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  • Hdog

    People who are smart don't tend to brag about how smart they are, in fact, people who are smarter tend to think of themselves as less intelligent than they actually are, and less intelligent people tend to think of themselves as more intelligent than they actually are.

  • yummy yam yummy yam
    yummy yam yummy yam

    i read some comment and that one reply makes me feel so stupid, i dont know why i cant understand a single stuff now, would reddit have an r/dumb for people that is slow? if so, im scared :')

  • demon

    I got 149 iq at 9

  • Даниїл Базаров
    Даниїл Базаров

    7:50 I guess that almost *EVERY* country does this (exept South Corea, they do the opposite thing)

  • That one guy named Patrick
    That one guy named Patrick

    How to be on r/IAnVerySmart: Talk to a random person while researching big word and extremely scientific word and send include it in your sentence, if that person is a redditor then viola you are on r/IAmVerySmart

  • a random human on the internet
    a random human on the internet

    10:00 as a 14 year old, I can safely say we don't claim that

  • Kū- Chii-Da
    Kū- Chii-Da

    The people the pop up in this subreddit, have one less braincell per milimeter in their brain size

  • Lightspeed


  • Pattila1111

    Jack, it's spelled concupiscent anomalistic

  • collin bekker
    collin bekker

    Number 1 prick goes to (Drum roll) 10:10

  • Shangaroo

    Lobster guy forgot a definite article before aforementioned. Fighting I am very smart with I am very smart.

  • Jean Michel
    Jean Michel

    2+2=4 🧠

  • Ravin gamin
    Ravin gamin

    5:35When he said THEN MAYBE I almost died of laughter

  • benji bon
    benji bon

    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis I said big word thus I smort

  • we be }
    we be }

    This entire subreddit is if wooosh and confidently incorrect had a baby

  • we be }
    we be }

    bruh im 13 and I feel like im smarter butthen I get immediatly proven wrong

  • horny jail officer
    horny jail officer

    Just because you know a few big words and that lobsters can't talk doesn't mean you're better than everyone else -_-

  • Red Mushroom
    Red Mushroom

    Aight your smart find the cure for cancer. Comeon just do it your smart enough right? Right?

  • 0ofroggito0

    I'm just saying that your IQ only changes a little throughout growing up so that guy that was talking about his IQ has an average IQ. I am not smart I just have an interest in iq

  • The Therio Of Oklahoma
    The Therio Of Oklahoma

    POV: You’re 13 “Lmao 12 year olds are so stupid” 💀🥱

  • Win Tutorials
    Win Tutorials

    I love this soooo much. I used to be like this. I love it so much to see other people who were like me when they were 12. It happens when everybody always says: omg you’re so smart. It’s like an addiction.

  • 沢田逸凡

    why is the thumbnail being mean to 12 year olds? i am 12 years old and not all 12 year olds are dumb, i have 10/10 grade in all of my classes and speak 4 languages fluently. 12 year olds are not stupid

  • Zachery Allen
    Zachery Allen

    As a some what smart guy I have like I believe 120-130 IQ WE DO NOT TALK LIKE THIS WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE SOMETIMES

  • Der total ernste Maskulinist
    Der total ernste Maskulinist

    If you cant explain a complex theory without using fancy words, you are not really as smart as you probably think.

  • Khaisz

    Lmao, someone gave the guy at 2:30 a gold probably to spite the "Smart Guy" telling him that he would get downvotes. Also "you would get a few hundred downvotes", Reddit proceds to give the "smart guy" -1.4k karma.

  • IExist

    These people think they're in the right for being so arrogant because we live in a generation where people strive to be 'empowered' not realizing you can most certainly go to far.

  • Gage Dyals
    Gage Dyals

    All of these people don't know how to get a good life

  • ruu M
    ruu M

    "i know what omae wa mou shinderu means, i'm most definitely a polyglot!"

