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  • Flynt Coal
    Flynt Coal

    Robin you worked at Comcast too? I feel so sorry for you.

  • smileyTrash bag
    smileyTrash bag

    Sigh I did it I leaped into the dark I watch gacha cringe and now I wanna end me

  • Immortal Jello
    Immortal Jello

    robin! if you play Skyrim, there is many chests behind waterfalls!

  • B&L productions
    B&L productions

    3:57 tgg: :)

  • Leon does stuff
    Leon does stuff

    The k in kristopher stands for kwirky

  • Red Pyro
    Red Pyro

    We need more of theese

  • Josh M.
    Josh M.

    Grow up and do edibles. 😂😂

  • upriseing

    16:50 WAIT, you... couldnt't load.. oldrim NPCs?? on a 360? that's exaggerating mine performs fine!! unless you mean special edition or better

  • Skullthdrago666

    You played portal 2???? Im still on like the level 7 xd it so hard wuthout friends

  • 1994 Honda Civic GLi
    1994 Honda Civic GLi

    my dad closes the door


      Oh! look a comment 14min ago.

  • Josh Stanley
    Josh Stanley

    I know how that is my middle name is spelled Willyum

  • Liquid Suda Gaming
    Liquid Suda Gaming

    4:06 hmm yes turn the volume up

  • Adrian Law
    Adrian Law

    Bruh the thumbnail just reminded me that I exist

  • O0mpa LO0mpa
    O0mpa LO0mpa

    Oh my name is much worce than kristopher my names Lincoln but lincon

  • aquaメ

    Pov: *you have no idea why everyone is saying Kristopher Robin*

  • James Prost
    James Prost

    16:44 me : look at my ps3 who need *twenty minutes on the heater* for make it hot enough to start and play skyrim *8 hours traight with no lag or bugs*

  • Clif Is Børing
    Clif Is Børing

    13:00 I did this once and it came true. God I miss her.

    • austen joe
      austen joe


  • Sgrinwaipwr

    3:18 breakdowns rather than beat drops for me.

  • Joey Fumia
    Joey Fumia

    6:18 currently trying over and over to beat Vergil in Mission 20 of DMC3SE. It's been an hour since I've started the mission. I've only gotten him to half health.

  • Random Furry
    Random Furry

    I had carona.... YOU CANT TASTE OR FEEL


    Christopher comes from Greek Christophoros Χριστόφορος meaning bearer of Christ. Even in Greek it's not a K its a X (chi - pronounced hee with the h being a voiceless palatal fricative like 'ch' in German 'ich'). So basically, your name is Krist, which sounds like the cereal box version of Christ.

  • Sponge Vids - GI and ES
    Sponge Vids - GI and ES


  • Luke Manthey
    Luke Manthey

    The way Robin’s name is spelled sounds like some one named Kris getting instructed on how to have sex. “Kris, top her.”

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    It does look like a guy shooting a bow and arrow

  • Oeshen Playz1036
    Oeshen Playz1036

    On 3:19 I can relate because I was playing roblox and steem decided he wanted an update so I lost controll of the game and died instantly and had to start over

  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh

    8:11 Nuclear, Kristopher Robin, Nuclear.

  • DrunkOnSuccess


  • darknight

    the thumbnail is what happens to me everyday

  • Sha12

    Da vinki

  • Adir Blazkowics
    Adir Blazkowics

    3:36 For some reason I'm like this about the fortuna theme in star fox. The start of it is just great, but I weirdly lose interest in the rest of the song

  • Zorua Fox
    Zorua Fox

    I wonder how many people chose Latin because they wanna sing one winged angel

  • Jayx Fortunate
    Jayx Fortunate

    Emkay is like EZPZ 's close cousin

  • Slow350z

    7:39 yeah I have to take a language for highschool credit and both spanish and french were all taken up, so I had to take latin. I thought, "How hard could it be?" Very Very Hard Kill me

  • Tylar Iosue
    Tylar Iosue

    Twitter for the masses? More like Twitter for the basses

  • Captaingreen86

    took me three minutes to realize why every single meme is a SpongeBob meme

  • WeWo 99
    WeWo 99

    14:44 leT iT gOOoOoooOOOO!!!

