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  • Axel Kula
    Axel Kula

    Ugh you didn’t insert this all into my brain so I didn’t have to watch it? HOW DARE YOU

  • Theo Cotter
    Theo Cotter


  • Denise doei
    Denise doei

    I'm gonna forward this entire video to the next person that tries to employ my work for "exposure"

  • Cat Lady858
    Cat Lady858

    i never thought about having someone do something for free. time, anyone's time is valuable even if they volunteer to help you with something you should offer them either money or food or something in exchange. at least that's how i was raised. i even tip the plumber i know he's charging me enough but he doesn't over charge me and seems really grateful to get any extra. so i am glad to pay it though i am living below poverty level myself!

  • Ai4 mx
    Ai4 mx

    Youre an impressive feature 🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Panglow76

    R/choosingbeggers in a nutshell: 1:Wow your art is amazing I want some. 2:Ok so how about maybe 60$ per drawing? 1:Wow you’re so rude and your art is garbage I never wanted it anyway.

  • CuddlyBubbles 69
    CuddlyBubbles 69

    “The world doesn’t owe you a living” what would be me if i was the other person: neither does the world owe YOU a living!

  • Samuel T
    Samuel T

    Anybody gonna talk about how he used 44/100 instead of 100/44

  • Jasian1001

    um you wanna do that hourly salary maths again?

  • Tzerurah McRath
    Tzerurah McRath

    I'd call you sexy.

  • Neon

    Jack you are a piece of shh

  • Kiya Rei
    Kiya Rei

    God, people are dickheads. They sell at stuff the price they chose for a reason, stop trying to force the seller to sell it for cheaper or for free. Nothing in life is free, Karen.

  • Blazing Productions
    Blazing Productions

    my sister does art and is starting commissions i pray to god she doesn't have to deal with these kind of people any time soon

  • Unlimited power
    Unlimited power

    Its 100/44

  • Fancy

    2:27 I'm dying

  • Ellen 2
    Ellen 2

    3:05 - 11 and a half, lol. one and a half

  • Iam Gömböc
    Iam Gömböc

    I bet most of these are jokes.

  • BunnyBe MakeUp
    BunnyBe MakeUp

    I’m sorry Emkay but you are really bad at maths hahaha it should have been 100/44 and the age is one and a half not eleven and a half :)))

  • Shira Nai
    Shira Nai

    8:25 when you forget to censor the name of "Hi Black". His name is Rosh

  • Chase Hollingsworth
    Chase Hollingsworth

    This entire time I was being stressed about not being stressed

  • Kitsune Tails25
    Kitsune Tails25

    “The world doesnt owe you a living.” Me: the world doesnt owe you free shit either

  • Schmubärchi

    That 0,44dollar/hour math is a little off u know xD Made me laugh lol

  • Time Art
    Time Art

    2:00 yooo that artist is Brae!, he is such an amazing and talented artist, and if you got even a chance to get a slot when he opens commissions, you truly are lucky. And tbh I hope they cut the internet off for that choosing beggar

  • Jaythepizza

    Kids that bitch about getting the iPhone 11 plus instead of the iPhone 12 piss me off. I’ve had the 6S for a few years, and it works fine. Don’t need to upgrade if it works

  • Tarasus's Humvids
    Tarasus's Humvids

    1:55 Braeburned detected

  • Vahlsten

    More people in the world really need to be STABBED IN THE FUCKING FACE 20 times...

  • Renee Ngozi
    Renee Ngozi

    Did Jake at 2:58 say 1 1/2 Is eleven to two bc it's one and a half

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo

    1:57 when your a Furry >.>

  • tainted truffle
    tainted truffle

    I would apply for the dog one. free doggo to snuggle and give back. hell yes

  • TheFreddy Show
    TheFreddy Show

    Choosing beggars be like: WHAT??? YOU WANT TO BE *PAYED* FOR YOUR WORK??? **gags and coughs in disgust** WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???

  • wyatt the votanater
    wyatt the votanater

    We need an r/idioticpeople, accualy, r/choosingbeggers is like the same

  • Terrain

    3:27 you calculated hours per dollar, the actual value is 100/44=2.272727... dollars an hour

  • Liggliluff

    (3:20) _> p._ You do know that the / stand for per? hours per week = h/wk kilometer per hour = km/h megabit per second = Mb/s frames per second = Hz

  • Danny RG
    Danny RG

    This was painful to watch

  • nonfb

    12:38 *Active in r/Acid, r/LSD and r/trees* I see where the money is going...

