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  • Mathis Makita
    Mathis Makita

    6:51 I wish this one was photoshopped...

  • jude morrison
    jude morrison

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no this is illegal

  • Tactical Merc
    Tactical Merc

    Kermit became me

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer

    i was today years old when i found out that people dress as horses and play drop skotch (Did you get the joke?)

  • Dorfl

    I just found out that Lexi is a girl and nothing makes sense.

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist


  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson

    It must feel great to just call someone a transphobe when they don’t agree and think that you have shut them down or something. You guys are so woke. Go back to sleep.

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist

      No u

  • Mr . Shadow
    Mr . Shadow

    I have 3 months of emkay vids to watch better get started

  • Mewmichu

    Why dose it say this was posted 9 minutes ago? It’s been 6 days.

  • Mr. Dog
    Mr. Dog

    Wait is lexi a guy or a girl or trans bc his name is lexi but he sounds like a dude pls comment if you know

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist

      Mtf trans

  • youarelone

    youtube is wack i got a notification 6 days after it was released

  • Astrogamer robloxminecraftfnaffortnitecrandmoreee
    Astrogamer robloxminecraftfnaffortnitecrandmoreee

    Wait lexi is trans meh ok idc heshes a human

  • Happy Daddy
    Happy Daddy

    Ewe Toe Beer🤢🤮😵

  • Jamber_Wolf

    0:00 CHONK

  • Brooke Preaseau
    Brooke Preaseau

    9:48 anyone else see the start of a stone sideways swastika? Please tell me what else it could be, because I wholeheartedly want to believe no one would get a tramp stamp of it.

  • Cappy Vlogs
    Cappy Vlogs

    The best narrators are Lexi, Damien, and robin.

  • Astra k
    Astra k

    Dude I liked Lexi because she was my fav narrator for EzPz but now that I found out she’s a trans woman I respect her even more 🏳️‍⚧️

  • Adams Waterson
    Adams Waterson

    10:54 this moment when your sports teacher has to teach you maths. Lul

  • TowndefenderYT

    why is a guy named lexi that is torture he has a girl name

    • Astra k
      Astra k

      She’s trans gender

  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen

    sandals with socks is gud. approved by linus

  • Cross Sans
    Cross Sans

    3:08 Kakarot may have Mui but does he have the hormones to multiply

  • Josiah Alfonso
    Josiah Alfonso

    3:58 *hampter*


    Am i the only one that saw the bus with no wheels

  • Dust Sans
    Dust Sans

    This makes me want to commit a crime

  • Blakwolf21 Gaming
    Blakwolf21 Gaming

    tortilla cat was actually kinda cute

  • Daily dose of dopamine
    Daily dose of dopamine

    Positive note for everyone: Bees

  • amorio does stuff
    amorio does stuff

    4:35 wait what?

    • amorio does stuff
      amorio does stuff

      @Just an online commenter i dint know

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter


  • Franciszek Roskosz
    Franciszek Roskosz

    10:53 the guy uses a bench (?) as a ruler.

  • Ricardo Javillonar
    Ricardo Javillonar

    *Respects in bisexual*

  • Lenorr Comer
    Lenorr Comer

    7:15 I would take revenge Think about it Child: WHY DID YOU SCRIBBLE ON MY PHONE Me: Well tell me whatever on gods green earth did you draw on my PS5

  • CrucialRoom

    Emkay is just a hive mind and all the readers are just hosts

  • Nicholas Ingram
    Nicholas Ingram

    8:58 makes me want to commit die

  • Henrik Roberg
    Henrik Roberg

    the omnipotent *BIG KERMIT*

  • tear series
    tear series

    Omg Kermit ate ms. Piggy

  • nicolas villamil
    nicolas villamil

    I didn’t know if he was kidding or if it was real about the trans thing , I’m confused😳

    • Astra k
      Astra k

      She’s trans, yes

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter


  • gabe pellacore
    gabe pellacore

    thanks fore the boost

  • theQ

    Actually the horse thing at 5:10 is a real event and they dress people up as horses and do stuff like cart-pulling and hurtles

  • nugget

    1:32 Oh, so Lexi the weird part is that, despite looking exactly like a mango, the one on the left as actually an apple with a few mutations. They have the mango on the right there for comparison

  • Commando gaming
    Commando gaming

    I didn't know u were trans 🤗congratulations 🤗

  • What’s supp Doveees productions
    What’s supp Doveees productions

    4:02 *hampter*

  • the unmaker
    the unmaker

    I love how Lexi doesn’t even realize the shitty freaza cosplay

  • Argol228

    the 1st few times I heard lexi, I found her voice grating, but now she is my favourite. Though why did you go for standard alien joke WHEN THERE IS A ROOM FULL OF FREIZA

  • slimysid 666
    slimysid 666



    H A M P T E R

  • Sapphire Crimson Claw
    Sapphire Crimson Claw

    I loved Lexie's narration even before I knew she was trans. Now excuse me while I crush massively.

  • Emelia Proctor
    Emelia Proctor

    Anyone else get really excited when you hear Lexi’s voice? I do. I love any video when she narrates . When I hear her voice I just unintentionally squeal .

    • Emelia Proctor
      Emelia Proctor

      @• LizFizz • Mine too.

    • • LizFizz •
      • LizFizz •

      Ikr! She's my favorite narrator lol

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6

    8:04 Dr. Mobius would be proud

  • Illogical Thinking
    Illogical Thinking

    6:52 plz delete. this should not exist ever. olives are not allowed on pinezzapples.

