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  • Than Atos
    Than Atos

    7:20 I hate the fact that I know this youtuber

  • FitzyCify

    Seriously, what is the deal with all the potatoes? It's like they all played Portal 2, lol'd @ POTaTOS and just ran wild with it, completely missing that the joke was about science projects, not common Ireland-crippling vegetables.

  • Look At My Pfp Only Gta players understand
    Look At My Pfp Only Gta players understand

    I now have brain damage

  • The Rival
    The Rival

    incon- what?

  • Blake Thomas
    Blake Thomas

    There will always be a limit to what's funny and what isn't, but hating things that are random doesn't make someone cool. Random sometimes equals funny, but not always

  • xNebula_Kittens_x

    The thing that confuses me the most is that there are 3.1k comments yet only a few of the ones I've seen have likes when usually in other comments there are at least over 15 likes for most comments

  • Zarica Demoni
    Zarica Demoni

    hey, potatoes does have a small bit of meaning. Space Engineers, and the little AI that could, named potatoes. Also, here, have a proper random thing. 1+1=4, yes it actually does, because this is a word problem without the words. 1 pair of shoes + 1 pair of shoes = 4 shoes.

  • Kali Park
    Kali Park

    theses memes gave me so much second hand embarrasment

  • Spazlet

    To be fair, I feel like there are certain contexts to some

  • PitterPatter

    A couple of these made me chuckle.


    First time here and I regret ALL my life decisions. So few Rn VA el la do me to ya em he so or I be to ya Rn he to ya to me up is em he do ow Th has been the last one I wanna is the last time y’all saw the red light brown blue yellow yellow purple blue red yellow yellow red blue red red yellow blue blue yellow blue purple yellow yellow red blue yellow yellow blue yellow purple yellow blue yellow red yellow yellow blue red yellow blue blue yellow 7)/(/7:)/(7/9-)$-@-@:’ do HD fm HD fm HD hi he fm ha fm G’s ha to ya fm ha fm G’s go G’s hi is up he go Comment if you had a stroke reading this

  • TheHappyIntrovert

    Image all this but 10x more random... You have my dreams.

  • Zencat 21
    Zencat 21

    This make me feel better about my jokes

  • Johanns Dicker
    Johanns Dicker

    Commenting on other people's sense of humour with straight insults is literally all I want to watch for the rest of my life

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    You wanna know what the most random thing I ever did? It was back in highschool on the bus to school. I was eating dry cereal in a plastic bag using a fork... But it wasn't to be funny....it was out of desperation...

  • Maria Spin
    Maria Spin

    10:16 I didn't expect to hear a crazy beautiful vocal run on a reddit reading video but I'm so glad I did.

  • PinkZunn

    But... potatoes are good tho

  • JWE 2000
    JWE 2000

    Atoms do not touch, we are made of atoms, so we never touch anything. So no officer, I didn't drop kick that kindergartener

  • Jame s
    Jame s

    I lost Braincells watching this

  • Okgamer

    Potato potato potato potato potato watermelon potato potato potato potato

  • AnonymousMusic 2625
    AnonymousMusic 2625

    on a scale of 13 to 27, how for?

  • Sad_Cat


  • NK LB
    NK LB

    This was so hard to watch I feel so hecking sorry for David having to read these all out loud possibly multiple times to get the right take you did an awesome job keep it up 👍🏻☺️

  • Ernests


  • zeldacraft_64

    Why is it always watermelons?

  • Some angry Insane Belgian
    Some angry Insane Belgian

    Unlike them I know I suck in comedy so I strife to be as unfunny as possible also potato we will potato stop

  • Omniscient Bare Bones
    Omniscient Bare Bones

    When the potato: **aerodynamics of an MA35 assault rifle from halo: combat evolved**

  • sheepie _draws
    sheepie _draws

    Nfojdiajdb im gay th

  • ZelxyRelxy

    These can also be r/I hadsatroke

  • Lemon monster
    Lemon monster

    Want to see something random? something random

  • Keith King
    Keith King

    Yeah, random is never funny. That's why family guy never took off

  • RanMikiSuDia

    ohh nooooo Nuuuuuux xD

  • Scarlett Acid
    Scarlett Acid

    Tbh I'm autistic and this is the kinda shit that peeves me the most. How am I supposed to respond to this? By silently blocking you. That's how.

