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  • EmJay Gluck
    EmJay Gluck

    Well actually they did base the MCU’s tony stark partially on Elon musk sooo

  • The Viper
    The Viper

    8:11 ok I am not going to turn on caps lock but this person needs to learn a few things we are on of the only reasons overpopulation is not a thing we were made NOT to have kids

  • noah but gay
    noah but gay

    4:33 ajshajas pop off 👏👏

  • i purple you
    i purple you

    What if I draw with my foot or mouth or lips? Or this feminist who drew with her vagina?

  • skyguard1an

    I just wanna know how you would crossbreed a tree. do they plant 2 of them aloone in a high fence, put up a surveilance camera and wait for one of them to uproot and waddle over and do the dirty? Yes i know its bullshit but i still want to know how that would work in that persons head. I mean seriusly, What do they imagine a tree penis to look like???

  • PixelParasite

    The human race just gets dumber and dumber by the minute and it scares me.

  • Legendary Rabbit
    Legendary Rabbit


  • hyuntrash

    ChrisTmas.. *christmas is about CHRISTS birth. Dumb shet/s*

  • Ghost Lt
    Ghost Lt

    Man can dress anything 🙄 wonder if there still a line between being a man or pussy

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia

    Actually, when you say that every type of art is made if your fingers, you are WRONG!!! Music is also art!!!

  • DiathdeTouro

    Dude I had this kid that was a complete douche and bullied kids that had disabilities, and one day I was a crossed a table from him class and he asked my teacher "Isnt Alabama a Country?" I fuckin blew fell on the floor crying he also asked the same thing about Subaru 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Emerald

    0:42 Duluth, it's like the 3rd most famous city in Minnesota. Maybe 2nd, dunno how often other people talk about St. Paul

  • BuXiX

    Reply to this comment if you think the Earth is flat so I can hunt you down.

  • Louise Nolan Hehir
    Louise Nolan Hehir

    18:11 no they r right, he was darth vader as soon as mace windu died and order 66 started

  • Matthijs Norg
    Matthijs Norg

    4:40 Thank you for pointing that out. Its great to normalize these things. Thank you for using your platform in a small positive way like that.

  • Dayana Shariman
    Dayana Shariman

    I once saw a meme video and I saw this meme So the person and his/her friend was going to subway and his/ her friend wanted a sandwich with "jalapenos" in it then the person said its actually pronounced jalapeños. Then the cashier said its actually pronounced" jalapenos " and the cashier and his/ her friend laughed at him/her like he/she was wrong.

  • Angel Arguera
    Angel Arguera

    That one about an apple tree and bonsai.... I actually think is possible... Plants kinda do this things thanks to how they reproduce. Although i could be wrong, but i think the fact it has been done with other plants kinda shows he may not be lying or be incorrect.

  • Emily Klos
    Emily Klos

    With the art one, I’m pretty sure they were referring to using their fingers to draw it as opposed to a stylus or otherwise digitally compatible pen, which are widely agreed to be much easier to use. If I missed the joke or am just wrong, please someone let me know. I’m not an artist, my friend just talks a lot about it, so the chance for me being incorrect is definitely there.

  • KillerBlade555

    I clicked on this not expecting to hear Xycron

  • Paolo Larios
    Paolo Larios

    14:45 Mexicans: are we a joke to you

  • Jakuario Jackson
    Jakuario Jackson

    Every bookn't

  • Alexandru Fera
    Alexandru Fera

    A girl in my cousin's class said 39+10=310. They were in 8th grade.

  • bjscaggles

    5:04 ahh citing twitter as a reliable source. r/confidentlyincorrect

  • Clover

    New track releasing soon called “money’s tight (with jc)”. It’s already on a verified artist SLtoos channel called clover if you look it up.

  • David Kipp
    David Kipp

    God burned Sodam and Gramora because they were committing adultery not because they were gay.

  • Chris Paris
    Chris Paris

    5:23 I don't like that living in kentucky is a burn, I like kentucky

  • bender the rule breaker police chief
    bender the rule breaker police chief

    "Every'nt many book" yes b o o k

  • t.Q.v.1

    I like how Attack on Titan (my favorite anime/manga) is always the first prime example of not being some anime cliché. Then you explain the story and start with titans who have funny faces making it immediately weird again.