  • Derrick Thomas
    Derrick Thomas

    In the last picture, the teacher is using a bench as a straight edge to draw a line

  • Marshmallow Alien
    Marshmallow Alien

    4:40 Two trucks

  • Salvador Grubb-Ayers
    Salvador Grubb-Ayers

    i didnt know that she's trans and i support(edit)lexi"immpresive now set it on fire!",pulls out flamethower with milousus intent

  • The 40k Boyz
    The 40k Boyz

    Hampter was on this episode!?!?

  • Juan Pablo Peñuelas Romero
    Juan Pablo Peñuelas Romero

    3:55 hampster

  • Cheese original
    Cheese original

    I wonder why it's name is Lexi isn't that a model name just look it up literally just look it up

  • Colt Milstead
    Colt Milstead

    No the eye are the best part

    • Colt Milstead
      Colt Milstead

      But it is a delicacy in some places

    • Colt Milstead
      Colt Milstead


  • Whatever 474
    Whatever 474

    1:19 wait a minute...

  • Francisco Lizarrga Torres
    Francisco Lizarrga Torres

    *reject lexi, return to monke*

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist


  • David Beaulieu
    David Beaulieu

    Didn't know you were trans since we don't ever got to see you but makes me love you more and your sense of humor just kills me.

  • Bryan Reavis
    Bryan Reavis

    Pizza pineapple is a thing. Get over it Lexikitty.

  • StrawberrymemeZ

    smexy cheese

  • gaming paradise x_x
    gaming paradise x_x

    Is lexy a guy or tans or a girl

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      She's a trans girl

  • Nate Shima
    Nate Shima


  • Sharon Yelton
    Sharon Yelton

    that cermit voice dou-

  • RandomMemer

    4:00 h a m p t e r


    Where is Emkay?

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist


  • PikaQ 25
    PikaQ 25

    instructions unclear, milked cat.

  • عمر المقدم
    عمر المقدم


  • Old Man
    Old Man


  • Ras E
    Ras E


  • Dotjens

    The toilet could be dutch cause that brand is there

  • Copter

    OH THATS A BASEBALL (jojo ref)

  • Anden Andy
    Anden Andy

    4:00 hamter

  • IMP immediate murder professionals
    IMP immediate murder professionals

    6:48 time to make ww2 look Like a thee party

    • IMP immediate murder professionals
      IMP immediate murder professionals

      @JustNep I got a littel list

    • JustNep

      you got a lisp?

  • Ryder the Sinful
    Ryder the Sinful

    3:55 I came to the comment section to say "Hampter" but found out that Lexi is trans. You learn something new everyday. Hampter.

  • Coruscare Games
    Coruscare Games

    "Pet your cats and shake hands with your milkmen" hakdksjahdkajfhsjdhsjsfjkshfs

  • Ludwig Lennartsson
    Ludwig Lennartsson


  • Некто с Огоньком
    Некто с Огоньком

    2:38 that was russia

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist

      Everytime i see that dang pfp i just think of radience

  • Tommy Toes
    Tommy Toes

    I feel super bad I didn't know Lexi was trans and just thought she was a dude I am very sorry

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist

      Hey are ya a furry if so you are the 20th furry i have seen

  • AuraicHalo

    Those 3080 boots were from ra ra rasputin change my mind.

  • Josh Stanley
    Josh Stanley

    When everyone is dressed like Freeza for some reason

  • Jaeden Baldwin
    Jaeden Baldwin

    i love you-

  • Meboy1000


  • bertim

    4:34 i dont judge lexi but i am suprised cuz thats new and like it was weird to hear but you do u

  • Adrian Ly Ng
    Adrian Ly Ng

    I just love how Lexi flexing her vocal range to us. I love it.

  • Itmines_Playz


  • Christian Jude Berbano
    Christian Jude Berbano

    4:11 did a titan just fell off the sky and crash landed? Because that would hurt, alot

  • LazerAnimations

    7:47 "its not enough"

  • That one guy Productions 2 • 69 years ago
    That one guy Productions 2 • 69 years ago

    I have gotten this video recommended to me so many times. I am finally watching it

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug

    4:36 Fuck, I'm a trans *guy* and that looks comfy as hell

  • SuperGabeStar

    3:08 when I have to take over namek, but I get a coffee at Starbucks before I do. For anyone who doesn’t watch dragon ball z, you won’t understand. For the people who do, you know you I’m taking about.

  • MTHW.

    I'm confused does Lexi think frieza is a robot? I mean those costumes don't look like anything really so maybe it makes sense

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima

    The closest I got to getting in the top three of sports day in primary was in the last time I got to take part in it, I got fourth place! I'm so proud of myself for getting that far

  • 2Sense

    "You all need yo go pet your cats and shake hands with your milk men." ... ...? OHHHHHHH

  • Liam Saxbury
    Liam Saxbury

    I just want better internet that’s all I want

  • Mãngõ_Qùëēn34

    People say robin is great honestly Lexi is my favorite narrator. She is great at narrating this channel.

  • Boyfriend dot xml
    Boyfriend dot xml

    I like how Lexi makes a joke about Aliens at the Frieza Café but she isn't wrong Frieza is technically an alien to Earth.

  • Jay Apple
    Jay Apple

    Wait am I the only one who didn't know Lexi was trans?-

  • B R U H
    B R U H

    2:07 *Mayonaise?-*

  • Xarestrill

    10:44 This reminds me of the bathroom in my second apartment. It was flooded to an inch and a half for over 6 months because the landlady didn't want to call the plumber to replace a seal on the toilet.

  • Bibi bibigun
    Bibi bibigun

    No one, not a single soul anyone with the name Lexi “What’s up sexy? My name is Lexi!”

  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott

    I just got an advert for an element