  • Overforest 119
    Overforest 119

    3:40 honestly "The world's best barber can't have the best haircut" doesn't make much sense to me. If they are that good of a barber they are probably skilled enough to cut their own hair efficiently.

  • AboveAverageCat44

    1:14 That was not an equal sign that was an approximate sign so he agrees that random does not equal funny

  • What’s Kraken
    What’s Kraken

    Ok the “the best barber can never have children” isn’t bad if you imagine it’s the result of a strange game of telephone

  • I am A duck
    I am A duck

    I say potatoes because potatoes is funny Patata

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time someone says “potato”

  • Nunchuck Daddy
    Nunchuck Daddy

    Sometimes I like cringe comments to enable them and make sure I have something to cringe at in the future.

  • Page Turner
    Page Turner

    Welcome to an episode of "What are the Gen Zers laughing at these days"

  • Pamela Wilson
    Pamela Wilson

    Woosh me

  • Jack Whitney
    Jack Whitney


  • Gaming time YT
    Gaming time YT

    Whotp do when i eat a potatoes are yummy?

  • Gaming time YT
    Gaming time YT

    Potato 🥔!

  • reno relapse
    reno relapse

    The people aleady subbed to ezpz: wait wait I seen this one before! The people who are not:what do you mean its brand new

  • Rehan Malik
    Rehan Malik

    Why did my other comment poop on a exploding/landing nuke? Now it's pissing on my grandma now it turned into a potato

  • Wuchangs umbrella
    Wuchangs umbrella

    I just like to do the keyboard smash cuz I’m bad at expressing myself through text?? People seem to hate it but it’s a habit ;;

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    I used to believe in random=funny. I am no longer 5 years old

  • Mario Joodah
    Mario Joodah

    7:20 keep ye filthy hands off Lord Nux

  • Eagle Fly
    Eagle Fly

    I didnt even understand that I'm in emkay's channel I just thought I entered an ez pz vid like always

  • Cookie Kyle
    Cookie Kyle

    potatoes :>

  • Patgaming Tan
    Patgaming Tan

    Ok a new host EzPz

  • A Horse
    A Horse

    Wow my favorite ezpz narrator on my favorite reddit narration channel

  • 7anan R
    7anan R

    Worst sub ever 😬😬

  • クソ退化

    when you chicken

  • Blandy8521

    This killed me inside. I don't think I will watch r/iamveryrandom just cause it was all basically *POTATO LOL*

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    How to make the video of the guy who was the first time I have ever seen a new one and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get a ride to the airport on the way home from work and I have to go to the store Potato

  • Mile Clemets
    Mile Clemets

    Are you sure Random doesn't = funny? Cause I was laughing really hard That's like saying Loud doesn't = funny

  • •Starr Galaxy Gacha•
    •Starr Galaxy Gacha•

    14:25 I am not a potato! Potatoes are for food! I'm beautiful and so are all of you!

  • •Starr Galaxy Gacha•
    •Starr Galaxy Gacha•


  • •Starr Galaxy Gacha•
    •Starr Galaxy Gacha•

    6:04 When you're a Gacha kid who's just trying to make people happy with adorable characters: 😢

  • Alexander Horter
    Alexander Horter

    On a scale from 1 to 10 my favorite color of the alphabet is triangle

  • 131_Impossible

    *The crossover everyone wanted*

  • Wurm


  • Moof the great
    Moof the great


  • Ballhammer Gaming
    Ballhammer Gaming

    EmKay has approximately 2.33 million toaster pastries wrapped in swiss cheese. Sorry.