  • Sifou05

    I just want to confront those uninteligent pickles, they are the reason death exists

  • Jianbin Zhou • 856 years ago
    Jianbin Zhou • 856 years ago

    Omae ma mou shinderu

  • Jianbin Zhou • 856 years ago
    Jianbin Zhou • 856 years ago

    Once when I was 7 my best friend said “just because ur parents are Chinese doesn’t mean you are”

  • Ethan da elmo
    Ethan da elmo


  • Path Finder
    Path Finder

    Whhy don't we study modern play writers instead of William Shakespeare. I get people like and his stories but come on. Was he the only person to write stuff

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young

    If you think that Shakespeare is the best it can get you got bigger problems my man.


    A man that does not speak will never say he's an idiot. -An Idiot

  • Ian Garza
    Ian Garza

    i am 12 and i can definitely confirm these people are 12

  • Amber Flowers
    Amber Flowers

    Him: How are you? Me:W H A T I S Y O U R N A M E

  • PC gaming
    PC gaming


  • Shayaan Morshed
    Shayaan Morshed

    As you see, I use big words to hide my dumbasseryness, your not even trying to get on my level

  • You Were The One
    You Were The One

    I feel like most of these are so sarcastic that the people who posted it in r/Iamverysmart just got wooshed

  • Cosmic_plague_Doc

    I you really think about grammar doesn't matter (at least when talking). As long as you get your point across, what you said worked.

  • Piano DNA - James
    Piano DNA - James

    IQ has nothing to do with maturity... like dude, IQ is to test how logically u can think in a situation and how you would do it best, or probably how fast u can come up with an idea, if u r a 200 IQ dude but not mature, what’s the point?


    1:27 Oh crap gotta bring out the thesaurus *slams on table* time for a tweet

  • dan

    anisakis parasite is pretty common in raw fish so be careful tho

  • TheGamerPhobia

    People that say knowing everything is boring. Stfu if you know everything then cure cancer, find a safe alternative to nitrates, solve the millennium problems in math, find new primes, prove pi or e are normal, find a way to get the anti derivative of any equation, link quantum physics with relativity, discover new elements, explore the ocean, explain dark matter/energy, get involved in research. There are so many unsolved issues that no one knows the answer to and things to be descovered you cannot be bored of being smart when there are still so many things to be done.

  • Coke Cola
    Coke Cola

    You forgot the wa in the first sentence I’m disappointed

  • TheElfsHeadStore

    r/ WOOOOOSH oh wait

  • Xeno Scum
    Xeno Scum

    I never thought someone would ever call me a bioluminescent bean

  • NebelNihat

    2:50 I can't imagine what happens if we tell that guy that disney movies exist.

  • Alextheepicpro

    I'd call myself pretty smart, but i don't think i can compete with the people on this Subreddit!

  • Dino Dylan
    Dino Dylan

    when he said "ThrEh MaBeH" i lost it 5:34

  • Yjiokhi 447
    Yjiokhi 447

    8:15 Oh buddy, it gets worse. This person is an Indian actress and known supporter of the current Indian government. They sl*tshamed Rihanna for standing in solidarity with the farmers protesting in India. She made a twitter thread about how she was as amazing as Meryl fucking Streep lmfao. Just go to their account lmao

  • Aa Li
    Aa Li

    wait so an English P.H.D brain can't accept that they/them completely makes sense in a sentence, but people learn pronouns in elementary? sure they're used too much with the lack of any singular pronouns that refer to all genders and types, but it's not incorrect grammar to refer to something as they or them, because that's just what we've gone to as a pronoun for something we're not sure of what to call.

  • Some body
    Some body

    I think the first one is satire lmao

  • Adjel Cadri
    Adjel Cadri

    there should be a subreddit that is a mix of r/wooooosh and r/Iamverysmart

  • Damian Baca
    Damian Baca

    At 1:58 I had to look up the words said because I'm a dumb dumb and they literally just said she made it hard to understand and it upsets me.

  • si3500

    I get the feeling these people are the soul reason for the warnings and cautions on super glue labels...

  • PleXquared

    Man I was one of these kids when I was twelve. Didn't help all that much that everybody was always calling me smart.

