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  • Kaye Thanks
    Kaye Thanks

    Bless your heart that was lady bits time of the month blood not poo on those shorts.....Definitely doesn't make it any better though.

  • Elijah Freauff
    Elijah Freauff

    I am never watching this while eating again

  • Buck Stedman
    Buck Stedman

    lol again with the pee tube... "there IS a waitlist" no... no there isn't. attempt at FOMO marketing???

  • atl and frisk
    atl and frisk

    10:31 o lord is that a new Orleans joke

  • * GachaAnarchy *
    * GachaAnarchy *

    13:06 I think it may be Sarah collecting these.

  • RareBeeph

    "i'm your host, robin, not throbbin" -robin separately, "you're throbbin for a robin" -neil cicierega

  • Dubby

    What the FU was with that guy's toes?!?

  • atl and frisk
    atl and frisk

    me thinkin about teen titans robin: him: get your head out of the gutter

  • MyDogIsYoshi

    I'm so happy that Robin said, "throbbin"

  • Harlen

    My names' Robin and my heads' throbbing because I've got a headache from these painful products!

  • Oliver Lancto
    Oliver Lancto

    are you jacksepticeye's editor

  • theo hall
    theo hall

    I'm so very uncomfy....

  • Maceo Mobley
    Maceo Mobley

    ah yes toeyota

  • Travell Churchill
    Travell Churchill

    13:37 ...............*Inhales*........ This is the pinnacle of crackhead craigslist, i swear to god if anything looks more unsettling than that i will throw a toaster in my bath 🙃🙃🙃

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis

    okay but like that table and chairs made out of signs is actually kind of cool ngl 😳 lowkey would probably buy it if given the opportunity lolol

  • Andrew Wells
    Andrew Wells

    13:13 r/dontputyourdickinthat

  • manaquri

    for the ambulances, I got a military pa/radio truck with stuff inside so it wouldn't surprise me that there would be the same.

  • Neferi Waenre
    Neferi Waenre

    Robin slowly introducing the throbbin part in his intros give me such J O Y

  • Aku the Hero of Skies
    Aku the Hero of Skies

    I got a 98 Toyota Corolla and I looove it

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay


  • Rip Redrum
    Rip Redrum

    The one person is selling the syrup because Aunt Jemima is no longer going to be on the bottle or anywhere. So not really Crackhead. Now they are on Crack because it's open and used and they wanna ask 1k lol.

  • Zachary Archbold
    Zachary Archbold

    1:29 His laugh 😂

  • Marshmallow Alien
    Marshmallow Alien

    I'd totally buy the blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers. It's heaven in a bag.

  • Infamous

    How tf do Americans pronounce Volkswagen

  • MrsShocoTaco

    Dude, @3:27 isn't poop. Think "girl"....

  • HappyGamer 4ever
    HappyGamer 4ever

    Donald Trump bath water? What the actual f*ck?

  • Brud You
    Brud You

    Instructions un clear made racest hamburger

  • _half_colored_

    Don't mind me I'm just making it 900 comments


    0:07 was that big smoke

  • A Kid Named Quiz
    A Kid Named Quiz

    This might sound weird but I would most definitely buy the blue jolly ranchers

  • TinyFoxTom

    I'm starting to understand why Pythagoras abhorred beans.

  • Thijmen Blom
    Thijmen Blom

    Part 2 pls

  • H1J

    mm yes, free shipping. Ill think about it.

  • TrollBall Sports
    TrollBall Sports

    2:02 I realized they were selling this in Massachusetts IN MY CITY... they got arrested for this btw

  • Cancandoo

    13:11 “Fleshlight never used”

  • urmumsukPP

    i heard "free ear cheese" and almost threw up

  • Slushy Blushie
    Slushy Blushie

    r/Crackheadcraigslist Is just nooks crany from animal crossing Change my mind

  • _Kashiki Here_
    _Kashiki Here_


  • Faith Hoffman
    Faith Hoffman

    9:29 I know this may be upsetting to most... But I kind of want Darrell. He seems like a good man to talk to. I’m lonely. TvT

  • Luke Bowen
    Luke Bowen

    9:10 what the FUCK

  • Dewani90

    could say Robin didn't gave us the price of the Toyota Corolla as he already bought it.

  • Laurie_ann_ Rose
    Laurie_ann_ Rose

    Avocardo from Mexico

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    10:50 - 10:53 HOLD UP!?!?!???

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    actually at 140K miles, caddillacs can fetch a high price. BUT, only if they are old enough. This one is not. However, in proper corners, it is quite easy to beef up a bit for some...shall we say... multipurpose escape vehicle?

  • pelaajagtsa

    Bro the shorts at 3:18 are not actually dirty, its a shadow

  • david westlake
    david westlake

    Michael wave. I said it out loud and bout died laughing

  • Ayaan Ahmad
    Ayaan Ahmad

    i have the webcam at 8:30. i use it for my online classes

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile

    I want that walkthrough metal detector that'd be so cool

  • Helaman Gile
    Helaman Gile

    My fathers car has almost 600k miles on it it really hasn't had that many issues

  • Mars

    12:55 its 11.416 bananas

  • legendary 99
    legendary 99


  • Communism Not looking sus
    Communism Not looking sus

    The bean thing with the gba was allready done by Little Z

  • Attins Gaming
    Attins Gaming

    Game beans advanced

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Shoplifters be like: *"Hi, I'm Robbin"*

  • john hardman
    john hardman

    does someone out there know how to un see things i want to unsee the airpods

  • Daniel Varela
    Daniel Varela

    I have a Shrek og vhs tape 4 mill

  • Roman Candle
    Roman Candle

    Your name is throbbin Robin now

  • Doomslayer


  • Axel Burdeshaw
    Axel Burdeshaw

    The chairs and table were cool

  • Lunarology

    Idk Robbin not throbbin.

