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  • PersonaLover249- Gacha Life Mini Movies and More!
    PersonaLover249- Gacha Life Mini Movies and More!

    I don't get how among us is fellow kids material, it's a great game!

  • Misaki Sakakibara
    Misaki Sakakibara

    Tbh, 4:58 triggered my Trypophobia :"(

  • Meme-Made Productions
    Meme-Made Productions

    Among us: *becomes popular* Every advertisement in existence: I can milk you

  • Zoria Dorito
    Zoria Dorito

    I checked out the “happy hits” playlist. I listen to everything from heavy metal to folk, and this was just piano and old country

  • What’s Kraken
    What’s Kraken

    11:03 How they gonna do my man slimecicle like that

  • NaruChan UwU
    NaruChan UwU

    “it’s because today is yet another boring day” **wifi dies**

  • Alan Nguyen
    Alan Nguyen

    I've stubbed my pinky toe so many times at this point it no longer hurts.

  • Mystical Wafflez
    Mystical Wafflez

    #cool beans

  • VincentVanGoghAway01

    The use of amoung us in the ads for a school has horrible connotations

  • SFA_Metalguard

    a mgus co l

  • Parker Anson
    Parker Anson

    I love how Among Us became the new cringy Facebook meme

  • Starman

    When boomers don’t try to fit in: ok boomer When boomers try to fit in:

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Minion memes are now dead, among us memes next

  • Duk of Lies
    Duk of Lies

    Tbh that 2020 pun was good

  • Jordan Winders
    Jordan Winders

    Ok the police department is trying. Give them some slack.

  • Trollface

    9:25 alright i cant really blame em here, because the noob is basically part of the roblox community now, in a poimt where they are just going for the fans of their plstaform, and not trying to get in new people


    0:45 Emkay, it means that the first week of January, the person was on a diet, thus explaining the salad. Now, on the second week of January, another person is eating a burger, signifying that they're fat.

  • Someone Who is alive
    Someone Who is alive

    A mongoose is kool kids

  • Thajocoth

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Oil?

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    All them Among Us memes are *Sus*

  • Bleflar

    Someone needs to pass a law forbidding the use of memes by companies. Please.

  • Thehuntr

    2:50 CORAAL

  • Lena Landmine
    Lena Landmine

    During this video, I got to watch the amazing ad of Slotomania where John Freaking Goodman plays someone's poor fingertip and his life is turned around after the owner of that finger downloads the incredible game of Slotomania.. what.. the actual.. Goodman..

  • Hertz Donut Studios
    Hertz Donut Studios

    10:40 OMG yes!!

  • Ellen 2
    Ellen 2

    So the 2nd one is supposed to be about how they eat healthy (to try to stick with their new year's resolution) and then give up by the second week.

  • Anonymous Bat
    Anonymous Bat

    13:45 the only therapy that convinces people to end their life

  • Just_Another_Person_Who_Likes_Pokemon

    I kept thinking the cringe in cool beans but I can't stop say cool beans

  • D,J ,Trump
    D,J ,Trump

    14:27 You’re lucky that my mother didn’t hear that because she has 1 glass a day. (At least that’s what she says)

  • KissyStar

    lexi is a bad narrator tho

  • Mr Kater
    Mr Kater

    Im soooooooooooo goddam happy you defended the teachers seeing my parents suffer under Corona isnt reallY nice

  • Spagett Geeuhraf
    Spagett Geeuhraf

    Robin: “what’s up ladies gentlemen and everybody in between” Me: “ I am not either of those or between them I have surpassed manhood

  • First Name Last name
    First Name Last name

    That kid that is just saying 'fricking legend'

  • ViskaDrake

    InnerSloth, I love you guys, but Among Us was a mistake.

  • ViskaDrake

    The January weeks 1 and 2 is pretty obviously supposed to be a joke on New Year resolutions. A ton of people make theirs to lose weight, but give up within the first week.

  • Lilith Evans
    Lilith Evans

    Alternative for Spotify: SoundCloud

  • Aiden Randall
    Aiden Randall



    Make play lists on youtube for music.

  • Sister Samich
    Sister Samich


  • NG games
    NG games

    7:23- I'm from Israel, I wanna see it. WHERE IS IT?

  • Parker Nunnally
    Parker Nunnally

    I love how when they were talking about the hydrant thing, I got an ad for a water purifier

  • TWN mikecrete7
    TWN mikecrete7

    9:07 GREEK AD LETS GOOOO....wait........

  • sir chumk
    sir chumk


  • Secret Names
    Secret Names

    ...I kinda liked the 20/20 vision one. Guess I'm a boomer finishing his senior year of high school

  • Karis The Kitty
    Karis The Kitty

    5:56 honestly I would hang that up in my room- that crap is actually kinda funny

  • legendary 99
    legendary 99


  • Waluigi Gonna Win
    Waluigi Gonna Win

    14:44 Do Not Believe Their Lies I did not dab for that photo Dab is Dead

  • Ella Cunningham
    Ella Cunningham

    i could hear my nonbinary friend squeak from miles away when you said "and everyone in-between" edit: nooooo the meme that takeoff energy used was the scene where that kids mom died and the man was crying cuz it was his wife thats not cool takeoff energy...

  • Marie

    Robin, I appreciate the "everything in between" so much. I feel seen. Thank you.

