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  • AsuraRaver

    3:57 Anyone else think of Ace Ventura?

  • mikkel nyhuus
    mikkel nyhuus

    whether you did or didn’t learn how to assemble or repair something from from your parents aren’t their responsibility. Learn to watch and listen. Or maybe your parents were just shit at either DIY or parenting, or both.

  • Aude

    Sometimes i dont realise how much i love this sub

  • Shugren

    Why is pokes fake a*s in this?

  • Mr. Fox
    Mr. Fox

    8:19 "God I hate today" Ad just after that: "WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!"

  • My Dog Is Bipolar
    My Dog Is Bipolar

    Omfg. Minus one had me crying.

  • Samuel Kaplan
    Samuel Kaplan

    now its 500,000

  • Water Gaming
    Water Gaming

    Why do I feel like 9:25 is a wooosh.

  • Sandra Weilbrenner
    Sandra Weilbrenner

    500.000 today

  • paula collins
    paula collins

    Will from William? Lol

  • Taspy :D
    Taspy :D

    10:57 my ability to preform alchemy

  • Xo.

    *American horse pirates.* *Girl in my class who literally wrote "Are" instead of Air and brags about how good she is at both speaking and writing english....

  • Huckleberry Sinn
    Huckleberry Sinn

    3:22 If I burned 1.42 calories every time I clicked, I'd be a skinny motherfucker not 280lbs. XD

  • Negative

    You get will from William not bill

  • Berserker 289
    Berserker 289

    The one talking about how people don't die from covid hurt because my father recently passed and I'm just like oof

  • Mel Rackham
    Mel Rackham

    nearly 500,000

  • Mussy!

    The 1.9 calories are actually true, normally we measure energy with kilocalories or Calories, but without the capital first, it is true.

  • Joe Medlen
    Joe Medlen

    Did you know that a new study links laying down to cancer death. 100% of people who die of cancer are laying down.

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    3:25 technically they could mean Calories and not calories (we use kilocalories for food, and just leave off the kilo for ease of use)

  • Ayesha Fray
    Ayesha Fray

    10:40 Jack is the only one who would do this

  • Loxo

    1:00 Saithama

  • Alex Harwell
    Alex Harwell

    He values transparency, but he himself is opaque, thus he is in the making glass people company!

  • FyreZ3

    Technicallythetruth Feb 16 is by b day pog

  • c0d3rb0y

    6:39 this could totally be r/shittylifeprotips

  • Arfa Hamza
    Arfa Hamza

    3:53 Wow that take me awhile

  • David Håkansson
    David Håkansson

    The front of the Burger knows where it is. It knows this because it knows where it isnt

  • Jokenon Inc.
    Jokenon Inc.

    Technically dadjokes

  • Last Legend
    Last Legend

    Half the people who supposedly died from covid prolly died from other things not related to covid

  • Felix Tysz
    Felix Tysz

    13:26 omfg I get why the teacher is losing that fucking gun and I agree

  • Braxton Shawn Howard
    Braxton Shawn Howard


  • Mochvn

    I can confirm. I have consumed Dihydrogen Monoxide, and I probably have autism.

  • Kathy Bryce
    Kathy Bryce

    No we're travelling 300 yards a second away from the metric system. America frick yeah!!!

  • 80s.Starstrxck

    The fact that Emkay doesn’t use pure white backgrounds and they use an off white makes me happy

  • Jachii

    12:30 Perfect tutorial never existe- 12:37 KARLSON

  • Shadow_Gamer

    But what If you take a bite of a burger on all four sides Where's the front now

  • Kitchen Wench
    Kitchen Wench

    ddddyyy CD you +tttty

  • Bad Voodoo
    Bad Voodoo

    A lot of these memes are just terrible dad jokes

  • Apiep CheesCake
    Apiep CheesCake

    Fun fact, your thumb only have 2 bones, other fingers have 3

  • Whitespace

    It took me embarrassingly long to figure out 6:45

  • 281wolfhound


  • · Aesthetic Frøst ·
    · Aesthetic Frøst ·

    I think i might be going crazy but the video just liked itself

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton

    Where's damien?

  • Barney Cleary
    Barney Cleary

    0:59, everyone can beat him, litterrally everyone in the world.

  • Tillusionist

    7:48 had potential if you said "sea lion"

  • Gavin Downs
    Gavin Downs

    hi robin ^ U ^


    Zoo: Has lions Liquid Zoo: Has lion fish

  • Atticus Dune
    Atticus Dune

    13:24 I mean in the end x does equal 5. They just didn't find it the way the teacher wanted them to.

  • mr. nope
    mr. nope

    At 6:50 it said if your parents didn’t have *children* what if you’re an only child? Making that possibly true.

  • Xibler


  • Toxicity Lord
    Toxicity Lord

    the cards against humanity one where it's talking about art, I said is an explosion out loud next to my parents and I'm scared they think I'm an arsonist now :\

  • OlafttheGreat1998

    "What's the biggest thing you would give up for sex?" Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I have better things to do.

  • Reed Walther
    Reed Walther

    Day 2 of telling robin his voice is beautiful

  • Hiplo

    1.42 cal. Not 1.42 kcal. So it's possible.