  • Tudor Stoica
    Tudor Stoica

    As someone probably said already, it is not 44/100, it is 100/44, so about 2.2 or 2.3 dolars. Still, that is very low.

  • Ein Mensch
    Ein Mensch

    Never do math in a video! :D

  • Happy Gamer 500
    Happy Gamer 500

    That’s not how math works. 2.28 dollars an hour not 44 cents. Sry I just had too.

  • Shiku theTempest
    Shiku theTempest

    3:30 Jack. Jack that's not how math works. You divide the 100 by 44, not the other way around. You sweet innocent child. XD

  • MagicNether 9006
    MagicNether 9006

    "You want money to work?!" Then why don't you do it?... "Uhhhh, ugh have a good day!"

  • Mal's Games
    Mal's Games

    even my babysitting is 100 per day 3 or 2 times a week

  • Papaindica

    The math is wrong but anyways....

  • Vokun Do Fin Nil
    Vokun Do Fin Nil

    Damn, Kyle

  • PushForIce

    As someone who does actual dog sitting , I have been asked to do it for free so many times. My next door neighbor of 10 years still (tries) to pay me. My prices are super low since I more or less do it for fun and have another job already. If you can’t afford 5 dollars for a full day how are u affording that dog in the first place.

  • O Y F U M
    O Y F U M

    Me: “doesn’t buy Minecraft and downloads tlauncher.” Me: “maybe I am a choosing beggar.”

  • hansdietrich83

    3:30 congratulations, you calculated hours per dollar, not dollars per hour...


    Artist: it'll be 30 bucks Beggar: 30 bucks? I will not pay 30 bucks or even better i will NOT pay at all

  • April Sloan
    April Sloan

    They need more subs

  • Justin_Time_ For_Fun_
    Justin_Time_ For_Fun_

    1:46 to anyone who wanna know, his name is Braeburned on Twitter and other sources.

  • Water Wolf
    Water Wolf

    2:59 that says 1 1/2. But just really close together

  • frog

    I honestly feel bad for artists that spend hours making things just for people to barrage them for requesting a pay

  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy

    If every single artist you talk to is asking to be paid Then maybe- and here’s a thought- YOU’RE the one in the wrong

  • Eyesore Gaming
    Eyesore Gaming

    As someone who has a PlayStation, psvr setup, 5 controllers, and a crap ton of games, that post hurt because they were already getting a hella good deal.

  • Felix Smith
    Felix Smith

    Kyle's a real king. Taking no shit.

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX

    3:35 I'm not so high to miss EmKay's awful Math. 100 dollars divided by 44 hours is 2.25ish an hour, not 0.44

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog

    "he'll be about eleven to two by then"

  • Rew Rises
    Rew Rises

    Dude the last one, what the actual fuck?

  • The Manifest Mage
    The Manifest Mage

    That gum tree one sounded strangely like Randy Feltface... You aint slick, EmKay!

  • Inky Octo
    Inky Octo

    They need to just change the subreddits name to artistsfeelingpain

  • Crispy Content
    Crispy Content

    Mmm I sense a German accent, no?

  • Hamish West
    Hamish West

    2:37 i have a pal named kyle who works at optus. mad respect for anyone who puts up with this stuff

    • Caiti ♡
      Caiti ♡

      You should message him and ask if that was him, haha

  • Random User
    Random User


  • justin anderson
    justin anderson

    3:30 ...who taught you math?

  • jaymi xo
    jaymi xo

    in what society are people actually paid for their work/time/effort?? ridiculous

  • sad catt
    sad catt

    8:59 if you can afford weekly vacations, why can't you afford for babysitting your dog?

  • benjamin tu
    benjamin tu

    I finished the math before EmKay so yay!!........ oh wait I'm asian

  • SnakeToes • 15 years ago
    SnakeToes • 15 years ago

    3:35 are you ok in the head?

  • narc_potato

    12:26 I'm watching this on an iPhone 6. stfu

  • obraxi5

    Jack is the best at impressions for various annoying characters in these posts

  • Golden Dragon
    Golden Dragon

    Me whose a furry: (1:45) ah.. I immediately know who this is, and dang I didn’t knew this happened

    • omega 0831
      omega 0831

      haha same

  • Olimar Jones
    Olimar Jones

    This is why I refuse to do art commissions.