  • Gamer Kid
    Gamer Kid

    Isn’t this sub basically r/whoosh

  • michael dougherty
    michael dougherty

    They're not smart enough to know when to shut up.

  • Sirdogthe1st

    Why does the subscribe slide show him unsubscribing?

  • joel does things
    joel does things

    0:48 jokes on you my iq is so high it loops and goes negative

  • BioGamer Productions
    BioGamer Productions

    I feel like this subteddit should be renamed R/thesaurusused

  • ToSo

    9:43 bro I've been taking honors since 14 and I'm dumb as hellllll

  • TheCoolSuperPea

    *People who go in this subreddit always try to use high vocabulary words to sound hydrophobic.*


    Wait, what? "They are my friend" all of the other examples made sense but that one just... can someone explain? I’m european

    • B4TTERY

      @Semudara ahh yes, I see. Pure beings of light

    • Semudara

      @B4TTERY Nah, that's the point. I mean, if it's someone you know, "he" or "she" will often work! But, if your friend is a genderless entity from beyond the veil of time and space (I happen to know a few folks like that), then "they" often works better. =)

    • B4TTERY

      @Semudara shouldn’t you rather use “He/She is my friend”

    • Semudara

      "Huh, who is that person over there? With the purple hair?" "Oh, them? They're (they are) my friend. I like to hang out with them and we go dancing sometimes." "Oh neat. Introduce me to them sometime." "No need, here they come now!" (Even though "they" is singular here, the correct conjugation is still "are" instead of "is". Much like how "you" also can be singular or plural, but it always uses "are" instead of "is".)

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet

    Idiots use big words to confuse people into thinking they're smart, keep it simple stupid.

  • Utube is karen
    Utube is karen

    I know algebraic variables and I sometimes teach my teacher and my parents. I’m 10.

  • Sinicity

    hey guys. if you're tryna act smart and all, let me give you a tip m8. nobody absolutely cares! Go back to your dictionary and find the longest words- So you can then find someone on Twitter in which was making a funny joke, and then proceed to yell at that person using that word in the context the dictionary described. (You're not bragging at all with your dictionary.) Stop being toxic as hell *just to show off that you have a boring as hell book* and back off from the memers/peaceful people. And why do they have to use larger in size words so frequently?? Why can't it be a shorter term such as brill? I don't hear many people say that nowadays.

    • Sinicity

      What's the point in trying to flex your "high" IQ when all your sentence is going to do is make others lose brain cells?

  • picon tachocote
    picon tachocote

    *something that looks smart beacuse it has words that you find in the theasarus*

  • Ploosma

    I'm pretty sure most of these are ironic

  • aidan pog
    aidan pog


  • The Clashing Crafter
    The Clashing Crafter

    This sounds completely different to Slazo, unreal

  • Rusher Master
    Rusher Master

    My IQ is the definition of monke

  • Flungy

    people who try to be smarter than everyone are also the people who post minion memes

  • Zachary Daniels
    Zachary Daniels

    Well that just sounds like r/woooosh with extra steps

  • Jackoven Gamez
    Jackoven Gamez

    I got to 3 minutes and then I left because this subreddit pisses me off so much. Anyhoo Emkay lad shut up and take my likes.

  • MuffinCountry

    I hope you get fired and replaced with somebody who knows what JoJo is

  • Lucky HDNI
    Lucky HDNI

    7:46 ngl i thought i had two tabs open playing emkay lmao

  • Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
    Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa

    I get pissed off when people assume that being smart is good because lets just say that when I was 9 I had no trace of childhood innocence left at all and it physically hurts to see people

  • Your Average Arsonist
    Your Average Arsonist

    4:21 whos gonna tell THEM that the singular they is older than the singular you

  • Isiah Volcy
    Isiah Volcy

    1:48 he’s basically saying that we’re the superior race but we’re still idiots

  • Tyler Harder
    Tyler Harder

    You just know that the people who write comments with giant words abused tf out of thesaurus.com to write it lmao