  • Ⰸⰰ Ⰴⱁⰿ Ⱄⱂⱃⰵⰿⱀⰻ
    Ⰸⰰ Ⰴⱁⰿ Ⱄⱂⱃⰵⰿⱀⰻ

    Lol, baby boomers might better in diy than milennilas, but as a gen z I could basicaly fix any boomer tech that my milenial step dad couldn't

  • blackcar 429
    blackcar 429

    capilwhateries? dyou wanna try that again or...

  • Mert Ensar Daler
    Mert Ensar Daler

    'If appear is the opposite of disappear is aster the opposite of disaster' r/ technicallythetruth

  • Zarni Maung
    Zarni Maung

    It's infuriating when boomers blame the current generation for things that the boomers themselves messed up.

  • elemental

    3:32 the texts starts moving

  • Paradox_Ghost 5
    Paradox_Ghost 5

    The shoot to shoot the shotgun is actually an intentional design by the youtuber dani

  • Christian, Holy King of Aristonia
    Christian, Holy King of Aristonia

    Reverse Cowgirl.

  • Ethribin

    10:58 If a women said this, it would actually be worth realy much. For some reason.... -.-

  • Kitzen UwU
    Kitzen UwU

    Lmao I was born with autism. It’s really offensive when people say they don’t want to have a vaccine because they might get autism. If you believe this rot and burn in hell. Literally. I am content with my Asperger’s. I stim, yes, and I get weird looks but I love who I am!

  • SimplyKryptic

    0:58 Captain Canada lol

  • Itch

    Somehow this video is just as shallow as these memes.

  • Gunn3r71

    Richard Rich Rick Dick

  • The Pegacorn
    The Pegacorn

    reverse cowgirl lrigwoc esrever

  • xX rage Xx
    xX rage Xx


  • First time boi
    First time boi

    Lol the reverse cowgirl i found at r/NSFWfunny

  • _Nexusss

    4:31 no it cant

  • bob Seery
    bob Seery

    technically the truth or shower thoughts?

  • Meragog 30
    Meragog 30

    PERFECT RIM SHOT LOVE IT USE IT MORE on r/tihi and r/crappydesign

  • burr

    да фуцк тчеы доинг ова дер, bruh it just saying it in english with these letters.

  • Wendy Darling
    Wendy Darling

    that bible verse joke would be funny if that was how it's written but it says "put to death" not "stoned" in every translation I found

  • general grievous
    general grievous

    Well guess I had water

  • Danigamer Yeet
    Danigamer Yeet


  • Goodman 599
    Goodman 599

    Can someone explain 10:40 to me?

  • jay wolfling
    jay wolfling

    0:58 this is wrong, its captain thanoes

  • chicken.

    Robin I now hate you with every cell in my body. You are a failure for your opinion on the office and I refuse to watch another one of emkay's videos with you

  • Natasha Owen
    Natasha Owen

    when you steal content from others just to read them online..

  • Kitsunai64

    Should i google reverse cowgirl?

  • mr. lizard
    mr. lizard

    Thanks for making feel better in the hospital emkay

  • Parahumanguy

    If I had a quarter for every time robin got up on a soapbox I'd have like 20 dollars probably idk

  • Eden England
    Eden England

    4:33 - 4:40 thank you emkay editors for making it impossible to screenshot this comic this is part of the reason people watch this channel, to find funny images and you have made that more difficult

  • Rohan Bartley
    Rohan Bartley

    7:24 I'm concerned of what you're letting your child play with.

  • SaberRunTV

    Man the x² = 25. The guy was right the answer was x = 5

  • Squid’s INC
    Squid’s INC

    You mean A sea lion

  • MJ Ostinado
    MJ Ostinado

    6:27 put the picture of a gun on the mask so got a gun and a mask

  • notoriouswhitemoth

    @3:25 I don't. A food calorie is technically a kilocalorie (i.e., 1000 calories).

  • Hypertension565

    I like liquid zoo rather than aquarium don't know why

  • Project Chungo
    Project Chungo

    4:31 WHAT DID HE SAY

  • DragonEdit

    yeah here in canada were amazing we chug maple syrup

  • Sean Papandrea
    Sean Papandrea

    I looked up the thumbnail on my school laptop, bc I didn't know what it was, and i cant delete my search history. i'm definitely going to be expelled.

    • HyperBeast43


  • Reverse Ninja
    Reverse Ninja

    The one at 13:24 is actually a loop, or a paradox or something. The term is x to the power of 2 equals 25. Since x is equal to 5. We know that the answer is 5. However. We cannot ever obtain that answer because we would not know how to solve it. So it is a loop. (I think)

  • Bruh

    Get high protein with great granola flavours

  • Isabella Davis
    Isabella Davis

    1:38 Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Asexuals, and Aromantics that have been shunned by their community for not fitting the standerd:

  • PS Sherwood
    PS Sherwood

    4:57 thats not russian its just russian characters lol

  • RacoonnyLord

    8:00 actually you cant, you cant consent to sex if your impaired

  • I memealot
    I memealot

    13:23 the scary thing is that he got the equation correct

  • kiiturii

    12:15 yesss finally someone says it, I have seen this so often on like choosing beggars and shit where they make it seem like the guy below is in the right, if you think it's acceptable to give a shitty ass tip in a country like america where the servers wage literally depends on tips then fuck you

  • Minecraft Gameplay899
    Minecraft Gameplay899

    "If you're dying your life is ending." -Me 2021