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  • Cancer Sticks
    Cancer Sticks

    I feel like it's either peps typing to quickly or screenshots from r/iamveryrandom

  • Bocinazo GD
    Bocinazo GD

    Me on the English Class (I'm a Spanish speaker): **Normal english** My Classmates on the English Class:

  • Mathilde Stokes
    Mathilde Stokes

    As I wag u ter oh ahh *ghast sounds repeats* do the vetible not dug k

  • D_ Drop
    D_ Drop

    Lady’s and gentle men we got em

  • A-10 Warthog
    A-10 Warthog

    I'd lik vido dibo gud

  • madcon 144
    madcon 144

    2:18 Jeff who?

  • Fundy but Furry
    Fundy but Furry

    Hhoo ttom allon howlp hlepol AAA alsoyo aloter dogsjw

  • TheToasterAteMyHome

    this skis fynnu

  • MyMochiCupcakes Gacha
    MyMochiCupcakes Gacha

    I’m not sure if you are the one of this week but if I do not know how much you can make me laugh I love this song makes it all the way I can make you laugh I don’t want you I don’t want it I love it you can make me cry and I don’t want you cry I don’t want you I don’t know why I am not a friend of you but I’m sorry for you to be a friend of me and I love this game you have a a friend and brown love me laugh laugh out laugh I know you love you so I don’t want to be a a lesbian I love this song I don’t want you I love this you I don’t want you I love this you I don’t know why you I hate to say it I don’t want yuh

  • Damien Paxton
    Damien Paxton

    Robin, please get gibberish lessons from Damien.

  • Headphone Users Beware
    Headphone Users Beware

    Me the when a was

  • PokemonFan1610

    This is basically just the words you don’t have to type, but randomly generated.

  • Anime Freak
    Anime Freak

    Okay but why is nobody talking about how the comment section as moved on mobile it’s been months and everyone has just accepted it

  • Aden Neidig
    Aden Neidig

    I just can't stop laughing

  • Sleepy Ghost
    Sleepy Ghost

    I have a question

  • Dayana Shariman
    Dayana Shariman

    me when the a was

  • Baby Kawa
    Baby Kawa



    Just imagine Yoda typing and it all makes sense

  • Adelina

    04:25 who's the guy with sunglasses?

  • Luna Ponta
    Luna Ponta

    2:54 i think its orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange orange yellow yellow orange green orange.....

  • Mason Hart
    Mason Hart


  • boys magno
    boys magno

    I think YOU had a stroke when you called the like button an "upvote"

  • jacob Burnside
    jacob Burnside

    At 5:18 its Attention students you are not allowed to take our trolleys to help you move

  • Crusader On A Bike
    Crusader On A Bike

    5:59 HOW DARE YOU MISPRONOUNCE A WORD you've never heard, seen, smelt, smelled, smithed, tasted, hugged, had a family with, divorced and ordered a hit on. oh and btw it's ˈkur.t͡ʂak

  • 死のレクイエム

    I aj savind strome

  • Directed by Robert B. Weide.
    Directed by Robert B. Weide.

    That one guy who thought r/ihadastroke was legit meant to be a place to tell a story of when they had a stroke

  • mammothachoo

    I got a comment on my channel once saying: mexican resaurant in the hotel room with spiderman for you and your family in the hotel room with the spiderman for you and your family for the spiderman.

  • what the hey
    what the hey


  • Lil' Fishy
    Lil' Fishy

    Once had I cat a

  • Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God
    Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God

    The orange yellow green thing sounded like a rap

  • Juse Buox
    Juse Buox

    This reddit should be r/speaklikeyoda

  • Cheems

    Yo mama so mama h she is mama are

  • Welloup

    When he called the SLtoos likes, upvotes 😭😭

  • Rocky tronlier
    Rocky tronlier

    Me ThE wHeN aWaS

  • nonfb

    I love that the commentor's name in the thumbnail is Man of Truth

  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang

    I’m trashed

  • Animatorsrule

    4:16 Oh my god, robin used the term “upvotes” for the SLtoos like button, I literally might scream.😂

  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang

    CFC can gg gg chi jo gfcfffffffffffffffffffffgggggggggh of NBC of us B B V V ^_^たさまさみたかこまむななも

    • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
      The Romaine Lettuce Gang

      I shouldn’t watch while wasted

  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang


  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang

    I pix

  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang

    Gg Getting gfcfff NC

  • The Romaine Lettuce Gang
    The Romaine Lettuce Gang


  • Maria Walczak
    Maria Walczak

    6:00 it’s not KURZAK it Koorchack (chicken in Polish) But I can’t read the paragraph before, perhaps these are words I have not seen before :0

  • Fayyad Hasan
    Fayyad Hasan

    This vidio was readily funou lol

  • eat poop idiot
    eat poop idiot

    I am just going to bc fofnn Jeremy k big oc s wil, way SDM!?!2}{€

  • gridlock

    Live egg pepper

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner

    Robin you impressed me with rhe kfc one...well done

  • Stachu ツ
    Stachu ツ

    Kentucky Fried Kurczak = Kentucky Fried Chciken

  • The Sunny One
    The Sunny One

    Not gonna lie “you don’t as a human” is a hard core roast

  • Gleb Stepkin
    Gleb Stepkin

    **Shakes head** Yro'ue*

  • 2021 P5B 27 TUNG HO SAN
    2021 P5B 27 TUNG HO SAN

    i is just ok and you know how much it will make me think that i would have been ok for me to do something with you i just a couple times that is not true but it it just makes it it just a joke i i and i will make me me cry lol and you don’t have any money for that thing and you have no idea what you’re going through what i said and i

