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  • mlwre

    "Why find out if you're ill? If you're ill, stay in bed. If you are ok, go to work or school." Yes, because THAT makes sense.

  • Golden Experience
    Golden Experience

    These people are the equivalent of an extremely noisy and annoying clock

  • Ember Productions
    Ember Productions

    Random Guy: “My IQ is so high, I couldn’t even count to it.” Me: “Yeah I have an IQ of 10 too.”

  • Daily Artist 毎日アーティスト
    Daily Artist 毎日アーティスト

    The guy who thinks art is boring, doesn't realize artists (like myself) have something we can show to people and not get mocked unlike those corny entitled nerds who don't deserve the privilege of education, and yes, art does use the brain, and yes the snobs have less chance of being successful because the only thing they do is brag about being lame and think getting a job isn't hard... they won't get a job if they act like snobs in job interviews

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    I have an IQ of 500, do you understand how smart I am? Of course you don’t, because modern IQ tests can’t measure my immense intellect, I had to invent my own IQ test, and then made it about 10x harder than the hardest of IQ tests just for my own amusement.

  • Shayaan Morshed
    Shayaan Morshed

    3:49 Dude, it's a scientific fact, that EVERYONE'S BRAIN is more complex and efficient than a supercomputer.

  • Fret N
    Fret N


  • Gaming Viper
    Gaming Viper

    At 7:52 I think the guy mistakes the 5 being there because these types of posts feel exactly like 14 iq posts

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson


  • The History King
    The History King

    This pretty much tells one thing. People that like talking about how smart they are, are actually dumber than the actual smart people.

  • Kree McCormick
    Kree McCormick


  • No Noo
    No Noo

    Me: **an art student** My ego: _nothingness_ Me: 🖍️😕 **draws** My ego: _could we go any deeper_

  • mohamed elsheikh
    mohamed elsheikh

    6:50 games are a lot more mathy than you think bro

  • PracticalNeuron

    anyone else have dumb parents and feel like you’re the smart one even tho you aren’t smart at all

  • DeJoNav / Double Edge Productions
    DeJoNav / Double Edge Productions

    Why does he at times sound like Dee Bradley Baker clones?

  • Big Steve
    Big Steve


  • James Amethist
    James Amethist

    Wow, to have the pomposity and audacity to believe you may be nigh intelligent as I, because I got a number I can't even count to on an IQ test. I got 4 on it.

  • DisT0rted

    9:02 When you were reading the bank employee's lines, it reeeeeally sounded like the star wars clones.

  • H.G _Gacha
    H.G _Gacha

    All these people boasting about they're 300 IQ are hurting MY IQ- and I'm not even sure how much IQ i have-

  • Cohen Childs
    Cohen Childs

    These people's egos are as huge as Danny DeVito's magnum dong.

  • Unoriginal Name
    Unoriginal Name

    Who else searched up the compensation effect

  • bau le
    bau le

    as I having a IQ of 2900 mask work

  • Andres Currea
    Andres Currea

    I think I used to be like this (although I hope it wasn't that bad... I _hope_). In a sense it's a good job there's stuff like Reddit to call ppl out on this kind of behaviours. I'm sorry. :/

  • Rhapsos Productions
    Rhapsos Productions

    9:42 - this rant has interesting points, which is why it's so infuriating that a 'very smart' person wrote it

  • UpchucGamez

    I have an IQ of 132 and I'll you this now as a high average minded person, most of that intelligence I can hold in my head is empty space. Hollow. Like a log.

    • UpchucGamez

      Another thing is that IQ doesn't measure how smart you *are*, but how smart you could *be*.

  • Astronaut Lemur
    Astronaut Lemur

    At 6:40, this dude got me in nerve and he's a fucking idiot. Art literally involves your brain, not even one bit of using your brain cells but your entirety memory storage and imagination. Your imagination involves with your iq level, educational development and interaction with the environment and that's why art is a very important subject, not because it represents your thoughts and feelings but it also represents human evolutionary developing. The further usage of art by humans, starts a evolutionary impact on us through centuries. Also, no such women would be interested in "lone wolf type" because it's embarrassing...

  • Alice the Wolf
    Alice the Wolf

    Thumbnail: Me: well then he must if cheated on that IQ test. 😑

  • The Edgelord
    The Edgelord

    "IQ of 145" "Covid is fake" You sure you didn't add the 1 in there by accident kid?

  • XxMxdasTouch XD
    XxMxdasTouch XD

    The things on the moon warned us not to come back a third time

  • coffe lizard
    coffe lizard

    These all seem like things byakuya togami would say

  • Thomas

    did you just say i glow? Thank you!