  • Ale Red
    Ale Red

    I like your voice :b

  • Combo Breaker
    Combo Breaker

    3:21 that's some USA education level math right there

  • Nishanth Suthan
    Nishanth Suthan

    When Jack said "I am what many call an annoying piece of sh**" I felt that.

  • fxshy

    at the start i thought that it was lexi lmfao

  • ItsOnlyJoey

    **laughs in untalented**

  • Pug - Stash
    Pug - Stash

    1:03 This is the equivalent for wanting to work at a place, And not getting paid.

  • Useless Man
    Useless Man

    12:40 "active in acid, LDS and trees" yeh, that's what i'd expect from them

  • Maxïmum

    Acutally if you agree to : "Art is worth what people pay for" you must agree to "PS5 are worth what people pay for" which would mean that scalpers are not a bad thing If you diseagree with the second you must diseagree with the first one

    • Mike MikeN
      Mike MikeN

      Your false equivalency aside, EVERYTHING is worth what people are willing to pay for it.

  • Thisisasupersayin3

    I've definitely heard of "I'll pay you in exposure" but "I'll pay you in puppy cuddles" is a new one

  • Neffels

    Uhm 100dollars for 44 hours of work is a bit over 2 dollars an hour? Its still a horrible wage (even tho its close to min wage where i live)

  • Mirko Pojmaevich
    Mirko Pojmaevich

    3:30 my man doing meth not math

  • Danijel Šarac
    Danijel Šarac

    I legit thought that Lexi was narrating for the first 10 sec

  • Zchieo

    8:48 Oh shit the person name has been leaked it is ####

  • deathkight49

    11:52 so basically this FATHER is wanting a 24-30 year old Woman to live in his house with his daughter with negotiable rent, bringing only items, sounds like a pervert

  • Jacob

    I'd never ask an artist to go for 'exposure' or free if they have clearly defined prices I WOULD ask them to lower if they are charging like 200 for something they can do in a day though

  • Swarnalata Das
    Swarnalata Das

    This is why I'd Like Selective Breeding.

  • Fywus _
    Fywus _

    if you make 44/100 you don't have 44 cent per hour, you have one dollar per 0,44 hours, it would be around two dollars an hour, which is still ridiculous


    I love how you call pingases impressive features

  • Carmen Batchelor
    Carmen Batchelor

    when my dad was selling his old car he got quite a few offers, but the one that really stood out was the dude who wanted my dad to put it on hold for him for weed

  • V Needs help
    V Needs help

    5:25 this....wow

  • young kim
    young kim

    Man idk I think it's the right thing to pay the artist for their work and out of common courtesy to share their page with friends and loved ones. It's not hard to do lol.

  • Bound C. Napalm
    Bound C. Napalm

    I can't get over the fact that people compare players recording clips as opposed to an artist making art. To put it briefly, there's some chief differences between the two. Artists DESIGN things. In other words, they can be the creators of the games, or make their own original art not meant to be part of a game. It's obvious when art is bad, and while there's people out there who do like bad art, I've never really met anyone (oh my closed in life) who hated good art for their own reasons (now that I've said this, there's going to be people who do just to be the snarky dicks in my replies who say "I hate good art because xyz"). Gamers collecting clips is not NEARLY as much of.. Well an artform. Keep in mind that a LARGE AMOUNT of the clips you can find on the internet not being used as background footage, are specific moments taken from a wider, more boring series of games. Typically, the stuff that people really like are the stupid things. Glitches, dumb moments, etc. Plus, bad players are a fair bit more popular for some reason. Guess people like to see them suck. There is obviously exceptions, but people love to see stupid things happen on games, see trashtalkers get owned. If this comparison is allowed to exist, then I am allowed to call cakes (Yes that stuff with that actually good frosting) a "Non-Meat pie".

  • Vali


  • X Riggle
    X Riggle

    Hi jack! first time hearing you!

  • rebelious religion
    rebelious religion

    wait this isnt r slash...

  • Riot !
    Riot !

    One time I got asked if I could make some concept thingy I honestly don’t know, they had promised to pay me (in the currency the app held-) once I was done, And I worked for 2 days to get shit right based off loose strings and details. Once I finished they insulted my work and never ended up paying me- s o -

  • Isabel smart
    Isabel smart

    It's 100/44 not 44/100


    Shouldn't if be 100/44, to get the hourly price??

  • 1stTime (Yes I'm Global)
    1stTime (Yes I'm Global)

    damn dude your maths are lacking