  • Error 1_0
    Error 1_0

    I’m throbin with robin

  • Gem Doll
    Gem Doll

    I want to know if anybody actually bought this stuff

  • Brian Askren
    Brian Askren

    The Aunt Jemima syrup is listed because they got rid of the lady or Aunt Jemima on the bottle.

  • Faye Peter
    Faye Peter

    I don't think that was poopy shorts looked like nasty period shorts

  • Xxsuper god21xX
    Xxsuper god21xX

    1:31 when i heard him weeze i immediately thought of the laughing meme lmao (i forgot name)


    I have that camera and mic recorder the one that was bitten

  • Lost Shark
    Lost Shark

    Robin is just the male version of Lexi .

  • Lil’ Red Crewmate
    Lil’ Red Crewmate

    Beanboy Advancebeans

  • Gloria Howe
    Gloria Howe

    Yeah... Those shorts were not covered in poo, that was period blood😅

  • Max H
    Max H

    Please tell me someone else saw the bottom of the “can be mounted in shower” fish at 13:11 Just go back, and read the bottom, Just do it.

    • Christina Titus
      Christina Titus

      Omfg. I can't believe he missed that

  • Nobody

    It’s a Bean Boy

  • The Practical Paleontologist
    The Practical Paleontologist

    "Throbbing Robin" Rule 34 artists: mmm

  • Blanco 9090 draws
    Blanco 9090 draws

    That gameboy has that limited edition mario & luigi bundle

  • Oreo and Mocha
    Oreo and Mocha

    I have just one question Why

  • Dripy

    THIS SLtoos video makes me want to butter my toaster oven instead of toast

  • IrritationPersonified

    Some people really want that PS5.

  • Meredith Wheat
    Meredith Wheat

    someone rear ended my corrola and i miss it so much

  • ZeeNasty

    Dude, I want that man toilet!

  • CallMeFreakFujiko

    1:23 I was going to say "she's still on some pancake mix boxes. I have one with her face right now that I got not too long ago" but now I'm worried that they were trying to push old products and that I should probably look at the expiration date.

  • Meme_Man

    When you order a bottomless drink 10:37

  • Futureastronaut2664

    1:30 balloon deflating

  • KonoTheProtogen

    Hey Robin, what’s throbbing?

  • Krispy Bac0n
    Krispy Bac0n

    I just thought that toothbrushes sound weird, then my mind instantly went to, “teethbresh”

  • Parker the Shark
    Parker the Shark

    The way robin says "Toyota" is really getting to me

  • Da Asha Zireael
    Da Asha Zireael

    Those cigarette earrings are so stupid and trashy. Pretty sure people in the 90s did it too. But i just think its gross and not grunge or punk at all.

  • Mika Edion
    Mika Edion

    I think the 1999 Toyota Corolla is a God

  • Christoph Meisl
    Christoph Meisl

    Hi robin, im throbbin

  • Hayden brent
    Hayden brent

    3.13 POV: you made mac n cheese but is burnt

  • Hayden brent
    Hayden brent


  • Pencil

    10:04 I would buy this

  • the floid
    the floid

    This is the video I'd like to choose while snacking

  • LEMOn3rd

    5:40 I don't think it looks bad at all, don't know why it'd be considered r/crackheadcraigslist worthy.

  • Ginger Turtle94
    Ginger Turtle94

    That last bite burrito one doesnt surprise me, i browse through things ppl sell on the fb market & there was one that someone was selling a half eatten cheese stick.

  • Zachary White
    Zachary White

    That avocardo wheeze 💀🤣

  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    13:37 I don’t know why anybody can’t like winter it’s like the best thing like who the fuck likes hot like at least if you’re cold you can put more layers on but if you’re hot you can’t

  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    13:06 dude no fucking way I seen this before I saw it on Facebook marketplace that’s so cool wow i’m pretty sure they were only 10 bucks I should’ve bought them

  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    4:33 imagine actually trying to buy this and picking up your cat and saying mittens come here let’s stretch you and see how many centimetres you are

  • Jack Barnes
    Jack Barnes


  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    Dude I got a couple funny images that I tried to post on Reddit once but it wouldn’t let me but basically this guy was selling his aunts s*x toys there was a weird device called a hotdog warmer which I think explains itself there was another one that was basically a mask that you use and they labelled it as professional hot dog eating mask which is fucking hilarious and I’m sure we get lots of likes and a few other funny ones that he posted and his description was my aunt recently passed away and I inherited her furniture or some shit and then I got another one where it’s basically a bloody bed with stains on it for 50 bucks I messaged the guy because I knew it was a joke and he said yeah it was a joke but it’s still pretty funny

  • Samuel Ray
    Samuel Ray

    Bean boy advanced