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Narrated by the one and only: twitter.com/NotDamienLee

  • John Mack
    John Mack

    15:25 HOLY COW, AND I THOUGHT MY PC SCREEN WAS BAD! But this thing will give you covid-21 and ebola at the same time, mine only has a little bit of speckling on it.

  • Carson Kay
    Carson Kay

    My mom tried the things at 10:46 because she saw a fast food worker using one. Thankfully it didn't work out and we were able to get a bunch of surgical masks. Also, my mom is by no means a Karen, she just has frequent sinus infections that make breathing difficult.

  • Jack E
    Jack E

    14:14 Hot damn, that one is possibly the most painful thing I've read in the past decade, and I've reviewed daily reports within several different industries over that time. Army, security, hotel, solar installation, school district, movie theater/cinema, etc. I've encountered grammatical and spelling errors that have made me want to commit violence against the person responsible, tear my own face off, you know, the usual. But that? Oh, lort, never has a written statement had me wishing to just die immediately before.

  • AJazz S
    AJazz S

    I would probably honestly eat the bacon fat, after being cooked of course

  • Sniper Wuff
    Sniper Wuff

    No Damien? *walks out the door* bye bye

  • lolman101

    Damien leaving *IS* mildly infuriating dammit

  • lara kokoš
    lara kokoš

    Since you know about FnaF apparently Maybe you could react to some FnaF related content! (I got that from the "when the bite happened") :-)

    • lara kokoš
      lara kokoš

      oh AND you know about mcyt, maybe you should also react to some mc related content too! (of course only if you want to!)

  • Krystal Johnson
    Krystal Johnson

    This is sad

  • emoja knight
    emoja knight

    6:30 there is no Michigan

  • Kyle blandford
    Kyle blandford

    You can get caps lock on the chromebook by pushing the discover key + left alt

  • Logan Poehlman
    Logan Poehlman

    ayye damien

  • Logan Poehlman
    Logan Poehlman

    2:19 LOOL

  • Logan Poehlman
    Logan Poehlman

    damien bois

  • Logan Poehlman
    Logan Poehlman

    ayye damien is back!

  • noelle

    If i had a bad day and just wanted to take a shower and then,die in my bad,i would eat a kit kat like that

  • MontgomeryPlayz

    The hell are hex keys; I ONLY EXCEPT ALAN KEYS!!!

  • BeekillerJohanna

    15:44 To separate the bowls, put them in the sink. Fill the top one with the coldest water you can, and fill the sink with the hottest water you can. Wait a couple of seconds. Gently lift the top bowl, if still stuck, wait a few seconds more and repeat.

  • BeekillerJohanna

    The elevator at 7:38 is in Finland, the text on the signs is in Finnish.

  • Redwolf

    3:33 This can be replaced with caps key in keyboard settings.

  • Sana Can Kinda Draw
    Sana Can Kinda Draw

    3:35 that key is to search through your apps and I ended up disabling it because I kept accidentally pressing it when I went to type A now every time I wanna try in caps I have to HOLD DOWN SHIFT WITH MY PINKY and honestly it's been 2 years and I'm so used to it that I also do it on my other computer WITH the caps lock button I don't even NOTICE that I'm holding down SHIFT anymore LMAO

  • Ieuan Mills
    Ieuan Mills

    8:43 What the fuck is that. That's not even me just being picky. That is NOT a full English at all. Those a hot dogs, for crying out loud. Where's the bacon? Where's the beans?

  • Charlotte Parker
    Charlotte Parker

    The abaft chime approximately compete because notify tinctorially stretch near a lumpy male. spectacular, breakable cycle

  • sleepyraygun

    2:38 good refrence to FNAF

  • Derp Waffle
    Derp Waffle

    Why did he leave

  • Graytail

    Where calls that.. sad excuse for a meal at 08:40 a full english fryup? Those are franks, brits would have thick pork sausages. I presume the thing next to the franks is supposed to be a piece of bacon? We have several thick rashers with the bit americans call a breakfast cut, I think? The hash brown, eh fair enough. The eggs are passable, there arent nearly enough mushrooms, theres no sliced black pudding, and I dont think those tomatoes were even waved in the direction of a frying pan. There are no baked beans which would make it a proper full englsh breakfast. A truely sad effort =p This is how it should be done! recipes.sainsburys.co.uk/recipes/breakfast/full-english-breakfast

  • cheeseman

    15:45 run it under hot water and they'll separate.