  • Mustache

    "Like, how do people even go to arts? It's so boring and dosen't make use of the brain one bit." Tell that to Hitler, dear boy.

  • crunko

    4:30 just to call that guy texting stupid one more time, you never put *And* after a period.

  • Bonfire Gaming
    Bonfire Gaming

    I have an IQ of 2 and I am still smart enough to realize nobody cares. This is a joke

  • Berwin McCubbin
    Berwin McCubbin

    IQ should not actually stand for Intelligence Quotient. It's mostly an arbitrary number that gauges your ability to solve problems (mathematical, scientific, grammatical, etc) in a quick and efficient manner. You can be a selfish, condescending prick with no regard for authority even if you have an iq of 200

  • Mrcrazyclube

    hold up after years people still speak with words? hahahahahah We aliens speak with telekinesis hahahahahhahaahahahahha ps: for all the snow flacks this is a jok k?!

    • Sir Broccolington The Third
      Sir Broccolington The Third

      I nearly had a stroke while reading that.

  • Rifqi Maalik
    Rifqi Maalik

    error at 2:32 iq too low unable to process half of the words

  • Dub Plays
    Dub Plays

    9:42 die

  • László A. Egri
    László A. Egri

    im gonna pull an r/Iamverysmart,but I working with researchers on facial recognition solutions,and the new face recognition algorithms are quite hard to trick with "a stolen face",because it factors in way more than just "is this two face looks similar enough?"

  • Teh Pigez
    Teh Pigez

    5:02 lol he's claiming to be smart and has an intel in 2021 an INTEL lolololol

  • Kürti Csanàd
    Kürti Csanàd

    Btw the person who said art doesnt take any use of the brain is soooo stupid! Im not an artist, but even I know that getting a good idea for a painting or something is very hard. Even if you got the idea already, if you want it to be good looking/realistic, it can take a LOT of work.

  • Renee Fisher
    Renee Fisher

    With an IQ of 76182, I’d suggest subscribing to this amazing hecking channel

  • Coolsmitty 9000
    Coolsmitty 9000

    I had a stroke listening to this. Like its harming me just to hear these people thinking they are better than everyone else.

  • Mega kimimaro
    Mega kimimaro

    imagine being smart, smh

  • Undeed

    it really annoys me when people say someone is racist for something not even remotely racist. If he's proud of all his girlfriends being white, that not racist. Racism is when you believe your race is above others.

    • Sir Broccolington The Third
      Sir Broccolington The Third

      He's proud of the fact that all his girlfriends are white because he clearly believes them to be superior to non white people. So having white girlfriends and being proud of that fact isn't inherently racist, but the way he phrases it makes it seem that it is.

  • FEniX 26 That!
    FEniX 26 That!

    You are incredible

  • Mister Karmik
    Mister Karmik

    7:55 Do I think the mask policies are over the top? Yes. Do I think Covid coverage is overexaggerated based on the death rate/cases or catch rate? Yes. I believe it's been blown up to wider proportions, but it is definitely not fake.

    • Mister Karmik
      Mister Karmik

      @Sir Broccolington The Third There IS harm in being overly cautious. The survivability rate is crazy high. Imagine banning cars because some car accidents took place. Or banning bridges because of the number of suicides by jumping off one. Except shutting down a whole country is even MORE detrimental than those things. Millions and millions of people are out of work and struggling to provide for themselves and their families. The SMART thing to do would have been to just close the borders at the start like a certain someone wanted. But short of that, just protect the vulnerable. We don't shut down the entire workforce when flu season rolls around or during pneumonia spikes. We just tell people if they're sick to stay home. Same with this.

    • Sir Broccolington The Third
      Sir Broccolington The Third

      It's not over exaggerated. The precautions taken are to prevent the spread of the virus. There's no harm at all in being careful. And even with all of these precautions, 111 million people have still been able to catch it, and many of these people will suffer from long term health issues. I'm not going to argue with you, but I advise you to still make sure that you and the people around you don't catch it. Stay safe and have a good day/night.

  • EpsilonNull

    Lmaoooo I'm eleven and I can explain how a mask works. People really need to grow up

  • Nate the Fate
    Nate the Fate

    is that giofilms?

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton

    5:02 daddy's money

  • Dylan D'aguiar
    Dylan D'aguiar


  • Lloxie Fox
    Lloxie Fox

    Okay no, regarding the bank one- while it's likely this interaction was made up, if it WAS real, fuck the teller for pushing the app so hard (that's a common real problem that pisses me off- shove your company's app up your ass and fuck off, dammit!), and the OP's points were solid, even if there's no way that conversation actually occurred like that. And it IS true that a lot of places- including banks and especially hospitals (probably due to understaffing, admittedly) have surprisingly shitty cyber security. It's a real problem.

