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  • Cookie Power
    Cookie Power

    3:47 that says fiance not finance

  • Max Petrovický
    Max Petrovický



    Men have the boner when they die so that means that we actually live when slepping and die when we wake up

  • fish and chips
    fish and chips

    *next time don't use the internet.*

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr

    I stopped DMing people and saying “Hey there Sexy I’m Lexi”

  • Vectorminus '-'
    Vectorminus '-'

    Man this guy in the thumb is the guy from the mw informatica channel, and he really created it

  • bensive

    6 digit the code

  • AtomicFeasT

    Por que o MW tá aqui?

  • Akira_Shinoru

    the grammar in these posts are like that of a wattpad fanfic-

  • Undo 001
    Undo 001

    1:54 *Arson pog*

  • Yindy

    brazil is canon in emkay universe now

  • That One Guy In The Comment Section
    That One Guy In The Comment Section

    is that really the message of Courage the Cowardly Dog? I havent watched that much at all, but the little I have seen didnt make me think anything like that

  • Adam Rab
    Adam Rab

    9:22 also Frankenstein, which was basically the birth of science fiction.

  • Adam Rab
    Adam Rab

    4:25 the majority of the CN new shows are definitely not thought provoking.

  • Pedro Marangon
    Pedro Marangon

    Came here because of the thumb with the guy playing minecraft on a microwave. I'm a subscriber to that guy, and he really maded a PC inside a microwave, so that photo is 200% legit

  • SuperSanic

    Dude... Isn't anyone gonna say that the microwave on the thumb is actually real and made by a brazillian pc hardware youtuber called "MW informatica"? This american dudes should research before making annoying wrong statements like that. Your video is the real bullsh1t.

  • Angry Noob
    Angry Noob

    I love your name

  • Corey Cleven
    Corey Cleven

    The 'women authors were unheard of' one kills me. What would they care anyway even if it were true? It's clear literature doesn't interest them much.

  • Griffin Lepage
    Griffin Lepage

    Oh, hi Lexi I’m sexy, it’s lovely to meet you!

  • JH MinecraftKid
    JH MinecraftKid

    1:53 has happened at my school, 3 times in a week. My school is just pretty much just 80% idiots. The kids got iss for 2 FRICKIN DAYS. 2... I got OSS for 4 days for getting punched because of the no tolerance policy. My school later said that I was not in the wrong and apologized. The kid who punched me had many "friends" who thought it would be funny to make up a story. They checked the cameras.

  • Heather Giles
    Heather Giles

    Not me, not paying attention to the content and just listening to Lexi's voice because it's soothing.

  • Cheezekeke

    “And I’m gonna post this for like 5 karma.” That’s the most Reddit thing I’ve ever heard

  • Alterz

    7:55 When I heard the word Nigeria as a Nigerian, I knew what they were about to say would trigger me

  • ironfang bigheart
    ironfang bigheart

    People do know that net worth isn't the same thing as personal income right? like your net worth being 80 billion doesn't mean you have 80 billion dollars it means that society views you and your content as worth 80 billion dollars it means you could sell your stock and stuff that you made at $80 billion not that you currently have it if I'm understanding how net worth works. And what it's for

  • ironfang bigheart
    ironfang bigheart

    That bot is actually pretty interesting because either one of them is a troll trolling the bot both of them are bots or both of them are trolls assuming the other one is a bot and trolling the bot which would just be hilarious

  • ironfang bigheart
    ironfang bigheart

    I support wearing masks but the entitlement of assuming that just because your lungs work well enough while having lung cancer to be able to wear one meanwhile I literally end up on the ground after a minute because mine are worse than yours is pretty f****** stupid. there are health conditions that stop you from being able to wear a mask but if you actually have those conditions you have the ability to force the states to pay for someone to go get your s*** because you can't leave your house. Because you then qualify for a staff like three individual's I personally know. Mine isn't bad enough yet to where I qualify for having assistance via staff. But the level of Karen that one has to have to assume just because your lungs are good enough in that condition it means everyone should be able to do that is just despicable. and it's why people like me who actually have trouble while wearing the masks to the point we get to the point where we will collapse and pass out have hard time getting the help we need because morons like you make people not be able to believe us. you know until I'm in the middle of a doctor's office wearing a mask and black out from lack of oxygen because of my s*** lungs that are apparently worse than yours not everybody's body works the same as yours Karen

    • ironfang bigheart
      ironfang bigheart

      Again I have to preference because people are stupid that at the beginning of this I said I support wearing masks what I don't support is using the fact that you your body works properly even in the worst conditions to bully people whose bodies don't. I buy that the person in the story didn't have the same condition that I do because mine is caused because of my autoimmune disorders and I have a rare disorder. I mentioned what I did because I have had people say that I was faking my breathing conditions because they didn't have trouble breathing while wearing a mask and having asthma. meanwhile I have phlegm in my chest and lungs as well as asthma on top of panic attack conditions when in crowds that are causing my breathing to have the issues that it does so mine is a little worse than just having asthma you entitled douchebag. yes I'm still salty about that dick head and I'm salty about the fact that people like you legitimize their actions. If you genuinely have issues breathing under a mask. Avoid leaving the house as much as you possibly can. And when you have to go out only stay out as long as you absolutely need to. if you can't wear a mask longer than 5 minutes call your local state if you can prove that you pass out because they're not allowed to cause you brain damage because they don't want to pay for a staff you're entitled to.

