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  • Buck Stedman
    Buck Stedman

    The crap with raid i could see them trying to defend by saying "we do advertisements not sponsorships" but at the end of the day... the "we do not pay money for it" part is an obvious lie. the game must be good for them to have made enough to do that many ads, but i am so glad those "not sponsored" advertisements have died down... not quite died yet though unfortunately

  • PastelPoop Plays
    PastelPoop Plays

    it's funny how attention seeking some people are.

  • Junkie_Cosmonaut96

    I see that hurricane Harvey thing every once in awhile with a different disaster pasted on. I remember the first time I saw it and commented that it's cuz vegan food is gross and doesn't last long enough

  • EnchantedWings

    I volunteer at my local hospital. If I can wear a mask without a problem for 3/4 hours on any of my shifts or on a 2 hour journey to see my mum, anti maskers can wear a mask for 20-30 minutes.

  • Lordin Tionson
    Lordin Tionson

    If you disliked this video quit your bs

  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo

    can someone please tell me who lexy is I don't know

    • Peepee Poopoo
      Peepee Poopoo

      @Just an online commenter ok thank u

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      A narrator on the emkay channel.

  • DnD Ulitharid
    DnD Ulitharid

    Lexi those were 16.4k downvotes.

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      Those are upvotes.

  • marumarumaru

    11:50 Cheong is a Malaysian lol, idk why he is so obsessed with USA politics when he literally living in a different continent

  • Emerald

    “What’s up sexy, I’m Lexy!”

  • Lizzy Daniels
    Lizzy Daniels

    Plot twist: the first one was actually advertising a skin changing product.

  • Thrill

    Is his name Lexi or Robin?? I’m confused..

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter


  • Vixxer

    3:55 ummm, those are downvotes

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      @Vixxer If it were downvotes it would say -16.4k, the blue downvote shows that the person who took the screenshot downvoted it.

    • Vixxer

      @Just an online commenter they're blue. Upvotes are orange.

    • Just an online commenter
      Just an online commenter

      Nope, those are upvotes

  • KS_Kazugaya

    Lexi - these people look nothing alike... like at all me - are you sure about that

  • Dalia Rodríguez
    Dalia Rodríguez

    Why do i think Lexis a man?

  • LivaPedia

    Lexi is the beaniest bean and she makes me feel *sparkle*

  • Super Tynald Games
    Super Tynald Games

    3:05 well it kinda does. So the saying goes: give a man a fish and he will have food for one day, but give a man a fishing rod (at least something like that, not fluent in english) and he will have food for a lifetime.

  • Mary Maccy
    Mary Maccy

    The "H" in Horry County is silent it's pronounced "orrie" like Oreo without the final O edit: I like and subscribe so quityourbs and like my comment

  • Raccoon The Meme God
    Raccoon The Meme God

    As an anti masker people who don’t put their mask on when someone asks them I just wanna punch

  • NotLogicalNailNailyBitchTits

    tes but his teetha re the teeth his teeth are the teeth in the same could be lightning

  • Skeletron Prime
    Skeletron Prime

    10:16 Grandma got burns 😂

  • Skeletron Prime
    Skeletron Prime

    I don’t know who called Stan Lee a bigot, but I will find them and all hell is going to break loose

  • Sterling Caldwell
    Sterling Caldwell

    love it!

  • Sterling Caldwell
    Sterling Caldwell

    r/Quityourbulls**t | THIS CANNOT BE REAL

  • Spugnox Ngubcux
    Spugnox Ngubcux

    10:23 I mean, he's _technically_ not wrong. The virus can't survive for long without a living host. Still a pretty shitty thing to do, trying to deceive people into thinking this is _in any way_ a healthy "remedy".

  • Parker Botes
    Parker Botes

    0:00 that could just be lighting. It is most likely the same person.

    • eefy queefy
      eefy queefy


    • Parker Botes
      Parker Botes

      Plus look at the teeth. EXACT SAME.

  • Moonior

    The phrase "whats up sexy im lexi" is something i was never prepared for

  • papyrusplaystoo

    These people don't plan. They think about what they're going to do at exactly the next moment. This is why they always get in trouble. You see, if they'd thought a little bit further ahead, they would've seen that someone would've done research.

  • Justin McEldowney
    Justin McEldowney

    I’ve got your dad beat, my town is 136 people

  • bluco

    It didn’t brighten his skin, they just changed the contrast so his teeth look a lot more yellow in the "before" picture.

  • Scottthespy

    I mean...the nebulizer thing *is* technically correct...the virus will not continue to live in your body once you're dead...

  • Sayler

    0:36 hey I live there!

  • Lazer black
    Lazer black

    I think he is a very nice person

  • Bottom half Flinger
    Bottom half Flinger


  • username_Sn1ped ➊
    username_Sn1ped ➊

    Imagine watching this without context

  • Chocolate Boba
    Chocolate Boba

    I follow Lexi on TikTok and every time she does the intro I say “what’s up sexy I’m Lexi and this is Lexi re....ohhh”

  • UnlinkedSpoon65


  • enoughofyourkoicarp

    To be fair, if you destroy your lung tissue with h2o2 vapour you will have a hard time getting viruses, just saying...