    • Lloxie Fox
      Lloxie Fox

      @Sir Broccolington The Third You'd be surprised. Plus, data leaks happen all the time these days. And mentioning the app more than once when someone has made it clear they absolutely have no interest in it is obnoxious as fuck. I normally empathize with people in those kinds of jobs, but the second they do that, they've crossed a line, I don't care what their damned manager says. FUCK that shit pisses me off. And again, though, I agree about the likelihood of it being real, if only because of the little supposed "speech" that was thrown in.

    • Sir Broccolington The Third
      Sir Broccolington The Third

      Then again, no one will go through that much effort to hack into some random guy's phone. And the teller is just doing his job. That aside, he didn't go to absurd lengths to convince the guy to use the app. And this is assuming that that interaction was real, even though there is an infinitely higher chance of it being fabricated.

  • Grumpy Gg
    Grumpy Gg

    How does someone steal your face without committing a crime

  • Sylven Van wanrooij
    Sylven Van wanrooij

    7:58 this is the guy who got an IQ of 145 cause he did an iqtest for 5year olds

  • Sylven Van wanrooij
    Sylven Van wanrooij

    6:53 did this guy forget about architects like they make a lot of money and it’s huh what’s the word oh yeah for creative people who don’t want a boring job in retail or stuff like that

  • Æther

    Ah yes the "auto diag smart boi"

  • Powerango V
    Powerango V

    The best way to tell if a person is actually smart, is if they don't act like this... the only people not smart are these people.

  • AmberMetalicScorpion

    5:38 the INTJ part of that point is the only part you need to focus on, it's one of the 16 personality types, I means introverted, the N means intuitive, the t is for thinker and the j is for judger (imo they only seem to live up to the judger oart) i hope that helped

  • A tiny marshmallow
    A tiny marshmallow

    "It's easier to be smarter than everyone in the room if you're the only one in the room" But these people are dumber than their reflection in the mirror This was partially copied

  • mrnickbig1

    I DO have an IQ of 145 (FWIW), and I see at least 2 ways masks are beneficial in reducing the spread of the disease, and I do think requiring them is reasonable, though FEDERAL mandates may violate the 10th Amendment. However, it is perfectly acceptable for the federal government to make suggestions or propose standards, and the STATE governments adopt them as they see fit. Most of the measures, that some people are upset about, are enacted by state and local governments.

  • Pauline Florsch
    Pauline Florsch

    Wow. I like MBTI, but goodness, it's scary how people use it sometimes - like slapping a cliché molds onto themselves (it should only be used for understanding and theoretical purposes only, imo) Also, the funny thing is that many gifted individuals are greatly attracted to artistic jobs and activities -_-; Please people, do your research

  • Nikolai Slater
    Nikolai Slater

    People who actually have the kind of intelligence these people proclaim to have don't brag about it or have a big ego. Most of these people become very socially isolated and depressed as people are either jealous of them or terrified of them. The way these people act makes light of the actual struggle that extremely intelligent people have as they flaunt what they will never understand they don't really have or want.

  • Cured Anxiety
    Cured Anxiety

    So people get it in the thumbnail, the guy meant his IQ is 145°F that's about 63°C so his IQ is actually 63.

  • Death913

    These posts are very dumb and I get why the narrator is using a tone like this but honestly it starts to get annoying or it might just be me

  • BAKA

    Love how the person said Buzz Aldrin who set foot on the moon did his research wrong.😆

  • Xillian Bro
    Xillian Bro

    “A true smart person doesn’t have to use smart words to prove how smart they are”-Patrick Star

  • iStoleAEuro

    Most people know it’s easier to act dumber than you are instead of smarter than you are because no thinking monke brain

  • Strider Ace
    Strider Ace

    3:22 lmao he spelled ocasssion wrong what an idiut XD XD XD XD

  • Gallagher Crocodile
    Gallagher Crocodile

    With my iq of 1 covid is real and very dangerous

  • happy cat
    happy cat

    6:32 *me who probably makes more money than this guy selling art commissions*

  • Fall Castle
    Fall Castle

    2:10 I couldn’t stop laughing after I I realized what word he was saying when he went, “blahraghuahahg”

  • Naya Nika[なやにか]
    Naya Nika[なやにか]

    I’m a special type of person! When It comes to mental illnesses!

  • Kr43he

    "He is still a racist, but a sad, insecure one".... soooo a racist?

  • I'm just a regular tincan
    I'm just a regular tincan

    Bigger the words you use are in a common conversation, the dumber you sound to everyone around you

  • Joshua Sweetvale
    Joshua Sweetvale

    Smart doesn't mean shrewd. Sheldon. Hubris and no social skills.