  • blackshaddow

    We gamers have been on the internet first. Stupid netflixers should watch their stupid shows at resonable times (08:00 to 15:00) and not limit OUR bandwidth. we have practiced (and masterd) social distancing for years now. just because you don't know what to do in a pandamic, you can't just claim the internet to be yours. get a hobby ... like playing video games

  • Shadow Tamer
    Shadow Tamer

    This is why you tell the truth in the most vague way

  • Roxanne Paine
    Roxanne Paine

    Remember to use proper grammar!

  • Pokemc0831

    There is one good thing about the news spreading these false challenges: it thins out the stupid people.

  • Vanno

    Guys. Dose anyone else get unreasonably pissed of when news stations that are completely out of touch make out video games as a awful thing. Like come onnnnnnn

  • Mercenary HK
    Mercenary HK

    1:37 didn’t she fucking say AIR CONDITIONERS ARE SEXIST

  • Adventurous Themes
    Adventurous Themes

    Bruh- when i read the quit your BS I read it quity our BS 😂😂😂😂

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Tbh 23.7 years is still pretty long.

  • Random Bucket
    Random Bucket

    the charger thing happenned a LOT. ive seen tens of videos on it

  • Dagen Mandac
    Dagen Mandac

    S.E. Hinton - was a female author who used a faux name when writing - she wrote 'The Outsiders', if I'm not wrong :0

  • BeltSan

    Vader conveyed a sense of fear whenever he was on screen. He was ruthless And his voice no doubt amplified that But sure ok make it about race

  • QadimovAnimates

    about the first one, *look out dream a new bucko is at the town, you speedrun a old game? phww our homie speedruns game before it is even released*

  • Ya Boy Alpha
    Ya Boy Alpha

    I love when he does the "ahem" before he gets to the truth part of the posts XD it's such a nice touch

    • Ya Boy Alpha
      Ya Boy Alpha

      @C. Edith Herrera AH wow my fault. Before SHE gets to the truth*

    • C. Edith Herrera
      C. Edith Herrera

      This was most likey not on purpose so I won't assume anything, but Lexi is a girl, she's trans so her pronouns are she/her. Just saying do that you can change it before you get yelled at lol

  • John Woods
    John Woods

    8:57 belongs in r/cursedcomments

  • Your Hope My Hope
    Your Hope My Hope

    I've officially decided that from now on, I'm only going to answer spam calls with "What's up sexy, I'm lexy"

  • Deku

    Random Fact of the Day: I removed 2 of my toenails. Why? Boredem.

  • Hamster the Pig killer
    Hamster the Pig killer


  • Vincent Stevens
    Vincent Stevens

    Lol the outlet thing was from North Adams, Massachusetts.

  • Sam_Sav

    1:50 welll...... if tik tokers sees it 1:they will realise they are cringey 2:they will do it and never learn 3:they will ignore it

  • lets play a game 2.o
    lets play a game 2.o

    I'm going to say that the thumbnail pic is totally plausible, Makes me want to try it. You could gut the wave and then make an all in one pc. It would be ugly and work like a beast, why do it? All because you can with something outlandish I dig it. Oh love your videos by the way.

  • TheInsomniac

    1:53 this generation is obcessed with fire and arson anyway

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben Fletcher

    9:20 imagine trying to take credit for people having their own achievements

  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh

    9:10 Murasaki Shikibu and Sei Shonagon would like to know your location?

  • Emmanuel

    I'm Nigerian. There are as many as 250 ethnic groups. Very very far from homogenous.

  • Latios Hunter
    Latios Hunter

    11:55 r/theydidthemath

  • G8ij

    “wow The first time a woman’s called me sexy

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      @Fresh Shitposts Lexi is a woman and stop being a transphobic grammar nazi.

    • Fresh Shitposts
      Fresh Shitposts

      There is many things wrong with this comment, 1 where is the second quotation mark? 2, lexi is not a woman, 3 "woman's" is not a word, it would be a woman.

  • Kera Gifkins
    Kera Gifkins

    But with the bill Gates one he'd have to be spending 10 mill on stupid purchases per day, as spending 10 mill per day on say houses he's net worth would change by exactly $0 per day

  • Da Real Skittle
    Da Real Skittle

    The microwave minecraft is real.

  • JelloItsMe

    Net worth =/= the amount of money in ones bank account. I was kind of waiting for Lexi to say that lol


    Lexi would be perfect for cinemawins. Been wanted to say this for a long time

  • Shady Spot
    Shady Spot

    That second one punched me in the face. I remember that one from so long ago...but it's a pandemic post. I wish time would stop screwing with me eventually.

  • HOLT Gaming
    HOLT Gaming

    My school had a pandemic of people sliding pennies behind chargers.

  • fish_ acid
    fish_ acid

    A few kids did the penny thing I saw it on insta when it first happened. And I think a few people I know actually did it because they are not very smart.

