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  • MiskoBlox

    Basically posts on r/thathappened: [Insert Anti-Mask Person somewhere] [Insert someone asking the to wear a mask] [Insert a "clever comeback"] [Insert everyone clapping/laughing]

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!


  • I want to die
    I want to die

    **Sigh** I wish I could be cool like these people.

  • Rap hole
    Rap hole

    Me in my head

  • SFA_Metalguard

    Once a when i was

  • Logan


  • Entitik

    One time i landed on an airplane. Everyone was clapping

  • Ethan Oputa
    Ethan Oputa

    The way the thumbnail typed it made it look like he said “I hugged 65 girls tonight and you are mom”

  • David G
    David G

    I went to work and everyone cheered for me!

  • Vantrilliquin

    Of course all of these are from facebook

  • Emberse

    Me: *reads thumbnail Also me: "so he hugged 65 girls and- I'm mom?"

  • Rhapsos Productions
    Rhapsos Productions

    4:56 - we also do that here in the UK... so could be either, sadly

  • Sad Mortem
    Sad Mortem

    They deleted my comment for being 100% truthful

  • Caleb Jacobs
    Caleb Jacobs

    i hugged 65 girls and "YOU'RE" mom. grammer of the year right here, folks

  • corn flake
    corn flake


  • Liam Padgett
    Liam Padgett

    13:35 I have a wii and it doesn't have a fan, smh

  • The Creator
    The Creator

    oh god no

  • puddle9

    9:21 people without misophonia dont understand this is a mood

  • Moby

    I went to a movie, and after the movie everyone clapped.


    6:51 that's ifunny... It probably actually happened

  • Ķùřø黑 {BLACK} -XIII-
    Ķùřø黑 {BLACK} -XIII-


  • otterfrick

    why does he sound so much like yoru from valorant at times 💀

  • Tegan Rochford
    Tegan Rochford

    and they kept on clapping

  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet

    I think sometimes you guys just fall for a joke

  • Samurai Doge
    Samurai Doge

    This actually happened to me When I was in school i pet a stray cat with people then zombies came out eating humans then I saved everyone it is not big lie

  • Rylee Bandy
    Rylee Bandy

    About 3:42 , this actually does happen sometimes in collegiate/University level courses, however it usually won't be graded and the teacher will ask you to rewrite and resubmit the essay, I've seen a few of those scenarios play out

  • Adrian Bolanos
    Adrian Bolanos

    This subreddit is just the crazy things I come up with randomly, like “imagine if I fought this guy beating the hell out of him with flip kicks” but it just ends up being me sitting on my ass doing nothing.

  • a person
    a person

    I fell asleep and everyone clapped

  • SethAtSNK

    *I'm a stand user, my stand is invincible, other stand users applaud my stand ability*

  • Ocarina of Games
    Ocarina of Games

    To be fair all it does take to talk to women is just confidence and sometimes a cheesy pickup line is good enough but don't be a piece of crap targeting upset and vulnerable women And for women this'll definitely work for guys too And for gay people just make sure you're in a gay/lesbian bar if you're gonna assume sexuality

  • Ocarina of Games
    Ocarina of Games

    You are mom

  • Some Goose
    Some Goose

    I just had this video recommended to me, almost a week after it came out

  • Timo Hartikainen
    Timo Hartikainen

    some of these are beliveable. until they put there some unbelieable things so we know they're lying

  • AlexCartoons


  • Bruh- Chill.Mp3
    Bruh- Chill.Mp3

    2:57 As Jack read this post he started to sound like Archibald Asparagus .

  • Twan the proto boi
    Twan the proto boi

    0:59 maybe the jet had no electricity and no fuel

  • Jasmin Miettunen
    Jasmin Miettunen

    So many of these stories are believable like halfway in. Being a balding guy but knowing how to speak to women? Sure. Giving cheesy one liners to a crying woman and she sleeps with you that night? Uhh... A guy hearing a girl give her name as a character from his favourite books or movies and giving a matching name after her? Sure, we just heard that one guys lines, entirely possible. The barista crying (!?) and giving you free pastries? Again, uhh... They go from unlikely to unbelievable so fast.

    • ESP PupsnKits
      ESP PupsnKits

      Yeah, these people don’t know when to stop

  • Jacket World2005
    Jacket World2005

    I once got kicked in the balls and I said sorry

  • Gacha_Yeet 🌻
    Gacha_Yeet 🌻

    Yes. Everyone here is a totalitarian baguette 👍

  • P.O.N.

    10:56 what the hell are you on woman? Edit: not Jack.....the girl, I had to clear that up

  • P.O.N.

    I wanna bitch-slap everyone in this video except the magnificent narrator Jack.