  • Ricky Bonardo
    Ricky Bonardo

    Actually its not /give Washington_DC bedrock 192 but /give @Washington_DC minecraft:bedrock 192

  • legendary 99
    legendary 99


  • Andrej Nawoj
    Andrej Nawoj

    So I like language, especially English and its variants. They're not wrong that "Bruhhhhhh" is a bastardized form of the American English(AE) word "Bruh" But that "bastardization" isn't a misuse of AE, it's a different dialect of English, Internet English(IE). IE borrows primarily from AE with influence from every language, to some level or another, that exists on the Internet. Kind of like African American Vernacular English, the grammar and vocabulary rules of IE are similar but not the same as their parent language. AE can express emphasis and pronunciation through audio but can struggle to do so when only being read. IE can express these things through visual cues. Extended sounds, syllabic emphasis, tone, and accent all can be presented visually using IE. (ex. What are you TALKING about?! ; 'Ello, mum, 'ow's work? ; "iT's ImPoSsIbLe To CoNvEy SaRcAsM tHrOuGh TeXt AlOnE") These wouldn't be acceptable in Formal American English so they're seen as incorrect even when presented on the Internet and are clearly written in IE. IE also supports extreme simplification and phonetic spelling, "Are can be R, You can be U, Probably can be Prolly and many other examples." This emerged in modern IE from limitations in text amount in some digital situations, TikTok and similar has a lot of these in comments since the character limit is so tight. Yet simplification like this was seen as far back as Illuminated Manuscripts hundreds of years ago and is a staple of English especially given the many language reforms in our history. "God be with You" was seen as unnecessarily long and was shortened to "Godbwye" among others which over time became "Good-bye" as it's known now. British English(BE) words were simplified as they were used in AE in a lot of ways, the most notable being the use of "ou" becoming increasingly less common in favor of "o" for simplicity's sake. "Mould" becomes Mold, "Colour" becomes Color, etc. Those that consider IE as a "wrong" form of English and mock it for being different from AE are just incorrect and don't appreciate the history and nuance of the language and its natural variants. And they sound about as smart as when a Brit mocks AE for not being similar enough to BE. Our language is a mess yet surprisingly legible, accept it.

  • noodle

    2:21 ironically thats actually a copypasta

  • シェル卵

    Ngl the comments make me want to dislike the video just because i can dislike the comment.

  • Michael B.
    Michael B.


  • Michael B.
    Michael B.

    Narrator that I sadly forgot the name of cause I’m bad at matching names with voices (please don’t kill me): “ITS JAPANESE ISNT IT! YEAH EVERYONE KNOWS JAPANESE!” Me (the ass hole I am): “well technically everyone does know at least one Japanese word if they studied there WW2 history homework because one of our english words is also a Japanese word. That word is ‘kamikaze’ which means ‘crazy pilot’ which means you don’t have to crash your plane to be a kamikaze” This is a joke and I know your on stand by with your bazooka key boards so don’t you dare open fire!

  • Michael B.
    Michael B.

    5:42 uhhhh that’s not one word.

  • Aiden Kuan
    Aiden Kuan

    This sounds like my English teacher

  • ankush ds
    ankush ds

    8:35. God, I've said the same things.

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe

    I'm just gonna get a PhD and my arguments are gonna turn from "fuck you" to "fuck you I have PhD"

  • grey

    all of these ppl give me dwight from the office vibes

  • Adam Ant
    Adam Ant

    3:50 /execute *blank* ~ ~ ~ summon lightning_bolt ~ ~ ~

  • Riley Molloy
    Riley Molloy

    Any time a person brags about speaking different languages I just say yeah me to kinichiwa bitch

  • blastem aston
    blastem aston

    Калі вы можаце перакласці гэта, я выкарыстаў Google translate, дурань

  • Sam Swift
    Sam Swift

    The 14 year old voice got me :)

  • BizBazarr

    Only a fool claims to be wise as someone wise is aware that they do not know everything Why does that sound like Shakespere