  • DareToBeDeviant

    I love this channel but fuck this video. The new-age made up vocabulary makes this unwatchable. R.I.P (proper) American English

  • cheem

    0:49 new years resolution to eat healthy

  • I Crack My Nokia • 50 Years ago
    I Crack My Nokia • 50 Years ago

    Boomers trying to be millennials

  • NotLogicalNailNailyBitchTits

    Doing bad things isn't poggers

  • Krispy Bacon
    Krispy Bacon

    This isn't related but why are all of my ads in French

  • Plat

    Not gonna lie, some of these seem like they're made by middle-schoolers trying to look cool.

  • dairy


  • Clara •
    Clara •

    I like the intro 👌🏻👌🏻



  • Keter Class
    Keter Class

    Wait, Lexi is trans? Good for her! So am I

  • Cracker County
    Cracker County

    Write a story with emojis? Vampire emoji, earth emoji, donut emoji.

  • Bacteriophagebs

    Pinky toes are crumple zones for your feet.

  • Eian James
    Eian James

    Not trying to be that guy but... You dont have to be rich to buy bitcoin, you can just buy a fraction of a bitcoin

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    11:47 Honestly, I like this one because A. It's going toward a very, very good cause B. It was made a lot more bearable a couple years ago when SorrowTV absolutely _nailed_ Rick's voice. Edit: When Robin said "If you want to talk about such a seriously topic, maybe don't use memes and humor, because, you know, it's SUCH A SERIOUS TOPIC." I...kind of started to question my whole original comment.

  • Arcanine-Espeon

    11:25 They could have at least had the -god- -Arceus- Mew-damn decency to use Professor Oak or even Professor Willow instead. At least he would be an adult on a proportional body, you know? 😵

  • B08 Hernandez, Marc Gabriel
    B08 Hernandez, Marc Gabriel

    Among us are the new minion memes

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme


  • Perve TUBE
    Perve TUBE

    13:12 I did this it's not that bad.

  • Super Shafs
    Super Shafs

    Wait, isn't this a reupload? I could've sworn this was from a year ago, except without the among us memes

  • Leonid Katunin
    Leonid Katunin

    Sec+ Gang, Comptia in da 🏠

  • Jerome Yabut
    Jerome Yabut

    In the beginning i literally hear king dice's theme in cuphead

  • Blakwolf21 Gaming
    Blakwolf21 Gaming

    I don't believe I've ever actually cringed physically before the Oppa ad... wow... then the video played on

  • Locksharpe

    Not gonna lie, I kinda like the screwed up "how're you feeling today" cats

  • MegaAstroFan18

    Robin is such a bore, damn. Some of these are actually genuinely funny. At least we know how to get rid of Robin as a customer should the desire ever cross you.

  • Surge

    7:07 so no one’s gonna talk about why a French person and two uk people follow a us account for skittles?

  • CoolChickBro

    if you see a comment that says vom gen in dont press it it takes your ip and sells it

  • Deborah Maxan
    Deborah Maxan


  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random

    4:28 whelp another demonotization

  • Lee

    Teachers get an automatic pass in my opinion. They're trying to connect with their students, it's sweet.

  • 05DerpMcGerps

    Saw this vid now and heard the Bitcoin part Btw it’s like almost $60000 rn

  • Husker

    Beans are cool

  • Jaymin B
    Jaymin B

    Whenever I hear the intro I always expect an IIIIIIIMMMM MR KING DICE at the end

  • one neigh
    one neigh


  • UrUsual

    Okay guys but I have the rare "actually funny teacher that is 'hip with the kids' and actually hip with the kids". My band teacher is epic.

  • Starsten Cahl
    Starsten Cahl

    “What’s Bitcoin worth now? 30k?” *Laughs in 57.000$*

  • Samantha Wehrmeister
    Samantha Wehrmeister


  • Minty Playz__
    Minty Playz__

    I can confirm one of these is a picture I took

  • Ella Spivey
    Ella Spivey

    Some of these were so bad they were good.

  • M00NW0LF Adventures
    M00NW0LF Adventures

    At first I thought among us memes were funny... But I think they are dead now. But my friend/classmate Joey doesn’t. Please save me from him. He scares me.

  • Michael Carey
    Michael Carey

    CBR is so garbage, their worse than PedoEra, Kotaku, and Buzzfeed

  • Random Eevee
    Random Eevee

    Noone gonna talk about Robin including people that don't identify as one of the genders female and male in the intro? I honestly think this is great and more people should do this

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert


    • Just me
      Just me

      @Olivia Lambert oh makes since but I type now --- dog

    • Olivia Lambert
      Olivia Lambert

      @Just me I was just to lazy to edit the comment again lol

    • Just me
      Just me

      @Olivia Lambert why you talk to yourself

    • Olivia Lambert
      Olivia Lambert


  • Alexander Steel
    Alexander Steel

    Let it be known that meme times product does not equal good

  • Sonic Kirbys
    Sonic Kirbys

    0:46 I think it means your New Years Resolution about eating healthy but failing Robin

  • Lucas Live
    Lucas Live

    In November 2020 our science teacher gave us a among us google slid show...

  • Bryni Adiel
    Bryni Adiel

    Didn't they say to stop using their game for promotion? Do people not know or do they really want the attention a lawsuit would bring?

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human

    The Rick and morty one is okay because it actually seems like a rick and morty bit

  • Eclipse Sundial
    Eclipse Sundial


  • Eclipse Sundial
    Eclipse Sundial

    3:17 end my life please

  • Raccoon gaming channel
    Raccoon gaming channel

    I’m never visiting any of these shops again

  • Raccoon gaming channel
    Raccoon gaming channel

    Baby yoda? No Grogu? It’s grogu

  • Friendly Cryptid
    Friendly Cryptid

    1:36 [looks at Sonic/ Megaman themed playlist] Yeah sure this is "main stream" totally. -The Protomen.-

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