  • Jec

    "But it's not even funny" yeah see that's the internet

  • Stacy McCabe
    Stacy McCabe

    4:48. It’s the hand 👌

  • daddy aizen
    daddy aizen

    Me when the

  • Crimson Fuzz King
    Crimson Fuzz King


  • Crimson Fuzz King
    Crimson Fuzz King


  • TheBlueWhale :D
    TheBlueWhale :D

    How do can u be not say what? While say no pretty goat. Hello hello everyone I know you are doin I wanna was a good day I hope you. Bye

  • flying v
    flying v

    Foice robin funny 1010 lol funk ad the

  • _River_ _Raptor_
    _River_ _Raptor_

    I WISH I HAD THE PHOTOS TO POST ON THERE BUT I DONT ON MY GROUP CHAT THERE WHERE 7 OF US AND IM PRETTY SURE THAT MY BEST FRIEND ETHER FELL ON HIS KEYBOARD OR HAD A STROKE this is what he texted Can I Yes PLEse have Orange Kill other Hello We never used that server ever again.... And he somehow meant Hello People god has let me live another day and I will make it a living He*l for you I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THAT WAS THIS. THIS JUST WONT GET OUT OF MY HEAD IT LIVES THERE IN MY HEAD NOW.

  • DrillOfTheDeath

    People trying to learn English, don’t watch this video

  • wayne mc
    wayne mc

    lol this reminds me when I use talk to text but then I accidentally hit send butten before I had a chance to correct all the misspellings. And I've done this more times than I care to admit. 😂😂😂😂

  • Natalie Morrow
    Natalie Morrow

    Came here for joy after reading a really sad x reader fanfic about human monokuma because yea I simp for him

  • Mike radio1234
    Mike radio1234

    0:01 I choose c

  • Ashlee Bushman
    Ashlee Bushman


  • Mediocre

    7:30 the pelican writing this: Ahh yes, I am the negotiator

  • Bugga77

    I was like I don’t want you have a lot to me I don’t know what you mean you know what I want you have a lot of money you know I love your name so you don’t know how about this I love your name I don’t want to be like a lot like I want you have to be a lot like I love your love I don’t want to do that I love your name I don’t want to be with me

  • MateItsGaile

    5:53 sounded irish for a sec

  • Patrick Brandt
    Patrick Brandt

    1:45 My brain when I see a lime/bright green/orange/yellow object.

  • SupremoX13 Gamer
    SupremoX13 Gamer

    7:59 its not even right the correct is: phasmefbia edit: phlasmephbia* edit2: phasmobia* *PHASMOPHOBIA** (God dammit)

  • Gee Willikers
    Gee Willikers

    The fact that he called likes upvotes...

  • SupremoX13 Gamer
    SupremoX13 Gamer

    R/L IG/E H/F *T*

  • memeinfinity

    put baby in pelican mouth

  • chase_sio

    most of the time my ADHD makes me understand this stuff....not this time i-

  • Petter Larsson
    Petter Larsson


  • withoric

    language of the tv obsessed people from little nightmares 2

  • InfamousIron

    4:10 I had replied to that and explained it

  • Cheese Wallace
    Cheese Wallace

    Damien has taught him the enchantment table language.

  • XxInkyAngelxX YouTube
    XxInkyAngelxX YouTube

    I had a stroke earlier I said Wow look at all those penurs purples of Lebron james I was trying to say look at all those people watching a Lebron james match idk etf

  • ヘルゲッタエズラ

    8:37 *e u e u*

  • - ファミリーアフトン -
    - ファミリーアフトン -

    I swear some of these are people are on their phone’s clicking those words above the text box thingy

  • Retro_Keys YT
    Retro_Keys YT

    Did you know robin is robin and real life robin that walks and talks liek robni

  • Skipple _
    Skipple _


  • Sam Burger
    Sam Burger

    Wheen yas cont holdle thhe sahd oons

  • Sam Burger
    Sam Burger

    1:47 it actually sounds like he’s spitting bars

  • Quirrelll with three ls
    Quirrelll with three ls

    yoo I think I know what video that’s on, it’s “the sad ones” by deadly comics. Go check it out, it’s good.

  • Atharv Dingal
    Atharv Dingal

    Hye gysu, I fuond te cure to

  • Dizzy Dez
    Dizzy Dez

    0:04, solution... you go zig-zag then straight

  • KatherineTheLavaGirl

    5:59 Kurczak is chicken in Polish in case anyone was wondering

  • KatherineTheLavaGirl

    Jeff *B E E P*

  • Jen Haugh
    Jen Haugh

    Epps took me cuunteee turd cat treat ornament of Christmas Epps Epps Olga bulga

    • Jen Haugh
      Jen Haugh


  • KatherineTheLavaGirl

    Turn yes

  • AshtonTale Ashton [Role is Sans,likes mint,a gamer]
    AshtonTale Ashton [Role is Sans,likes mint,a gamer]

    0:01 vid: which way will u turn; Left, Right, or yes? Me: *y e s .*

  • Jacob Worthing
    Jacob Worthing

    Me the when a was

  • Chichi Kun
    Chichi Kun

    @indian_fact_genius you need help

  • Arianna Fuentes
    Arianna Fuentes


  • Phoenix Leader
    Phoenix Leader

    3:56 is it weird that I instantly understood his question

  • Donut Chan
    Donut Chan

    I'm pretty sure some of these are rogue ai generated bot posts

  • Julian Ercole
    Julian Ercole

    1:11 well now im gonna go try and find this video edit: i couldn't find it 😔

  • An anonymous little boy
    An anonymous little boy

    me when

  • JJ Dornbach
    JJ Dornbach

    Attack on Titan on this I did not think that would happen

BlizzConline Day 1
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BlizzConline Day 1
1,4 mio.