  • TheRedPandaCat

    6:11 Rural America is actually just corn and cows

  • Hunter Denning
    Hunter Denning

    6:24 lowkey looks like breezewood Pennsylvania

  • Liggliluff

    (4:45) Lying about advertisement is illegal in many places.

  • Jobie Tench
    Jobie Tench

    It's been mostly Lexi recently. Can't say I'm mad.

  • The Major
    The Major

    I've never worn a face mask for protection against the can't kill anyone under the age of gonna die in a couple days anyways, and I've been out in public everyday, and felt healthy each day, I work as a janitor cleaning up after all the retards throwing their fucking face masks everywhere, except in the trash bins, also I work at a fucking Train Station, and the most trafficked one in my entire county, which is the most population dense county in my nation, only 3 people that work there have gotten the virus, 3 of my friends, and out of like 30 workers there, and all the homeless who basically stay there all day, I'd say that's a really small percentage that got sick, however as they weren't retards they stayed home when they were sick, to as to not spread it. Like anyone else with some common sense would do, if ya sick stay at home. Keep your distances, that's all you need, don't touch anything, and everything is gonna be alright, and those face masks, won't protect you or anyone else for that matter, they're pretty useless. And that's a scientific fact, because the main zone for infection is your eyes, and last time I checked your eyes aren't protected by a shitty face mask that doesn't cover your eyes, I've seen people use actual gas masks, and I approve of that, because they provide full protection, but a normal paper mask or cloth mask, is about as useful as I am good at getting laid. And yes, I'm gonna die a virgin, because I want to. However, if you're sick and you need to go outside, please wear a fucking mask, and wear it properly, so as to limit the spread, because that's what it's supposed to be there for, to limit the spread from a sick individual to a healthy individual. But if you don't need to go outside, please stay the fuck inside, and when you're healthy again go back outside and join the rest of society.

  • SCP - 1471
    SCP - 1471

    This has to be my favorite type of these videos since the idiots are getting called out and publicly embarrassed.

  • Lexx Alolia
    Lexx Alolia

    **puts Gay Stamp down** oh....

  • Danny Buenaventura
    Danny Buenaventura

    Never, this crate of bullshit will cost a lot.


    Whenever lexi changes a word to make it acceptable I find it hilarious, I mean rope is illegal

  • Xinix_The_Comma

    10:21 I mean he isn't wrong, you can't have respiratory issues if you don't have a respiratory system

  • Ethan Brown
    Ethan Brown

    I am watching this video in a tiktok browser I am built different

  • Flowey Dreemurr
    Flowey Dreemurr

    7:49 I thought that kid was cosplaying as Naruto from Naruto

  • Brandon Bartz
    Brandon Bartz

    The post office one is total BS. For the fiscal year of 2019 they had a revenue of $71 billion. Sounds crazy good right? Except their operating cost was around $79 billion. Um, I'm not a math expert but...

  • Kevin Palmer
    Kevin Palmer

    Give the man a fish and he'll starve? That's not quite accurate, neither will he forever survive if you yeah him to fish

  • Kamrul Huda
    Kamrul Huda

    I got a ad about how to find a murderer before I even watched a second of the video

  • thick thighs
    thick thighs

    Lexi sounds like the lesbian friend that would comfort me 24/7 I would have if I wasn't lonely and a super super tired +super caffeinated trans man

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    As a representative for Colorado we can say the Karen's are super stupid

  • Zay

    I love Lexi, they're an amazing person

  • ye mum
    ye mum

    go grandma

  • • Cøttøn Gamêr •
    • Cøttøn Gamêr •

    This is r/thathappen’s older brother

  • Francisco Catzin
    Francisco Catzin

    As a smoker, I can confirm the thumbnail

  • salty chicken
    salty chicken

    0:40 its pronounced Horry (or eee) im from there

  • Donny Vo
    Donny Vo

    I got an ad when he said “the-“ so it said “the- charman ultra strong”

  • Vex Milk Latte
    Vex Milk Latte

    If you build a man a fire, he's warm for a night If you set a man on fire, he's warm for a lifetime

    • Technical Channel
      Technical Channel

      A lifetime that lasts 15 seconds

  • Samet Şahin
    Samet Şahin

    I am here

  • Marrassek

    the pic before intro: they had no fking clue how to use photoshop

  • Gage Campbell
    Gage Campbell

    Lexy said the name of my county. My life is complete. Although she did say it was unfortunately named

  • Daniel Bobo
    Daniel Bobo

    it Horry but you don't pronounce the H

  • darkySp

    I never get why some people lie for such mundane shit. Not even "bending the truth", just straight up stealing or making stuff up.