  • Reshirex


  • denvera1g1

    1:52 i dissagree, remember how the fake tide pod challenges got companies to change their packaging to make it kid safe(you know, for the kids actually dying from them and not the kids making the fake challenges) We need to do this, because the electical code will never be updated if people arent constantly reminded that you can literally die from unplugging your charger. Either the prongs need to be coated in plastic except for the tip, or the contact points in the outlet need to be at the very back so that they dont contact until the plug is fully inserted. Preferably both because all new products would make old houses safer, and all new houses would make old products safer. Its reletively simple fix, that would take decades to impliment, but it will never be implimented if action is never taken

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    News flash people, COVID isn't as deadly as you think. The common flu is deadlier, and the death rate is bull anyways

  • Beyzha Rodriguez
    Beyzha Rodriguez

    ‘Like two kids in Massachusetts’ Me- God damn it you make us all look bad

  • Selena Sanders
    Selena Sanders

    What I saw it as : quity our bulls

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro

    12:00 Or, even better, go after Logan and/or Jake Paul!

  • Shadow Soulless
    Shadow Soulless

    I guess since Damien has his own channel and this channel continues to have a Lexi on it and I absolutely hate Lexi I guess I'll unsubscribe block the channel and just go watch Damien's channel because this channel refuses to get rid of Lexi

  • Shadow Soulless
    Shadow Soulless

    Lexi sucks

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      No u

  • Alexandre Bugado
    Alexandre Bugado

    I was seaching for new phones and there was this amazing, totally perfect and flawless review comment: "This phone can last only 12 hours on maximum image quality, what a waste." He gave 2 stars because the battery lasted *only 12 hours* at *max resolution* , which are either 1440p 60hz or 1080p 120hz

  • Halfshinesketches

    9:07 I guess this person never heard of Frankenstein

  • Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
    Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus

    I got the notification for this 3 hours ago.

  • Chinpo

    Lexy is the only one to call me sexy :(

  • Baweep

    It took me a good minute to figure out. What was wrong with the thumbnail

  • Mattboi96 Bruh
    Mattboi96 Bruh

    I mean if the person in the thumbnail did it for the meme then...

  • Eduardo Henrique
    Eduardo Henrique

    In fact, the microwave one is real, but *you have to come to Brazil*

  • Lyde

    I watch the guy in the thumbnail he acctually made the pc in the microwave

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet

    some of these were kind of obviously jokes

  • kat


  • ThePersonWithNoName

    Omg why did I forget about this channel...

  • s.seongjun_

    the thumbnail and the title is basically r/wooosh um-

  • BoberTee

    It's like r/thathappened but with pictures and I love it

  • Harry Wood
    Harry Wood

    The person saying quit your bs about the women author is wrong as an older poems exist by homer who wrote the Iliad and the odyssey about the Trojan war, I am aware of older things but I can’t name any (I know homer was a guy but it means he was bs about the oldest novel ever)

  • satan 1234
    satan 1234

    Lexi is by far my favourite host of Emkay

  • mage gammer487
    mage gammer487

    4:43 4. Teen titans teaches about ptsd and bad relationship break ups and loss of love ones and abusive/ neglectful parents 5. Dexter lab teaches kids you can be super smart but also dumb 6.power puff girls teaches gender issues of both sides and government issues and how just because you're a bad person doesn't mean you can't be good later

  • the yeet guy Gonzalez
    the yeet guy Gonzalez

    I am wanted in 53 states for murder and arson rn

  • vFearMySkxll


  • ImSoCynical

    1:38 And my guardians always ask me why I want to move from this god foresaken state.

  • Charles Wolfe
    Charles Wolfe

    I'm trying to think of what episodes of the Clone Wars gave them that interpretation of it. It shows the other two ideas much more prominently

  • oCainam

    the guy on the thumbnail is a brasilian youtuber and he makes videos about tech

  • mystic drag
    mystic drag

    For me lexi legitimately annoys me like reminds me of hot cheeto girl

  • MozTheAus

    LEXY! Hey!!

    • MozTheAus

      How are you??

  • Delaney_ Hai
    Delaney_ Hai

    Yes Lexi, you are sexy.

  • KissyStar

    emkay is turning into the old =3. Too many hosts and ruining the show.

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen

    nobody: every smart person in this video: "AHEM"

  • ꧁Jaky̑̈Boy̑̈Play̑̈s꧂

    I don't know what it is but I just love youre voice especially. Hope you have a good valentines day to all the Emkay👌 peaple

  • Howsonthird

    where is the og narrator from emkay :cry:

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter


  • Something Animations
    Something Animations

    Am I the only one that just scours this channel for videos narrated by Lexi?

  • Shadowkn1ght949 Plays
    Shadowkn1ght949 Plays

    That penny thing. My brother did it years ago. He stuck a penny into the outlet itself. I think his reason was he put it there to store it, and retrieve it later.

  • Actually Imaginary
    Actually Imaginary

    Lexi, you're my fave narrorator


    Does anyone also think lexi sounds a little bit like Jeff Dunham?

  • Clayton Parham
    Clayton Parham

    the i am not a bot on kik cringe