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon

    One time I went to Texas there was 20 guys with 20 guns and I killed them all with my hands

  • Jack the Cat *Team #Peach*
    Jack the Cat *Team #Peach*

    One time I walked into the GP, slapped every doctor with a syringe in their hand because vaccines are bad for your kids and everyone clapped

  • Im African
    Im African

    Last time my mom was in the hospital because my foster sister decided she wanted to have a tantrum

  • One Sensitive Artist
    One Sensitive Artist

    I was in elementary school and a two demons came out of nowhere and and try to stael my soul so I said "fuck that" (like a real bad boy) and took out my laser gun and shot a hole into a demoons' nutsack then took out 2 of the other with my bear hands. Everyone clapped and cheered and some girl instanly dropped to her knee and gave me oral while OBama (dunno his last name) gave me the nuke codes and jesus gave me a high-five. Never underestimate the smol guys.

  • Josh Harris
    Josh Harris

    12:55 that is fake but things like that happen like in my class some times we called are English teacher like your highness or something( I have been in lockdown for a long time)this sounds fake I know but the reason I know that is fake is because a teacher would get fired for saying that even if it was a joke (I think).

  • Lit The Great
    Lit The Great

    I once went outside and my crush was there and then she gave me a kiss then turned into a dragon🤣🤣🤣

  • elmer navarro
    elmer navarro

    R/ that "happend"

  • JasonBason

    6:48 so they’re just openly bragging about being transphobic? Also, I’m p sure a teacher would get fired for that.

  • Kuba S
    Kuba S

    This guy's "skills in talking to women" are the most generic, unfunny and cringe texts there are.

  • EvieCookieGacha

    5:41 Oh you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? aLlOw mE!

  • Paili O'Neill
    Paili O'Neill

    Honestly with how wild their imaginations are sign them, do it sign them they need to write a moving if they can come up with this stuff Edit: movie***

  • Mack Johnson
    Mack Johnson

    that one story at 10:25 would be super funny if it ended with him calling her mudblood

  • X Destroyer Animations
    X Destroyer Animations

    I walked a 2 metres track and I clapped

  • Star Crasher
    Star Crasher

    Shakka! When the walled clapped!

  • NAGI

    Notice how most of these are guys. Yeah.

  • Dark Ditto
    Dark Ditto


  • Dark Ditto
    Dark Ditto


  • MCMaster564 The Awesome
    MCMaster564 The Awesome

    “Ah yes, I had an infatuation to an adult, saw them being an adult, and in retaliation, I acted like an adult with another minor.”

  • Amina V
    Amina V

    The misophonia story has a bit of truth because the noise makes you irrationally anxious or angry

  • Turtle Shell
    Turtle Shell

    As a person who trains karate, I can confirm that's what they teach us

  • BlindingLight

    12:04 i feel like i know someone who would do this

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    1:16 this person did exactly what I made my character do in bitmoji

  • blake gamer 10
    blake gamer 10

    4:54 some people in the uk say ye m8 too so now I'm scared

  • CowboyDog

    Queue is suck a weird word…

  • Dragontail Youtuber
    Dragontail Youtuber

    I’m telling a False story right now

  • ceiling gang
    ceiling gang

    i also train karate and have trained it for 5 years. and let me tell you 1.its not something to flex. 2.saying/being a black belt does not mean a white belt cant hand your ass to you. belt doesnt matter! 3. 5-6 years is NOTHING when it comes to karate. its not much progress at all!

  • Albin Privat
    Albin Privat

    If your going to make up a story, make it good

  • Mr Grimmbo
    Mr Grimmbo

    So many are unbelievable

  • Crowist

    1:11 IM WHEEZING

  • Alex Pilotin
    Alex Pilotin

    yeah but... why clout chase i mean i can take a lot of hits and still be fine

    • Alex Pilotin
      Alex Pilotin

      also i know taekwondo well im just a yellowbelt since i couldnt do the splits so i dropped off

  • D0rifto

    i stole my grandpas lungs everyone clapped even grandpa clapped

  • *Confused Sounds*
    *Confused Sounds*

    0:40 fighter jets have one seat as well so that is physically impossible

  • Not_Online

    6:54 Um.. Am I supposed to be impressed?.. I’m disgusted, if this even happened, he is body shaming women.. Being homophobic, (I’m demigirl so that was kinda offensive..) and just being garbage..

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    I wore a mask going to the store earlier and a Karen didn't wear a mask and I shouted "wear a mask" to the Karen and everyone clapped

  • Plant

    I saw a girl, and she saw me look at her

  • 我想要腹肌

    At first glance I thought the guy in the thumbnail was holding a large egg

  • Randyghgu

    The one at 2:57 to 3:40 is definitely my favorite.

  • Utubealt 94
    Utubealt 94

    Bruh, u really need to think about things in ur life. You browse through the cancer that is reddit and make childish voices and cringe worthy jokes all whilst laughing at your own unfunny baby voice jokes sitting alone in a recording room............. This is a path u chose? That’s pretty sad dude, at least u make money I guess right?$$ all that matters huh throw away ur dignity and make a clown if urself for a few bucks......