  • logan murnane
    logan murnane

    anyone curious about the "crystal" healing

  • Micah Corbitt
    Micah Corbitt

    I hope i get pinned :P

  • Braden West
    Braden West

    Press f to pay respects to snack guy, he didn’t deserve that slander

  • Waddle D Segovia.
    Waddle D Segovia.

    I dint know I could get even more angry about people that lie in my life

  • Beau Brasseur
    Beau Brasseur

    I find "top secret" and "bottom secret" way too funny.

  • PatrickStar45

    When I saw the thumbnail I said "McLungCancer"

  • Monke

    black friend: wonder what its like to be white? me: i can show you ( *hands toothpaste* ) black friend: wha-

  • Emil Ostin
    Emil Ostin

    9:50 people that don’t wear a mask outside are openly admitting that furries are stronger than them

    • LittleFox 338
      LittleFox 338

      Haha I’m stronger h a h a h a

  • Radiical


  • Radiical

    7:07 haha 69 reply’s

  • CheMa

    3:05 the "Give a man a fish..." is a Chinese proverb.

  • Beyond Absolute Infinity
    Beyond Absolute Infinity

    Just Keep that H2O2 under sun for a few hours, hopefully sun works as a good catalyst to produce WATER and some O3 if you are unlucky and O2 if you are lucky.

  • Angel Cake
    Angel Cake

    10:18 granny EVISCERATED anti maskers dang!!!!

  • The 4th Steve
    The 4th Steve

    10:49 this man is evolving the human race to be smarter, don't give him shit. anyone stupid enough to force chemicals into their lungs, especially without even attempting to double check this info, is too stupid to live

  • Loose- Hotline
    Loose- Hotline

    I’m just gonna make up a post an steal it just cuz I’m curious.... how many likes would I actually get (probably none now)

  • Parental Advisory Explicit Content
    Parental Advisory Explicit Content

    Wasn't expecting to see vman here

  • keziah mombosi
    keziah mombosi

    POV you can’t copy and paste it try it you won’t be able to 𓅷𓆏𓃰𓃠𓅿𓂻𓃱𓃗𓅓𓆙𓀿𓂉𓃒𓃒𓃗𓃘𓃝𓃟𓃠𓃡𓃩𓃬𓃯𓃰𓃱𓃲𓃵𓃷𓃹𓄿𓅜𓅦𓅪𓅭𓅰𓆈𓆉

  • Petmom100 YT
    Petmom100 YT

    Lexi is my favorite narrator, I always smile when I hear her voice 🥰

  • Scp Foundation_alt!
    Scp Foundation_alt!


  • Crowspeck

    If ya give a man a fish, and teach him to fish, he won’t be hungry while he’s learning and he won’t complain! I stole this off reddit don’t get mad-

  • KrakenatYT

    I'm sry if this offends you Lexi but you sound a lot like Bad Boy Halo

  • Elizabeth

    The “H” in Horry is silent. I live around there.

  • Mymanslippy

    First of all that isn’t in the bible , second of all he grossly butchered it


    The worst part about wearing a mask is the sweaty mustache you get from it. That's it.

  • Retro Kirby
    Retro Kirby

    "Its H2O2. The sequel to water!"

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    And here we bathe in a pool full of liers

  • MCMaster564 The Awesome
    MCMaster564 The Awesome

    “Don’t hurt the snack guy!” is the modern version of “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

  • SCP- 173
    SCP- 173

    Aztecs know what they were doing

  • Makayla Maiden
    Makayla Maiden

    4:59 um...are we gonna talk about the vikings history? cause....r--e was a very popular thing with the slaves that most household had back then....and also when they invaded other towns and villages that would r--e the females and sometimes males found there..............um.......and this is like in the 1450's......so.............................................

    • Lucas Pine
      Lucas Pine

      oop- i did not know this happened, thanks for informing me

  • Monika

    8:24 So, according to this post, I am a bigot because I refuse to be gay? XD Also, Peter was supposed to fall in love with MJ, and I don’t think Peter would fall in love with MJ if he were gay.

    • Lucas Pine
      Lucas Pine

      @Monika fuck yeah

    • Monika

      @Lucas Pine An entire Spider-Man multiverse! There is even a black Spider-Man! There is probably a gay Spider-Man, seeing as Loli Spider-Girl exist and all.

    • Lucas Pine
      Lucas Pine

      yeah, and theyre are MULTIPLE spider-men, spider-women, and spider-persons that have been confirmed

  • Digitalhunny

    @9:35 the last drawer says, 'BOTTOM SECRET' you know instead of, 'top secret'. Pretty cute joke, very well thought out.🤗🇨🇦

  • Mushroom Whale
    Mushroom Whale

    1:53 how does that belong on this it should be on cursed comments if anything


    9:08 isn't spider-gwen lesbian or bi?

  • Infinite Void
    Infinite Void

    Dihydrogenoxide is a liquid that kills thousands every year it is found in may homes and places people surround themselves with it. Spread the word. Everything I just said is a fact Dihydrogenoxide is just h2o