  • Caleb Rimes
    Caleb Rimes

    Damn, Damien bout to gender reveal

  • White Hole
    White Hole

    9:00the reason I like Kamala Harris lol

  • Strider Ace
    Strider Ace

    6:36 New York being next to Nevada and California is the most cursed shit ever

  • lemon854

    for one of The next r\midlyinfuriating videos you should make the intro theme not a|ign with the words

  • gábor papp
    gábor papp

    press f to pay respects to the old firefox logo

  • lukeslayer

    Cherry is by far the worst Starburst flavour. Fight me.

  • Tetrispriter

    I died when I saw the post about the tiny Spiny toy. I love Spinies and everything Spiny related so that was my favorite post but also just the concept of walking around and suddenly you step on something awfully sharp and you're like "Ow what's this?" and you lift your foot to see a red spiky turtle from Super Mario Bros. is awfully hilarious to me.

  • The Wild glizzy
    The Wild glizzy

    Dude my HP laptop has the discover key and i cant use caps lock

  • NiladonGrey

    Bite into the middle of the Kit Kat Bar to display dominance

  • Warlord4379

    True fact: I don’t break apart KitKats or Hershey Bars when I eat them. It makes my family and friends triggered as hell

  • TheHorseWhipGuy 77
    TheHorseWhipGuy 77

    no damien dont leave, you'r my fav

  • ZeeNasty

    My mom is one of those people who's mad about the homeless getting the vaccine.

  • metro nui
    metro nui

    7:09 Unless your driver drives for both,then your just scrood

  • CapsFan2009

    1:15 you can buy one airpod for I don't know how much

  • Toni Grgic
    Toni Grgic

    The Background music is Cupheads ,,Mr King Dice instrumental"

  • Airry’s Gacha
    Airry’s Gacha

    Screenrant: posts an article about Johnny Depp being good for POTC and them also posting about POTC being better without him: I'm playing both sides so I always come out on top

  • Oliver Mccarthy
    Oliver Mccarthy

    OMG everyone i finally figured out what Emkay's music is. It's freakin' cuphead. love that. Love you too damien, we'll miss you

  • JDHJ

    If damien carpets his desk i swear to kratos i will turn him into the broken in half linken logs at the bottom of the box

  • KingMarkus22

    GASP!!! He’s back!

  • asf;laksdjf;alks

    Once a Florida Man, you can never go back

  • LN Beryllium9
    LN Beryllium9

    What’s midly infuriating is Damien saying that orange is the worst starburst flavour,. It’s obviously yellow and if you say otherwise, I don’t want to talk to you

  • Lila Uraraka
    Lila Uraraka

    5:10 it’s the anti-stain

  • Sanrus Skeleton
    Sanrus Skeleton

    6:37 michigan, more like michigone

  • Naka Naka
    Naka Naka



    6:02 That's true, and you should also do it at a circus, so hundreds of people can watch you leave this world. Litterally.

  • DJ_Waluigi_YT



    I hate that they locked Flash, I saw that they said it was getting unpopular and less used, but almost EVERY game I play requires it. I'm just confused.

  • Dashing

    Lmao i had captions on and when he said it was his last appearance EmKay turned into im gay

  • Buvuw


  • ManOfManyHats

    consider my almonds officially activated

  • *Sad boyyo*
    *Sad boyyo*

    1987 ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇⁱᵗᵉ ʰᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿᵉᵈ okay a man of culture-

  • Mason Booher
    Mason Booher



    I saw an ad at the bottom of the title and LEGIT THOUGHT IT WAS PART OF THE VID

  • Miqueas Degollado
    Miqueas Degollado

    0:00 when I was yawning I first heard “My printer software stopped twerking...” and ya that’s it

  • Luke Damms
    Luke Damms

    I get the feeling the being cat abandoned is at least they were keeping the cat well fed

  • Ludvig103

    3:35 You can change it to work as a CAPS lock key in settings you only feel pain before you find out

  • Archamedies616

    16:29 that one can be excused for pollen or a bug or something. i think the photo is still perfect

  • Modocrisma2

    Damien knows about None Pizza with Left Beef 😔

  • Barracuda Plays
    Barracuda Plays

    Nooooooo Damien!