  • Jxnet Mxy
    Jxnet Mxy

    Was that grammarly in the thumbnail 😂

  • Ratchet0203

    1:40 is a joke but ok.

  • yeetus deletus
    yeetus deletus

    My faith in humanity worsens everyday 😐

  • Jawsh McCullaugh
    Jawsh McCullaugh

    > "all forms of art are made with your fingers" Leaving singing aside, look up the painter Joni Erickson Tada.

  • Klllbrick

    I’m pretty sure that about 85% of this is political 👀

    • Ratchet0203

      @Klllbrick Yeah. For a place so diverse and large, you'd think it's neutral, but unfortunately not.

    • Klllbrick

      Most of the internet is biased to the left. If not, the left attacks the right. It is a hard truth

    • Ratchet0203

      You just now are realising how biased EmKay is to one side, or have you known?

  • Shrimp

    So the one about Iron man I'm pretty sure (dont quote me) is partially true, Tony stark himself wasnt based on Elon but starting in Iron Man (2008) the Tony Stark in the MCU is based loosely off of Elon Musk, requested by RDJ. Again, not completely sure, but I've heard this multiple times.

  • Pierce Taliaferro
    Pierce Taliaferro

    “Oh, you’re European? I thought you were German!”

  • Not a titan main
    Not a titan main

    16:28 we all know that person had no idea what he was reading, the guy was outsmarted on another level.

  • Colton Crawley
    Colton Crawley

    19:13 actually, Nixon never got impeached because he resigned from office before he could be impeached

  • FallenAngelHiroko

    About the election fraud, yeah....there's evidence. Gotta be blind, deaf, and stupid to not see the evidence. And the fact that that the judge chose not to hear the evidence wasn't the idea there wasn't any, just "not enough". Regardless, we're stuck with Biden and it would be pointless to argue anyway.

  • Tibby Fekete-Lever
    Tibby Fekete-Lever

    Please also say trans people or in-betweens in ur intro, it would make me really happy

  • David Liu
    David Liu

    jesus chris

  • Daniel Rickner
    Daniel Rickner

    I'm not going to lie, I agree with the livable wage one. If EVERY job has the same minimum wage, then the ice cream scooping, customer greeting, "welcome to good burger home of the good burger..." Cat makes as much as the plumber, the paralegal, the security guard, and the mechanic....Some of these jobs actually require a degree of competence and problem solving, as well as a degree of physical strength. If I found out that I could make as much money flipping burgers as I could being a private in the infantry, I would still weigh 300 pounds. If you know what an infantryman is via experience, you know what I mean. if you know what the infantry is because of war movies, then you would never consider it... But guess which jobs pay more. The dangerous, intelligence, and strength demanding ones. You want to skate by, fine. Just don't say every job deserves a livable wage when some jobs have no real purpose except to serve for convenience.

  • Arianna Fuentes
    Arianna Fuentes

    16:08 they do realize that they used they in the *exact* way they claimed it couldn’t be used, right?

  • we be }
    we be }

    wise man once said: Can’t argue with stupid

  • Matthew Halo17
    Matthew Halo17


  • Zekrua

    12:03 The original comment says that "'they' is still treated as a plural", and they are entirely correct. Even if you use it to refer to a singular person or thing, you still treat it as a plural in the rest of the sentence. It doesn't matter who "they" is referring to, or whether or not they are plural.

  • Xandroida

    4:33 My respect for this man 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  • Avangale A.
    Avangale A.

    That Mr.King Dice Theme as the first thing I hear for this vid was a wonderful way to start it.

