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  • James Lassalle
    James Lassalle

    5:10 The Blue Guy is Nolik from the Fixies (pin me to spread the word)

  • The Aeronaut
    The Aeronaut

    Ah. That windows remote is meant to be shoved into an expresscard slot(idk why i just found it when looking for stuff for an old laptop). Thats why its a weird shape and has a windows logo

  • Brandy Hooper
    Brandy Hooper

    Uh, is the alien Mary thing made out of ramen? Cause it looks like it's made out of ramen.

  • Archer Cretan
    Archer Cretan

    That COVID poster was for harbour town which is this awesome shopping centre in Adelaide, Australia

  • Powerango V
    Powerango V

    They're not even gonna mention the dolphin head guy is named lion... Edit: 11:41 is timestamp

  • Gunner

    1:21 If he gets fired again he will either have a new job cause he was fired from unemployment or he will be *dead*

  • Deutscher Alpha
    Deutscher Alpha

    Uhhh EmKay? 😂 Kanada is Canada in german lol

  • Shaun Yap
    Shaun Yap

    1:07 "Darkstar EP: Made to Measure" it's pretty neat when you figure it out, but that doesn't mean it's good

  • TheLastFoxy

    7:33 Thats the german name for Canada im german myself and just had to google it because i only use the English name Happy day from germany :)

  • Underfell XY
    Underfell XY

    1:08 does anyone know what it says?

  • Robert

    Pizzv time

  • A channel that is useless
    A channel that is useless

    Pizz time sounds like "piss time" ;-;

  • bluethefox music
    bluethefox music

    8:00 that remote is for the now defunct windows media center and was to control it windows media center had a windows 7 logo with a green ring and started back in windows xp. thank me later.

  • Vixo garces 682
    Vixo garces 682

    Pizzp time

  • Wax That Curb
    Wax That Curb

    9:39 those are swear stains, take off your sheets and look on your bed it’s disgusting

  • drazendosen10

    7:26 It is not expensive it is 40 hrk which is about 7 dollars if I'm right

  • Kaan Aydoğan
    Kaan Aydoğan

    7:29 The page is written in Turkish, Canada is written as Kanada in Turkish...

  • Miyuki Shirogane
    Miyuki Shirogane

    7:27 actualy that is turkish language .we spell Canada as a Kanada

  • C

    10:42 Oh, it took me WAY too long to figure out that that wasn't two different images.

  • stupid stuff
    stupid stuff


  • Your dank meme dealer
    Your dank meme dealer

    Pizzv time!

  • Bryan Reavis
    Bryan Reavis

    Day 3 of telling Robin he's not funny and this isn't his personal soapbox.

  • Derp Howard
    Derp Howard

    I know where they got the hook one at the red bud YMCA

  • cos im up right now
    cos im up right now

    is emkay different people?

    • i don't exist
      i don't exist


  • donald12998

    That ATM could have a card skimmer placed over it.

  • Not A Name
    Not A Name


  • pokebrouserkat

    7:56 i have that. It’s for a windows laptop LOL

  • Lomik FC
    Lomik FC

    You can wright Canada as kanada in norwegian stil not normal doe but yeah

  • sauce shit
    sauce shit

    7:29 thats turkish tho

  • Aoi Hoshiko
    Aoi Hoshiko

    I honestly wanna see a battle between canada and kanada now

  • Andreas Bill
    Andreas Bill

    If you are ignorant, words in other languages than your own are examples of crappy design

  • Starcode_ Unformala
    Starcode_ Unformala

    How I look in the morning 4:17

  • Rory Coverdale
    Rory Coverdale

    1:14- Darkstar EP Made To Measure

  • Nickster99

    Bruh I got the perfect ad on the Toyota thing and it said I'm lucky enough mine has cuts strait to add that starts by saying modern life

  • Lil’ Red Crewmate
    Lil’ Red Crewmate


  • Tanmay Pulicherla
    Tanmay Pulicherla

    You wanna drink some refreshing Pizz, bro? It's our latest patented product! The yellow coloring is all natural, none of that artifical stuff-

  • Waitwhat847

    Where's the old voice actor

  • PhilFilmt

    Fun Fact: The „Virtual HDMI-adapter“ actually is a thing. Many graphics cards work only / better in e.g. Bitmining, if they recognize a display on the output. But yeah, they failed the pic anyways.