  • Tasoq

    I just spent 16 minutes of my life cringing at these "jokes"

  • MrThrillOfficial

    I am getting more and more annoying each time

  • Jack Mitchell
    Jack Mitchell

    Oblivion dialogue:

  • EchotheEhko

    24 is a diagram of how many, plush animals are based on the account that transpires in a microchip that is inside 🅱 E A N of time which existed at the beginning of t I m who was a shark who ate potatoes odd isn't it why t I m be Like why must I live and wants my purpose in life why do I make so many mistakes, I'm a failure to my love ones who gave me life only to fail them, why can't I do something right why do they have to yell why must they yell at them when it's my fault who gave me the right to live do they even love me do they hate me warmth is something I shouldn't have I should die I should die I should die

  • n o
    n o

    am I..... pereganagant?????

  • Crypts_ World
    Crypts_ World

    I'm offended by the gacha profile thing why does everyone hate the gacha comm- also my community: haters, toxic ppl, heat, lgbtq sexualization, racial injustice

  • Mr Beez
    Mr Beez

    Beacon now laugh

  • Nex! Sonic
    Nex! Sonic

    7:22 Legit answer: Nux Taku is awesome and he deserves naught but r e s p e c t

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima


  • F Jolliff
    F Jolliff

    A lot of these look like someone tried (and failed) to make Mad Libs by themselves.

  • Ruby Martin
    Ruby Martin

    Can we just take a moment and see how good his singing voice is?

  • Stroopis

    ...So basically the “uwu I wuv cookyz and potatoez” 2018 Gacha girls?

    • n o
      n o

      i thought you said cockyz

  • Yukey_Corruption

    This is literally 40% of the gacha community. The rest- 50% gacha heat 10% good creators

  • Yukey_Corruption


    • n o
      n o

      Wrong! The correct answer is: The

  • EpicBloxBoy

    Yo this narrator is such a bummer

  • Random Commentor
    Random Commentor

    First time I outright surrendered on an Emkay vid and went and watched something else.


    omg i WAS that kid when i was little and i still cringe at myself to this day...

  • flame the wolf
    flame the wolf

    1:20 that sign is an approximation sign. notice how its different from the equal sign. he's saying that random is close to funny.

  • Oscar Hammond
    Oscar Hammond

    this is the most cancer ive seen 16 mins

  • ClozedCycles

    I do a lot of random shit, but at least it actually is funny most of the time. This is just sad.

  • Laura _Cakeu
    Laura _Cakeu

    the answer is.... POTATOES

  • SuprSpaceBoyGamz

    If you breath like this comment.

  • Topaz Pheonix
    Topaz Pheonix

    **losing brain cells and wondering why I'm laughing**

  • AJojoStand

    My self esteem oh no... I just realised I may be random but not like "WATERMELON" or "POTATO" i dont get those But now that ik it is le cringe I should try changing that habit. ( I find quirky people annoying and idk if i am one)

  • 3 DENTZ
    3 DENTZ


  • Simsim_MC


  • Floofinatii Confurmed
    Floofinatii Confurmed

    Sometimes I’ll be talking to my friends when I’m bored and I was talking to one and she said: “Let’s collect some spleens” and this is fricking normal-

  • Gucci Diego Brando
    Gucci Diego Brando

    it hurt

  • Ifti Alam Likhon
    Ifti Alam Likhon

    If someone made an algorithm that bans all the BS content every politicians would ran out of things to say

  • sir.potato

    Some people that call themselfs "potatoes" should be killed for warcrimes

  • Diggy

    I say potato randomly just when i dont have anything to say, but It would still be required that I say something else. Its not really because I want to say it or because I think I’m qUiRky it’s more of a nervous thing (I have a lot of those - bad parenting, don’t wanna talk ab it, I’m doing much better now) and I just find the word calming for some reason.

  • Winter5

    14:48 That's a real music artist called Sia. And this is her real profile on Spotify.

  • the teenage trap
    the teenage trap

    Random can = funny but not always

  • Golden Orca
    Golden Orca

    This Is The Best Crossover Ever! Thank You So Much!