  • froggyloki

    "I assaulted my teacher and severely wounded her 😂😂😂😂😂"

  • Marcus Ramos
    Marcus Ramos

    I thought the kid in the thumbnail was holding an egg or something until I realized that was his wrist...

  • Muffins

    I also did karate but in middle school and a group of year 11 students tried to take my lunch money so i tried fighting them and you wont believe what happened next.... I got the living carpet beaten out of me and they took my money and house key (my mom's house)

  • Zer0Rebel4

    Once i ate a hamburger and choked to death but was resurrected by jesus christ himself and everybody clapped

  • AmDogeWithBackpack

    r/thathappend is sort of like r/imverybadass

  • Brittany Diamond Miller The Chipette Rodriguez
    Brittany Diamond Miller The Chipette Rodriguez


  • Cole Hewett
    Cole Hewett

    I was just called a totalitarian baguette 😳

  • SomalienKFCWorker

    9:05 I've gone to martial arts for 10 to 9 years now (Since I was 5) 8 of which have been in karate, I can definitely say that Karate is not that dangerous of a martial art as people think it is. Especially when you get to higher rankings and when I started participating in cups around the world, it kind of lost its original meaning, hence why I stopped. I started Muay Thai 2 years ago, and I can say confidently that any experienced Muay Thai fighter would be able to take down a world-class karate fighter with a hand on their back. So I don't know what the karate hype is all about.

  • Esai Arispe
    Esai Arispe


  • Feldrin

    7:02 i absolutely hate this person on a personal level

  • A Random JoJo Lover
    A Random JoJo Lover

    12:53 is believable. My 7th grade classmates did something similar and it was the cringiest thing i had ever witnessed. Im so glad i didnt participate, it was strange

  • Light Shadow
    Light Shadow


  • JumpirRex Bankai
    JumpirRex Bankai

    Did this happen or not? I'll leave it for you to decide. So when I was younger and in primary 4 which meant I was around 9 years old crap went down with ma bro and his "friend" for reasons am not sure about at all. My brother is two years older than me so in primary 6 of school and his "friend" was one year older than him so primary 7. Me and my brother were walking home and in fact were pretty much just outside our house and the "friend" lives literally three doors away from ours. As we almost got home the guy rode past us on his bike. For no reason at all he jumps off of his bike somewhere behind us and punches my brother in the back of the head. He continued to punch and then kick my brother when he fell to the ground. I walked in the guys way and he said "I don't hit little kids" I was actually really scared and closed my eye but took a swing at him Regardless because I wanted to protect my older brother. I got super freaking lucky. Like veeeeery lucky. Ended up punching him in the eye and he fell to the ground. Then our parents came outside the house and his parents came out aswell. I don't remmeber what was said at this point because it was awhile ago. We went into the house and the day ended. The next day the "friend" was forced to apologise by his mother and so did. I saw him aswell when he came to apologise and his eye was black and blue. Like surprisingly badly. That's why I say it was a veeeeery lucky punch. The guy was ashamed to look At me and actually avoided looking at me. Don't know if it was because he felt bad for scaring a kid or if he felt embarrassed for getting taken down a peg by a lucky punch. Anyway he ended up apologising to ma bro and left. Don't know if it had anything to do with why he acted out in such a way but not long after he moved to the North end of Scotland. Pretty sure it was a family devorce situation.

  • doggo _supreme -_-
    doggo _supreme -_-

    2:17 what kind of jjba stuff is this

  • Cobra shark Gaming
    Cobra shark Gaming

    8:56 He didn’t mention a fuckin wheelchair at all This is completely fake news If he’d “broken his back and neck’ he’d be crippled for the rest of his life, no?

    • Cobra shark Gaming
      Cobra shark Gaming

      @JumpirRex Bankai ah ok

    • JumpirRex Bankai
      JumpirRex Bankai

      @Cobra shark Gaming you can break your back and neck but still have an intact spinal cord. It's extremely unlikely but happens

    • Cobra shark Gaming
      Cobra shark Gaming

      @JumpirRex Bankaibut he did have spinal damage The guy broke both back and neck Confuzzle

    • JumpirRex Bankai
      JumpirRex Bankai

      I mean not technically. If he had more luck than a god of fortune it's possible he could have avoided spinal cord damage and perminant injury. But the he likely hood is damn near impossible. At best he would had to get pins in his spine and at worst he had to be paralysed from the neck down it it were true

  • Venom Snek
    Venom Snek

    I punched a guy so hard, he flew to the sun.


    6:31 we will be fighting the _moment_ he calls those girls w*ores


    5:03 those pick up lines make women roll their eyes and walk away... I say those lines to my fiancée and even _she_ rolls her eyes.


    “Give me your money *essay* “ Me, a Hispanic person: 🤦🏾

    • ••

      “Essay” lmao I hate how he spelled it


    1:10 weird flex but ok

  • mutation333

    how can anyone go to a doctor and ask for help with their kids because they don't know what to do, but as soon as the doctor mentions vaccines, the parents are the experts?