purnayoga
    Christopher Nathan Purnayoga

    i'm turning 14 in two weeks and i hope i will not become any of these posts

  • Bailey Stewart
    Bailey Stewart

    The one about Direct tv is false, you can still skip the adds on pre-recorded shows

  • Silk

    person: sadness society: *why are you so gay* person: sadness

  • Rose WolfBlood
    Rose WolfBlood

    Is it sad that I never been to a girl sleepover even if I'm a girl? I hope I'm the weakest. I welcome death with open arms. And I can't to join the moon goddess

  • V a n n y
    V a n n y

    9:40 the WTF IS THAT?! that got me

  • Justin Yousef Aguirre
    Justin Yousef Aguirre

    “Happy Mothers Day Mom” Hahahahhaha *i dont think i like the outcome*

  • AbdXG

    6:48 Average MHA fan

  • A holy crusader with internet access
    A holy crusader with internet access

    6:55 the sound of pure anguish

  • Ryan Philpott
    Ryan Philpott

    the name of the op from the "gaystapo" post was "Gaydolph Shitler", How fitting.

  • EMP_ macoton23
    EMP_ macoton23

    Damn depression don't look fun at all

  • Purple_Chalk