  • Aeong Jin
    Aeong Jin

    6:13 basically cuphead

  • Roshni Prasad
    Roshni Prasad

    “Just kick their asses” Me the weakest cousin : u see it’s not that easy

    • Jay514888

      You don’t have to be strong, just stubborn

  • Kai Lucas Zachary
    Kai Lucas Zachary

    by "atomic family" do you mean "nuclear family" lol

  • Link

    My little cousin when he broke my Nintendo switch controller 🥲 True story 😭

  • ExistentialBread

    Damn, you’re really good at some of these voices

  • Joax 101
    Joax 101

    5:07 that was me but in creative mode lol

  • blade files
    blade files

    Me existing forgetting I exist

  • George Stanley
    George Stanley

    I can't forget I exist if I'm swallowing Boba whole and feeling like I'm gonna explode

  • The_Amazing_Imptini

    The door thing is the opposite for me. I made it clear I like my door closed and my parents pretty much always closes it for me. Lil bros, not so much

  • Nicky Gaming
    Nicky Gaming

    No one: Thieves when you win the lottery: 4:07

  • *•Maki Roll•*
    *•Maki Roll•*

    Alyxis ~~~~~~~

  • cam bam
    cam bam

    Hi kris top her

  • Fancy Melon
    Fancy Melon

    i decorate the back of the tree because it seems lonly lol

  • Fancy Melon
    Fancy Melon

    i was wondering why there was so many sponge bob memes then i looked at the title

  • Nicelodeus

    I forgot I was even watching a compilation of SpongeBob memes

  • Cydni Estes
    Cydni Estes

    My brother and I got that

  • FluffTheCat

    Lol everyone's excited over how how Robin's name is Kristopher but he's said it in multiple videos -_-

  • Fancy Melon
    Fancy Melon

    kristopher strange way to spell it

  • Princess Prisilla
    Princess Prisilla

    As someone who has an uncommon surname, the redline meme spoke to me.

  • Cactus The Enby
    Cactus The Enby

    My dad spelled my sisters name S-h-a-y-a-n-n-e you may think her name is Shay-Anne, but no het name is Cheyenne. And i look more like my mom, but everyone in my family says that Im an identical copy of my dad. Like my dad has brown eyes is more on the tan side if things, and has 0 freckles. I have my moms eyes, skin tone and feckles....

  • MegaChicken 123
    MegaChicken 123

    Hol up... Robin's name is KRISTOPHER ROBIN! Does he have a F*CKING STUFFED BEAR!

  • OpKingDimond

    Fallout new Vegas is a game I played yeas ago... I’m now currently on the dlc lmao. New Vegas is my favorite game but there is a reason it’s always crashing, Remember robin, the game was rigged from the start.

  • Fross Plays
    Fross Plays

    BOYS, HE"S A GAMER!!!, i want gameplay tho..

  • Rabello Rocker
    Rabello Rocker

    Literrally, me at 2 am

  • Gecko Lettuce vrchat
    Gecko Lettuce vrchat

    I am robin u

  • Max Watmough
    Max Watmough

    6:45 I just found out I have a gene that makes me resistant to hangovers, and people say evolution doesn’t exist

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia

    the mans name "kristopher" uh........ brother?

  • MR MisteR
    MR MisteR

    I'm watching at 2am

  • planet 9 productions
    planet 9 productions

    9:07 wait you guys are eating?

  • Orange Guy
    Orange Guy

    2:40 So Patrick go furry?

  • Jobie Tench
    Jobie Tench

    8:18 ah yes. Never thank anyone for anything ever

  • Godd Howard
    Godd Howard

    IF YOU WANT FNV TO RUN RIGHT! Go to the frontier modpage, and download all the recommended mods, including nvse. If you want some new features, get stewies tweaks.

  • edward jocson
    edward jocson

    i just imagine robin is this person who is really serious and is wearing a suit and tie right now but in the inside he is a cutesy and is very wholesome

  • Filthy Apostate
    Filthy Apostate

    My name is so complicated I just go by the first letter of my first name: "Hi, I'm K"

  • XxMrNoNamexX

    My name is kristopher but its spelt christopher

  • Jockster6484


  • That one Wolf YT
    That one Wolf YT

    Mine is kriston

  • Luke 391
    Luke 391

    I'm Italian. And I agree. Bob Ross is a litteral god

  • Evil Goatee Guy
    Evil Goatee Guy

    3:33 this is my mom, my dad actually RESPECTS my privacy.