  • Sugar Sprinkles
    Sugar Sprinkles

    They're actually isn't a flu vaccine? There's an immunization for the flu but it's not the same as a vaccine they're both shots so you have to go to a doctor to get and they're both designed to try and help boost your immune system but they're not the same thing. Vaccines are made to try to give you lifelong immunity immunizations are designed to just give you a small boost that's way there's a new ful shot every year

  • 267 -Cala•
    267 -Cala•

    3:55 isnt even bad that's just comedy

  • Electroflame 618
    Electroflame 618

    2:42 >is birds and not bugs we were so close to greatness

  • Bobbeguille

    Pretty sure the guy at 11:50 is actually correct You could also say something like "What Johnny and Megan wanted to say" and it's structured the same even though it's obviously two people

    • Bobbeguille

      At 15:52, in the past it was generally considered grammatically correct to use "he" or "it" if you didn't know the gender of something, not "they" - though "he" has obviously fallen out of favor. I think there are some cases of "they" being used, but people don't always use perfect grammar now, and they didn't back then. Now also seems like an important time to say I don't actually have a problem with using "they" to describe gender-neutral people, I just don't think we should be spreading misinformation about it.

  • dino nuggies
    dino nuggies

    the clip at 3:52 does actually exist its called grafting and you can do it with lemon and orange trees too they're pretty tasty

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    “Is that the guy that trends on Twitter every 14 seconds for no reason” DREAMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Alexander H. J. W.
    Alexander H. J. W.

    Post mortem distress birthing. How the ever loving lasagna god would that even work? Mom is dead, but still under pressure to deliver the baby, the brain flickers for one more seconds and orders the mother's body to press one more time. It has to be a hard press as it is the last chance. The baby takes off like one of Elons rockets. And this, children, this is how there came to be life on mars.

  • Ethan Bob
    Ethan Bob

    The thing about these is that since we can't hear sarcasm in text some of these can easily be sarcastic and there is no way to know.

  • RoadWorkAhead

    I just found your channel, and I have to say I am LOVING this content

  • caroline

    this sentence is _grammatically_ correct, but it's wordy, and hard to read.

  • Yellow Pot
    Yellow Pot

    My friend once said that homosapiens are gay and homosexuals are people scared of gay people

  • ThatAnimalRaptor

    18:13 but wasn’t he Darth Vader before he put on the suit? didn’t palpatine refer to him as Darth Vader after he killed mace? It’s been a while since I watched the movie so please inform me if I’m wrong.

  • Happy Duck
    Happy Duck

    why was dreams tweet in there? :( people always hate on stans just a few are bad the rest are pretty chill.

  • trickyagent127

    My head hurts from the stupid, I think I'm gonna stop halfway through the vid. But just wanted to say great vid! I just can't take the loss of braincells lol

  • J M
    J M

    Ok, 6:21 is funny. That's actually SLtoosr StyxHexenHammer666. He was being intentionally ironic there, and it seems to have backfired, lol. He's actually fairly intelligent, very well educated, articulate and rational. He tends to be way farther to the right than I care for, but he breaks the stereotype of right-wingers being imbeciles, and can actually make a good argument for his positions. I'd say if anyone on the left wants to learn what the right thinks through something other than memes, he's your guy. Not that you will agree with him, and he doesn't try to convert anyone. His channel is a great resource if you find yourself wondering "what are they thinking" and actually get a rational response that isn't condensed for a bumper-sticker. But he does get shit on a lot by haters who don't actually listen, and he plays into that a bit, baiting them to launch into emotional tirades that he can refute with ease, so caution to commenters, he wields rhetoric like the hammer of Thor, so your debate skills had better be top-notch before you engage, lol. If arguing politics on the internet was a game, he's like the end-boss.

  • Jaylin Wise
    Jaylin Wise

    him: "i think men can dress how ever the heck they want" me: *guess ill subscribe immediately*

  • Lauren C
    Lauren C

    God I love Jenny Nicholson lol

  • Diamo

    A girl in my class, a long time ago, wrote “Name” on her notebook.

  • Mzk 11
    Mzk 11

    emkay has gotten too political jeez

  • Katharine Humble
    Katharine Humble

    "He has a PhD and you live in Kentucky." As someone who also lives in Kentucky, that one hurt.

  • Master Monster
    Master Monster

    7:01 looks like a r/woooosh to me

  • IgroSome

    "People use they when *they* should use he, she, or it." Really now?