  • Harald12678

    Bye Damien

  • Sophia Novara
    Sophia Novara

    I'm on Chromebook rn and I felt that

  • The Evansmeister
    The Evansmeister

    The oven-baked Airpod looks like it's turned evil.

  • Whyami Alive
    Whyami Alive

    **sees title** You think damien's the only one screaming? Huh, that's funny. **Internal screaming intensifies**

  • Charredmoon

    Some people wear the clear masks because they talk to someone who is def or HOH.

  • Angela Meisenheimer
    Angela Meisenheimer

    7:50 this elevator. I swear I've seen it. I've ridden in an elevator like that up some tower in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

  • Nahje Masukat
    Nahje Masukat

    0:25 *Guest* appearance? What do you mean? For me YOU started this channel, your laugh made me laugh 2x harder, and impressions were spot on. Unfortunately thanks to the *actual* *owner* of this channel I have to find videos from a year ago :(.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    how dare you diss orange starburst like that.

  • Elliott Swanson
    Elliott Swanson

    There is a way to change keybinds on chromebooks, I changed the magnifying glass key to a caps lock key

  • Morgan Bondarko
    Morgan Bondarko

    4:40 That chopping board is at Walmart. My husband picked it up. I cut my meat on there and scrubbed it really well. I used it the next day and we got food poisoning from onions. Onions. The hamburger juice literally soaked in the board. Thankfully I forgot to take the sticker off(it's on the back) and I checked it and almost ripped all my hair out out of pure frustration. Please check all the stickers

  • Frankie Cartwright
    Frankie Cartwright

    2:37 FNaF Reference

  • Terminal Velvet
    Terminal Velvet

    Screenrant only has subscribers and viewers because of the pitch meetings

  • Frankin Stein
    Frankin Stein


    • Frankin Stein
      Frankin Stein

      fruit of the loom tho

  • M4nOfCulture20

    Stop crying about this being the last time Damien is on Emkay he has a SLtoos channel. Sub to him at Damien Lee

  • Nihel Walz
    Nihel Walz

    the airpod on the left looks happy.

  • Yeelen parker
    Yeelen parker

    welcome to cali I hope you like it here

  • Mythic_Frost 950
    Mythic_Frost 950

    Nice fnaf reference

  • Jonathan Vance
    Jonathan Vance

    15:38 fortunately you can disable snooze.

  • Æsir

    Florida man moves to California

  • Luxianovic

    1:09 who are you? I am you but strongerr

  • · Dickbooster ·
    · Dickbooster ·

    Damien- *is in emkay Thats enough to make a grown man cry, and thats okay

  • random short production
    random short production

    ngl but... i like the orange starburst (don't hate me in the replies :o(.)

  • Raya S
    Raya S

    EmKay people: *yeet in the carpet desk* Me: This may be my favorite subreddit, but you have finally gone too far. *yeets tablet* NO MORE NICE HAWKWHISKER TODAY BOI!

  • Luka Voutilainen
    Luka Voutilainen

    12:35 that reminds me of something...

  • Boiler One
    Boiler One

    Every redrawn US map always makes Wisconsin look like a fucking asteroid

  • liz jones
    liz jones

    The videos I have to watch for school doesn't work because its also made from flash

  • Alexis

    8:21 the brown bag looks like the emkay hand.

  • Sheriff Birb
    Sheriff Birb

    At 8:14 if you look closely at the brown trash bag on the left side it's a fan of emkay 👌

  • Gerald Cheaves
    Gerald Cheaves

    The thumbnail is straight from my nightmares

  • quorts


  • Cloudtail


  • Just Some Alien From Area 52 With Internet Access
    Just Some Alien From Area 52 With Internet Access

    16:27 Cropping the image: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • CSG TyWasTaken
    CSG TyWasTaken

    Rip florida man

  • ultrarainbower

    my switch is worse...

  • djordje rocenovic
    djordje rocenovic

    when flash died: scroll down if you didnt get the joke. the joke was flashes icon is F.