  • Adgeifc ¿
    Adgeifc ¿

    The "money" from mr crab almost choke me becuz im driking

    • Adgeifc ¿
      Adgeifc ¿

      To death

  • Don’t Mention My Unchangable PFP
    Don’t Mention My Unchangable PFP

    My last name is Weekley. It’s weekly but with an e between the l and y. I have basically the same problem as you, man.

  • h4nnaH

    google tried to correct my last name, Chertow, to cheetos 😃🔫

  • Kayhua

    3:40 just beat your parents dude

  • adellexie

    "Mr Krabs can step on me anytime" *I FUCKING LOST IT OH MY GOD LMAOOOOOOOO*

  • Koda

    12:03 Instead of not responding, my mother goes the route of "who are you whating?" because "what" isn't a valid response of "what do you want/need" in her eyes.

  • Phoenix Marionette
    Phoenix Marionette


  • Remone the lion
    Remone the lion

    My parents actually shut my door when they leave WITHOUT ME ASKING

  • Joe Dad
    Joe Dad

    Hey Robin, the reason that only like 1 percent of people die from covid is because lungs are vital for hamon users. Not everybody is a hamon user

  • •moony•

    You’ve never experienced a chest behind a waterfall...? _Undertale_

  • Website Commentator
    Website Commentator


  • AlexE 20102
    AlexE 20102

    yo why the freak is this Me_Irl episode called bikinibottomtwitter!!!!??????

  • SuperHappyCake

    Americans: *Tries to learn another language/culture* *gets called out for cultural appropriation* *Doesn’t learn so they aren’t bullied* *gets called racist, lazy, and too stupid to learn* Not to mention it takes years to learn a language well enough to speak back and forth in it, and language courses can’t prepare you for every possible phrase someone might throw at you, and if someone is planning a trip they probably only have a few months to a year to learn and you don’t get to directions that quickly. “It’s just a joke bro” these “america is dumb” jokes have made such an anti-american sentiment over the last few years that “patriot” has become a dirty word.

  • SuperHappyCake

    Nothing in your life changed between dec 31, 2020, and jan 1, 2021. What changed is you released yourself from a mental prison of your own creation and pretended somehow an arbitrary passage of time did that for you. Your life either sucks just as much as it did a few months ago or it wasn’t that bad to begin with.

  • Mc big cheese
    Mc big cheese

    I thought this was just r/memes lol

  • Leandro Nieves
    Leandro Nieves

    Have you played Mario Odyssey, cause I'm pretty sure there's chest behind a waterfall in the Cascade Kingdom.

  • Michael Hutchison
    Michael Hutchison

    Is robin ok, his family doesn’t sound too great...

  • Sadlis Lorfan Productions
    Sadlis Lorfan Productions

    My last name is "Streight"... My entire family doesn't exist

  • incognito dorito
    incognito dorito

    2:17 to experience the chest behind the waterfall just play Borderlands 2 I don't remember the map where you can find it but just search the waterfalls

  • WolfStep

    Ha that's cute my name is Christoffer

  • Squid Squad
    Squid Squad

    3:34 my parents don’t do that but BOY OH BOY DOES MY SISTER LIKE TOO (seriously it’s like every hour she gets an alarm on her phone to run over bust down my door lay on my bed and when I ask her ‘what’s up’ say nothing and walk out ....she also judges me when I’m on the toilet cause ‘eVeRyTiMe I cOmE iN yOuRe In ThE bAtHrOoM’ like I’m sorry I have a small bladder)

  • Purple

    3:32 that reminds me of my dad

  • TheBurgerNoder

    Oh hell naw Soup bitch get a meme about twittre he’s gonna get stupid!

  • [Name Pending]
    [Name Pending]

    oh god the thumbnail to this video is so relatable

  • thekidinthegrayhoodie

    6:21 this was literally me with the escape scenes in ori and the blind forest