  • CJL

    "When did Chrismas have a T in it" Me:You wicked servent...

  • h


  • claudi ꕤ
    claudi ꕤ

    i love how 60% of this video is donald trump lmao

  • FatMeatstick45

    I think most of these are trolls.

  • L O V E A N I M E
    L O V E A N I M E

    Me not even knowing who is wrong cause I'm a dumbass.

  • Xempi

    I’m so excited every year to celebrate the birth of Chris

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall

    Aye man I thought Ivanka trump was the First Lady too. But whatever she might as well be because he said he’d date her if she wasn’t his daughter

  • Sam

    13:47 makes a funny and decent point besides the unpasteurized cheese, which they might be joking about

  • ZekeTheFreak

    This whole subreddit is basically the "take headed of" scene from the office.

  • Dragons Reign
    Dragons Reign

    Actually the elon thing is partially correct it was revealed in interviews that while choosing how to portray Tony stark RDJ and the director chose to model the portrayal on how they believed Elon musk would react in any given situation.

  • Nada ulfa Farhana
    Nada ulfa Farhana

    r/confidentlycorrect is r/technicallythetruth's long lost twin

  • Frecyro

    8:09 i think that guy is reffering to: there is a sentence on muslims bible that said about we men cant love othe men ,and stop being gay before stop folloing iislam is People that are gay(in muslim) uselly Need and will be a non muslim

  • Kayla L
    Kayla L

    5:52 My b, emotions were not invented until 1948.

  • Kayla L
    Kayla L

    I suddenly feel so much smarter now lol. This is both a self-esteem-booster and an anger management test.

  • Lord Grass
    Lord Grass

    The guy who said that Darth Vader was Darth Vader before he put on the suit is actually correct. Ol Palpy boy gave Anakin his sith name after the fight with Mace Windu (when Anakin had his unburnt body saved for a hand that Dooku cut off in episode 2.) The reason Vader has the suit was cause Palpatine still saw use in Anakin until he saw Luke. In short, Anakin turned into Darth Vader before he got the suit.

  • Petahsan 7
    Petahsan 7

    It really isn’t healthy for a society to have people live off minimum wage jobs, it will increase inflation and I believe you shouldn’t live off every job. Some jobs don’t deserve a higher pay

  • Poodles

    6:29 this is completely unrelated, but I hate Woodbridge. I live in Virginia and I have gotten a shit ton of amber alerts from that place. Creeps me the fk out.

  • mayocake’s bakery
    mayocake’s bakery

    “The sun isn’t that big!” And “BATS ARE BIRDS” took me out

  • Goose

    “i think men can dress however the hell they want and its none of your goddamn business.” i love and respect you.

  • Trevy ze pasta mucher
    Trevy ze pasta mucher

    Dont worry as a pagan we wouldnt do that

  • Benjamin Newlon
    Benjamin Newlon

    Ok, the John Lennon one was unexpected.

  • ivy shay
    ivy shay

    I know a kid who thinks that bread is a dairy product because some breads are made with milk 0------0

  • Legendary Nightmare Shark
    Legendary Nightmare Shark

    Russians rigged the 2016 election but voter fraud isn't real. Soy.

  • InvalidOffer

    we already have the technology to send them to the sun, though they wont come back.

  • veduram

    chi sounds like it would be "kai", like pi

  • Jaslyn Lee
    Jaslyn Lee

    If I ever become a serial killer it's because people are dumb

  • Jaslyn Lee
    Jaslyn Lee

    People are so dumb, I think we should ban the internet

  • b4byj3susm4n

    19:24 “chi” when referring to the Greek letter is pronounced as “kye”. Otherwise, good stuf here! 👍🏻

  • JedeWin

    “Properly. Not prolly, Spell right. Idiot.” *Ah yes, He’s “properly” smart.*

  • Logan Campos
    Logan Campos

    these people probably killed all my braincells. except the one that was eating grass in preschool.

  • Logan Campos
    Logan Campos

    "I lack brain power at this time." **spits out water from mouth** "You had brain power?!?!"