  • H.G _Gacha
    H.G _Gacha

    am i the only one who actually got a bit mad when that guy insulted art? (im self taught and i still have a long way to go, but it took a lot of effort to get where i am now and im proud of where i am and i really enjoy what i do, so when somone insults art i feel insulted myself)

    • H.G _Gacha
      H.G _Gacha

      @Sir Broccolington The Third okay, good (i probably should've checked-)

    • Sir Broccolington The Third
      Sir Broccolington The Third

      Congratulations to you, but this comment section is filled with people clearly angry at this fellow for calling arts a low IQ subject.

  • patrick boner
    patrick boner

    8:00 as someone with 146iq i DO understand how facemasks helps

  • An anglerfish
    An anglerfish

    "People who boast about their IQ are losers." -Stephen Hawking

    • Nita Mishra
      Nita Mishra

      "Agreed" -adolf hitler

  • MrRamziaB

    Since when is having only white girls as previous partners racist? You are attracted to what you are attracted to. That's not racist.


      Having them is not racist, but the way he phrases it as a bragging point makes it seem like he believes in a superior race

  • H 4 N N 4 H
    H 4 N N 4 H

    To that guy who said art is boring *frick you*

  • Deccs

    I just love your voice and your impressions for different characters, made my day! xD

  • Halfshinesketches

    A man also can’t get powers from a spider, humans can’t randomly grow wings, people aren’t blue, humans can’t stink themselves, Deadpool himself, radiation when in a sand pit doesn’t make your body sand, being frozen and surviving doesn’t happen,magic lightning hammers can’t happen. Nothing in the marvel universe is realistic. Basically even though it not realistic doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and enjoyable. It’s a magical thing call the suspension of disbelief for someone who is apparently so smart they seem to forget that that’s a thing.

  • Owen Kegg
    Owen Kegg

    These people should watch a video on the Dunning Kruger effect. It would dictate, in this case at least that these people either have 2 brain cells and are smashing them together to form a sentence or are Einstein level of brain-ness. Take a guess which one

  • Richard Soliar
    Richard Soliar

    I was looking at my phone for a minute or two and when I returned to the video, Jack was still reading his bio.

  • Misty Speaker
    Misty Speaker

    At 5:03 I thought he said I eat taller

    • Misty Speaker
      Misty Speaker


  • Bakugo's right titty
    Bakugo's right titty

    If people are so smart, write a 50 page essay on the civil war without research.

  • Skull

    By an IQ of 145 I think he meant an IQ of 14.5

  • CosplayMemories14

    Remember kids; if you ever feel stupid, just remind yourself that you aren't these guys.

  • Spud Lord
    Spud Lord

    ...... I'm an art student and I think and know I am dumb as hell

  • Amgad Elkhatib
    Amgad Elkhatib

    10:25 then what should banks fucking do?


      Welp, hackers spent 15 hours and a a research team to crack open this guy's bank account. Time to spent all $30 on some cheese

  • Amgad Elkhatib
    Amgad Elkhatib

    8:00 teh dude forgot gloves exist lol

  • Amgad Elkhatib
    Amgad Elkhatib

    if Shakespeare were to go and speak a single sentence to those people (who by the way arent a "genius" because a high IQ doesnt mean your smart, but means you can solve the simplest of problems easily, and they aren't smart because they think they need social recognition and social acceptance to live their life), Shakespeare would basically make them say " i do not understand your weird grammatical incorrect message via your mouth" with their weird way of dumbass talking, with the very first couple sentences

  • Stephen Frecknall
    Stephen Frecknall

    just watching this has destroyed most of my braincells

  • Dumbie Maysin
    Dumbie Maysin

    this reminds me of homestuck for some reason

  • Yarne Verminnen
    Yarne Verminnen

    People who say they’re smart, aren’t smart.

  • WeissMann 1310
    WeissMann 1310

    I go to this subreddit occassionally to boost my self confidence. If these people can be extremely confident doing things this idiotic, why can't I be confident in doing things to improve myself?

  • The_Destroyer_Of_Everything Copyright
    The_Destroyer_Of_Everything Copyright

    “OH LOOK AT ME, I KNOW THEORETICAL PHYSICS, I’M SO SMART” /J they can’t even learn Physical Physics.

  • Snowden Drifts
    Snowden Drifts

    With the iq of the small pebble stuck in a pair of TIMS, I am capable of flipping off the president of korea and not being killed on sight

  • Chong Li Yang
    Chong Li Yang

    8:57 a smart way to say that you received education???because of how ignorant he is

  • Lea Czinkota
    Lea Czinkota

    Is he Australian?