  • Herrerasaurus Pack
    Herrerasaurus Pack

    I actually live in the city where the SpingS station sign is, it’s a sew blocks from my house. I screamed when I saw it in the video. (The city is Louisville)

  • Kari Taylor
    Kari Taylor

    Pizz time

  • adryanj2013 roblox
    adryanj2013 roblox

    Okay kids let's go to PIZZ place

  • Doofus Productions
    Doofus Productions

    Pizzv Time! BNLEARSFT

  • Meriem Brasse
    Meriem Brasse

    They used the plant to make the drawer XD the plant grew into a tree they cutter and made a new drawer XD but the ball doesn't fit in the drawer so it said outside but at least the room is clean now so no complains

  • frogqueen

    5:06 Whilst the top pair of tentacles should be the eyes, not the lower which are it's 'nose', snails do in-fact have four head tentacles.

  • Nicolò Clementi
    Nicolò Clementi

    “Pizz time!” **Strings Gang liked this element**

  • KaanGaming

    7:28 Canada in Turkish is "Kanada". And the rest of this is also written in Turkish.

  • zyzy

    the "Kanada" that is how... we say Canada..... in my language. Am i evil?

  • Dumb Fox
    Dumb Fox

    I actually have the same headband headphones I used them for sleeping with music

  • Nofew Fudtefcity
    Nofew Fudtefcity

    That mess of letters says "Darkstar: Made to Measure". Dunno what the EP is for, but I read it! =D! -- Also, that opening shot with the mute switch, means to turn mute on or off. I read it immediately and agree that it's correctly labeled. I think like 1/3rd of these images are just EmKay intentionally pretending to not get it so we get to feel smart compared to them. This'll get buried, right?

  • jocers

    From whai can tell, the message with the letters and the confusing arrows says "darkstar ep msde to measure". I dunno tho. Good puzzle tho.

  • Victor Sjöstedt
    Victor Sjöstedt

    That pie chart adds up to 140 %, and pie charts are designed for mutually exclusive options. Either the designer is stupid or the person who ordered it didn’t know what to ask for.

  • Terpster77

    I don’t think I like the crappy design on the thumbnail, it says something,

  • LuigiAmateur

    Pi... wait a minute...

  • Aadarsh Jena
    Aadarsh Jena

    4:23 I’M DEAD lmao

  • Stahlflower Animation 'n Art
    Stahlflower Animation 'n Art

    Chinese is like Japanese just the complex symbols only.

    • Stahlflower Animation 'n Art
      Stahlflower Animation 'n Art

      @Doctor Birdy Right

    • Doctor Birdy
      Doctor Birdy

      So kanji?

  • Krki 12
    Krki 12

    7:21 thts not that expensive im from croatia and its about 7 bucks

  • narko bob
    narko bob

    7:27 its actually like 40 cents (30ish)

  • Cyclops

    Who is is here before it changed to “PIZZ TIME” from “PIZZV TIME”

  • Mr. Garbage
    Mr. Garbage


  • Joey Matthew
    Joey Matthew

    If that just flipped the the pizza it would say pizza time

  • Hatice Altınay
    Hatice Altınay

    7:29 that's how we spell it in Turkish and it's written in Turkish ik its scary :0

  • tanaka parungao
    tanaka parungao


  • Hydroxy Chloroquine
    Hydroxy Chloroquine

    MASKS DO NOT WORK! If your channel makes one more attempt to virtue signal it's way on to my face I will unsubscribe faster than the left can cry wolf...and that's really fast.

  • Lemon Limes
    Lemon Limes

    6:30 my parents actually bought me that for Christmas so I can sleep with headphones but I have to keep adjusting it to fit only one ear because it won’t fit both and when they do, one side is louder than the other

  • mail jack
    mail jack

    the pizz from homestar runner is real now guys as pizz time

  • Popfoxlux

    Roses are red The heccs 711 Can someone please read 1:07

  • Chance Logan
    Chance Logan

    actually blood in a cough is a covid symptom or a complication of symptoms

  • Guen - Yun
    Guen - Yun

    11:26 Women just use this so guys try to read the text out of curiosity and it looks like they're looking at their boobs

  • Kayla Cook
    Kayla Cook

    Pizz 🍕 time

  • Zoofy Zoof
    Zoofy Zoof

    Literally anything: *_doesn't read left to right_* r/crappydesign: WOAH GUYS LOOK AT THIS IT'S TOTALLY BAD DESIGN WOAH

  • Roxanne Paine
    Roxanne Paine

    7:54 I remember that remote, it goes to a Windows vista gaming laptop.

  • Lasse R.
    Lasse R.

    That remote came with old HP laptops, it controlled windows media center or whatever it was called - or so I think? I never used it

  • Frank Hornsby
    Frank Hornsby

    You can cough blood with covid if you cough enough or have serious coughing fits

  • JelloItsMe

    “Dark star EP made to measure” is what I got from that mess...I want to know what that was really meant to say because I think we at least deserve that :/

  • Dan’s Day’s Exploding cake gamers
    Dan’s Day’s Exploding cake gamers

    Spiderman: it’s pizza time. Me: no no no no. It’s pizz time

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins

    2:24 "I was lucky that my old Toyota Corolla even came with-" Ad: "Cheeze-it Grooves!"

  • HappyBunnyNightmares

    That pizza slice should have been upside down

  • GamerGirl Miller
    GamerGirl Miller

    Now seeing that first picture you can easily fix it with black paint

  • Rick Astly
    Rick Astly

    Pizz time? Did you mean PISS time

  • Survil 321
    Survil 321

    8:04 that is media controller. I have it in my laptop too. It is used to play/pause music etc.

  • ItsMeHere

    1:32 how is that crappy design? It looks like crappy maintenance to me because it looks like the icons have been rubbed off of the what looks like rubber rollers.

  • D3add3d

    6:04 that's actually a valid product... some graphics cards *cough* nVidia *cough* don't like to work in a headless environment, one way to trick them to work is that thing, it just pretends there is a display plugged in so you can use the card remotely... but yeah, it's flipped the wrong way

  • koki秘

    7:25 it's not expensive, its not 40 dollars it's 40 kuna's witch is 6,4 dollars.

  • Alex Meerburg
    Alex Meerburg

    omg okay so that weird remote is from a laptop, more specifically the HP Pavilion Dv5 and it was for windows media player.

  • Professional Playa
    Professional Playa

    Pizz🍕 time the pizza I put there is the A

  • Linkcraft99

    At least in German, Canada is spelled with k, but i do not know about other languages.

  • Annoying Dog
    Annoying Dog

    Pizz more like *fucking piss*

  • SwaggerFTW

    7:25 actually thats like 40 cents not 40 dollars lol

  • oguz emre tektas
    oguz emre tektas

    I think the problem with Canada one was the map, because that is the correct spelling of Canada in Turkish.

  • Angdwto

    Congratulations Robin, r/despicabledesign now exist and it's your fault. Do the responsible thing and read through it.

  • igor mehandziski
    igor mehandziski

    4:22 that kid looks like she never left Chernobyl.

  • kozapazdan

    7:23 its not that expensive bc photo was taken from polish shop where they use zlotuwki or something like this

  • clapdrop

    2:02 - Can someone confirm that the text is about 'exponentials with a negative base'?

  • Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio
    Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    Canada us pronounced differently in other languages. Same for my land, Germany. We don't call it Germany. We call it Deutschland

  • Arterexius

    This subreddit is the reason why design is an education and "not just something anyone can do". Get a designer. This shit is despicable

  • Sergio Carrasco Turiégano
    Sergio Carrasco Turiégano

    um. the onlyyourdogcanhearit meme doesnt make sense, cuz those words ARENT real in spanish even, AND AM SPANISH, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! hint:ñ

  • Channel Nobody Watches
    Channel Nobody Watches

    6:22 ............ I am currently wearing that exact product to watch this video so exCUSE you! >:(

  • Leah Beck
    Leah Beck

    It's not just a banana It's a banana with a mini gun

  • Sean Lu
    Sean Lu

    Girls: how do boys not get our signals Their signals: 0:00

  • Weebernator

    11:40 No one else noticed the "Lion" was a dolphin?